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This page archives tweets from Chris's sockpuppet account, NightStar2891. Messages are color-coded green for Chris's main CWCSonichu account, blue for the NightStar2891 alt, and red for various trolls and other Twitter users.


August 3rd

I'm just a filly from Ponyville.

August 7th

I am a UVA graduate with a degree in psychological arts. Until I get my own office, I am working between McDonald's restaurants.
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Born in 1991.

September 2nd

Behold, as I am able to see into other dimensions, I can also see where Trolls and Cyber-Bullies Lurk, Hate and Harass. Exposé the Harassing Cyber-Bullies!
  • Ruckersville, VA
  • Born on February 24, 1982


Admirer of Miss Chandler

4 August

Chris (via his main CWCSonichu account):

Found this just today; someone did a Great Job ponifying me for Their Twitter.


@NightStar2891, to give credit to the TRUE and HONEST artist #HarassCWCdirectly

Chris (via NightStar) replied:

I am an admirer of Miss Chandler and her work. If you're saying She drew my piece based on her character, you are thrown Off, Sir.
Of course Chris didn't draw this. The anatomy is too good. Isn't it a bitch when you don't get credit for your hard work though?
I guess you would know. How many times have you Not got enough credit for your work?

Concurring with Chris on Doopie

5 August

#MyFriendships Are Blossoming and True, and no Troll or Bully is going to kill my kindness, heart or soul!
That may be but Doopie is NOT your friend as she specifically told you
I concur with Miss Chandler. Upon reviewing her recent comments to Doopie, there was not one mention of "Not Your Friend". And, furthermore, to you, Reilly, being anything with the "KiwiFarms" is not cool. Go back to the dank soil where you came from, Troll.

Chris liked his sock's post, then tweeted:

I already liked her for her rendition of Night Star, but I like her More now. Welcome aboard, Night Star. 😊🌸

She is woman

5 August

Hey Chris since Doopie and most women for that matter are straight, don't you think that reverting back to a man would better your chances
How Dare You Insult and be so Inconsiderate of Her like that? She Is Woman; she would Never Revert Back. You Are Soo God Awfu😡

Accept responsibility

5 August

And I know you're going to soon blame the trolls for this. No. This was all you. No one else. Stop being in denial & accept responsibility.
No, YOU Accept some Responsibility for Spamming Christine's Past to just about Everyone on her Contact List.

Disappointed in leaks

5 August

Why is it that some people leak information to Trolls and CyberBullies? One of the questions that was on my mind for a while now.
Personally, if anyone leaked anything between them and I, I would not be upset; just Disappointed in them.

I'm not Chris

7 August

@NightStar2891 chris ?
Hi Chris, nice alt 😸
I am not Chris.
I'll keep note of that, Chris 😽
Please, I am not Chris. Stop mistaking me for her.
@NightStar2891 did christine see my art its v important that she did i havent slept in probably over 48 hours please reply
i cant sleep until she sees it please
How should I know if she's seen it or not?

Note: Shortly after, CWCSonichu liked the fanart.

You share a lot of thing in common with chris
Regardless, I am only a fan and follower of Miss Chandler, and also I trolled her. Thankfully she forgave me for that.
Exactly. No One else Randomly capitalizes letters like He does.
I do not do that very much.
I call BS on you.
I can find your comment without her help, thank you.
I am not Chris. Back off.

Psychological arts major

7 August

You live in Virginia, you follow the same people as Christine, all you do is comment on her, she immediately noticed you when it took Days for others to do the same! YOU ARE CHRISTINE!
I do not follow everything she does. For one, I am not a gamer. My passion is in arts and psychology. I work nearly all of the time. I can not be on my twitter 24 hours like you.

Chris then changed NightStar's profile to read: "I am a UVA graduate with a degree in psychological arts. Until I get my own office, I am working between McDonald's restaurants." The location and birth date was given as "Charlottesville, VA" and "Born in 1991."

@NightStar2891 Hi! I'm curious about psychological arts. Can you tell me a little about it?
Psychological Arts is the study of examining a person beyond talk through the various forms of art and media the person creates or enjoys.
I can't believe I have to explain myself now. I used to be online through my sister, Gloria's social accounts. I only just felt ready to make a twitter for myself. I used to reside in Richmond, but moved to Charlottesville five years ago, where I attended UVA to get my degree in psychological arts. I've been working part time, then full time, at the McDonald's around here. I have a very hectic schedule I go between one after another after another each day. I was referred to Christine's art and books through Gloria, and I always viewed everything about her through those accounts. I find some free time during my breaks and at home nowadays to keep up with Christine. Also, I have my notifications set up, so I can just look at my device to catch her next tweet or whatever. I am not Chris; this is not an "alt account" of hers. Back off, and let me enjoy her and troll her like the rest of you. Goodnight.

DMs betweem CWCSonichu and NightStar2891

Main article: NightStar2891 leaked DMs

Still not Chris

14 August

link to CLog 08142017 - More Positive Content
So you're saying you're @NightStar2891

Apology for Doopie and Tabitha

15 August

Chris revealed that he was, in fact, NightStar. He tweeted a handwritten apology letter to Doopie and Tabitha St. Germain, along with custom drawings of MLP OCs for them. Both women had blocked him on his main CWCSonichu account - Doopie for his creepy behavior and Tabitha for the swarm of trolls that follow him and end up in her Twitter timeline.


An Open Letter to all Twitter Followers:

Dearest People,

Confession Time: Originally Intended for laying low, and to keep a distant bond, still, on a few hurt individuals I like and cared about, after that one-tweet-wonder mess... This Twitter account, @NightStar2891, Is me, Christine Chandler. Again, that mentioned twee was truly with my heart in the right place, to share appreciation for and of the women I've been able to make contact and acquaintance with. Then some other people took wrongful attack upon them at my expense. I felt terrible about that. Two of them blocked me, but hater-informed in that. I pray they will unblock and open up to me again soon. This also is reflected in the MLP Season 7 episode "Fame & Misfortune", the mane six, or five of them, were not used to being criticized, overly, by fan ponies, as well as misread and misunderstood. I, too, felt All This as early 2007; "I'm popular, and I don't like it," said Applejack, and how Rarity overreacted; Fluttershy having to explain herself repeatedly... All That Was Me, and it took a long time to adjust and become resistant to the hate, I Am in control of how these various reactions to my Sonichu and self, content make me feel and react. I try to not let the Critics get to me anymore. And everyone affected by the misunderstood Tweet of mine, you all have control to not let the haters and Trolls affect you at all. too.


This Night Star Twitter was a lay-low alternative for me after that fiasco. I was Not originally going to Tweet from it. Then one of the trolls contacted me; I was tempted to Troll the Trolls now. Dumb: Me. Pffft. But the Trolls, on their forum, have admitted to being well-confused with my characters creation of this Richmond gal with a UVA degree working around and around. I can be quite the actress. Even In Simulating Other Fonts from other people. Regardless, lying all that was wrong of me, and I am sorry for lying in this.

And, as I was finally able to share at BronyCon, with a lot of people, I am, by default, a kind, understanding, compassionate, heart-in-the-right-place person & individual. And I enjoy sharing genuine, pleasant smiles, moments and memories with others, and my heart is open. I would delight in all of us putting this Twitter mishap set behind us and moving on towards being better people. Thank you.

Sincerely, and with all my heart with love, I'm Sorry,

Miss Christine W. Chandler.

Doopie was not pleased:

I told you to leave me alone. It's not the trolls' fault. This is my personal decision. I'm not interested in being friends with you. Stop.

Also, making a second account is even worse. Just move on.

Chris persisted, wanting to have the last word:

All I wanted to do right now was make up for my mistake. Also, count how many times I had messaged you at all since you had blocked me, before Tuesday. None. I will leave you alone. I am sorry for the whole mess. Take care.

Doopie blocked his NightStar account.

Twitter spam for Tabitha

16 August

Directly following the events of the previous tweets, a ween replied to the Tabitha MLP drawing, tagging Tabitha St. Germain:

Laughing my arse off knowing that the voice actress for Fatty's favorite pony (Rarity) finally got sick of his creepy antics and Blocked him

This got Tabitha's attention:

I blocked Chris, yes. Not for her own sake. I don't know her. But because of the vile cloud of trolls that follows her & ends up in my tl.

I do not understand why you would set up accounts only so that you can poke fun at someone. This is parasitic behaviour. Not okay here.

Chris liked Tabitha's tweets, then decided to launch into a 21-tweet essay, in spite of Tabitha having repeatedly said, just then and to Chris's CWCSonichu account on 3 August, that she does not appreciate people cluttering her Twitter feed with Internet drama:

I understand your concern, Tabitha; I was harassed by these trolls for the number of years. And you have your rights and choices like I do, and you are in control for yourself on how they affect you. I have learned and adjusted to them, I mostly tune out their hate but when it affects people I like at my expense, that distresses me. But despite this cloud of theirs that I do not let affect me anymore, I am genuinely a kind, thoughtful person. I have learned from my mistakes and flaws, and as wisdom-filled and I, I still am open to new lessons God and life throws at me, as well as reminders of past lessons that may escape my mind once in a while. I went to BronyCon last weekend, and I was finally able to demonstrate and share my own kindness and smiles with a Lot of people. Cathy Weseluck, Kelly Sheridan, Daniel Ingram and all four CMCs too. Especially Cathy, very wise, saw me there in front of her, and appreciated me some. And Kelly, I mentioned my Troll problem with her, and she had another wise moment in her response, she said to me, “You’ve made it”; I realized right there she meant in my success, and I felt more happy and appreciated. That will be in my heart and memory forever.

And, Tabitha, I was able to relate and see myself, as I had felt the same way, Years ago, on the hatred from the trolls; copy/paste Rarity’s stress towards my own depression that lasted for years, until I was able to pull myself out with my own soul-searching result of realizing I’ve been a female soul my whole life, and coming out as a lesbian transwoman. Now, I am feeling more love for myself from that, and then some, from communities in Pride, and recently in Bronies, I have so much of my own positivity to keep my heart filled for a very long time, and I am more or less immune to the hate. I agree it is shameful of these people to have accounts just to haze at me and all others, Soo uncouth. But you and I, we can control how they affect us or not, and we can report them, and block them, until such a time when they each finally realize this hatred, despite that they may not understand how to communicate in love, or refuse to, and move forward, ourselves emotionally and mentally matured a bit more, stronger.

I won’t ask you to unblock my main Twitter handle. But I would like to be able to connect with you now and then, and maybe earn your friendship. Thank you, Tabitha, for your understanding and fashionable, graceful kindness, as well as what you teach us through many voices, including Rarity and Luna’s. My heart goes out to you.

Tabitha reacted by blocking his NightStar account.

Mistaking derision for praise

16 August

A troll questioned how Chris could have thought NightStar would have fooled anyone:

whoa, how was it not already obvious that you were night star, chris?

Chris interpreted it wrong:

The style in the Night Star piece in the avatar and banner; I made those too, with help from references online to assemble in photoshop. 😊

Trump resigned?!

16 August

Chris noticed a retweet on Tabitha's timeline:

Dominique Hamilton:

This will be Donald Trump best tweet of all time, break twitter records. Celebrations across the globe. @realdonaldtrump #wednesdaywisdom



Oh My Gosh!!!!

Five minutes later, Chris said, via CWCSonichu:

Okay, I overreacted; I just realized that was a photoshopped tweet. But if @realDonaldTrump actually tweeted that, I would OMG all over.

At this point, Tabitha blocked his account.

Role-playing how to use dear and darling

25 August, 11:10 pm

After getting scolded by LadyOfTheCosmo on Twitter for calling her dear, Chris used NightStar to demonstrate how "dear" and "darling" should be used and interpreted.

@CWCSonichu Y'all know what? Here is an example y'all Should Follow
@CWCSonichu I've heard you've been having a tough time with some haters. You don't deserve that, darling.
Thank you, dear. I am relieved to hear your kindness. And with hearing the kind term, I feel grateful that at least you like me.
That is so kind of you. And I can tell you like me too. And I know you mean that neutrally, and you would never do anything to harass me.
Of course, dear. I never mean to harass anyone; I am just misunderstood by some people. Ugh.

Chris then reacted to the people expressing incredulity at seeing him essentially talk to himself:

I was showing an Example of how the terms should be accepted; I was aware of me talking with myself, but to Prove The Point, People!

Critiquing caricature art

27 August

@CWCSonichu as he draws himself as @NightStar2891

Fanart Chris drawing nightstar.jpg

That is an awful piece. That was drawn with spite and hatred, I can tell; Not cool, nor okay.

29 August

Another Funny picture, starring @NightStar2891 as the Warrior of Love!

Fanart warrior of love.jpg

That is not how I look; I am not ugly nor fat like that. This is a terrible piece. Not to mention that I am tall; those legs are disproportioned.

30 August

@NightStar2891 's mega evelution

Fanart nightstar evolution.jpg

That's Not funny. One more Bad Art from you, and I'm Blocking you from this account.

Someone else asked:

@NightStar2891 I'd like to hear your thoughts on this drawing.

Fanart tired drawing.jpg

It's tired.

See how Christine is supportive, not harassing; unblocking everyone

2 September

One set of the screencaps.
See How Christine Chandler is actually being Supportive, and yet the Trolls do all of the Harassing to separate people.

Chris then tweeted 101 screencaps of comments between himself, the women who blocked him, and many weens.

He then tweeted, via CWCSonichu:

Hey, #Twitter ! Check the Screen Caps for the Real Bullies who Should Have Been Blocked!
By the way, in case nobody noticed, I've Unblocked Everyone!

Afterwards, he used both the NightStar2891 and CWCSonichu accounts to address commentators:


So here's a list of what I know is Chris's accounts @Vinyl_star1, @CWCSonichu, @NightStar2891, if you get contacted by these accounts Please proceed with caution.

Another one of his stalker accounts is @MLPGal

@FantaFAN1982 is yet another stalking account made by Chris.

@PrettyPonyTween Is a account that I suspect to be Chris, I have no proof of this though.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.


Definitely not me

@CareBears133 The Only Alt-Account I have, is This One, that I am tweeting you from.


Your creepy ways shall not last old man! @NightStar2891 has joined us in spreading the word about you!
Nope, I did not.


Why don't you answer my accusations Chris?
I believe I just did.


You're insane, Chris. This is not a separate account and you have no friends or a life.

NightStar retweeted this comment. CWCSonichu replied:

I Have Friends, and I Have a Life. Go find your friends and share your life with them.


how fucking stupid are you Chris? Like legitimately?
Stupid Enough to Retweet ya, dawg.


If I have to in order to serve justice to y'all, then yeah, but I'm Not a Cyber-Bullying Hater; that is the difference between Y'all and I.


So can I ask? Why are you using alt accounts to defend alt accounts? Lmao.
No. Only to fall back, and right now, pull some Leslie Jones-Inspired action against y'all haters and Bullies.
You are Chris, btw you are not a woman.
I Am a woman, UnCareBear.


Did you ever donate to the Red Cross?



You need to stop, you're not making it any better.
And you are? I don't think so.


You sure showed them chris.. You're the master troll :/
No, not the Master. The Master Troll is Count Graduon, who controls 4Chan, Anonymous, and every other hater-fueled Bully Lot.


Guys go to my profile and look at my pinned tweet, Chris spergs out at me with mostly all his alt accounts.
Not My Accounts.


@CWCSonichu Why are you following me again? I thought you unfollowed me for a reason that we both know
Call it an impulse, since I've just unblocked everyone on my list; since I have forgiven you of the insults; since I like your style. 🌸

Lady and Hellbent liked his post.

My.... style?
Your art style, and I do appreciate your confident sassy 'tude. I've seen similar from other people I've met, and we shared a smile/respect. My papa raised me on music, and there was lots of soul in that Jazz. And the history; so much pain. I dig.

We're cool. Stay safe with peace. 🌸😊

The only thing we shared was a fight. There were no smiles that day, nor respect for a single word I said. So there was no "peace"
You've misread that comment: I shared the smiles and respect with the other people who were sassy and fun. And I respect you too.


He is trying to be "kind"... and also called me a troll.
Did I? I haven't fully gone through the screen shots and highlighted anyone yet. I only make the call when the offense is just. Don't cuss.


Go look at this account! @CareBears133 he spergs out when anyone says dear or uses 💖😊🌸 it's EASY to make him think you're CWC!
I Know! It's like Everybody likes an emoji now and then; the UnCareBear doesn't get that.
they're very common Emojis. Yep, don't need any proof than to use the same words and emojis.
Yep, he crazy-naive.


He's trying to turn you into Doopie, @LadyOfTheCosmo
If I was turning anyone into Doopie, there's be more light-blondes right now.

Lady and Hellbent liked his post.


Lady, you've never shared anything with Chris. He is off his rocker.
If I'm off my rocker, then you're off your clock-a-doodle-doo. Also, Wrong Pronoun: that should be "She is off her rocker", please.

The Man in the Pickle Suit entered the fray as Howard Winslow.


@carebears133 a bunch of those accounts are weens pretending to be chris
Not really, but their hearts are in the right place.


Fanart CWC lady harassment .jpg
That's not funny. Again, I am not short legged, and I am Not fat or large-headed.


I'm making an animation about chris and ladyofthecosmo's twitter battle. me and a friend roleplayed the conversation. i voiced chris.

he linked to the animation

That is not funny; it's insulting, and not accurate to me at all. 😔 Most disappointing.

@hourglas776 (Chris):

You make me ashamed to share the same name as you

Do not be ashamed of your name.


I really do take full responsibility for this right now, I've made Chris go insane.
No, it's not you.


Chris is an infant. When he is hungry, he thinks everyone is. He is making up an "offense" to forgive you with, to "make" you forgive him.
Speak for yourself; go make and eat a sandwich.

Still replying to trolls

3 September @UnCareBear123

He wants to show how good of a person he is. Just want to throw it out there, do we all agree that Chris is just in it for that China.
I Am a woman, UnCareBear.

Chris retweeted the above and replied.

You've Just been Retweeted, Jerk.


In fact, you doing this and tagging a celebrity for attention is downright disgusting. Leave all these poor women alone.

Chris retweeted the above and replied.

You've just been Retweeted for your insult, and misconception of me.


Chris, you never did answer my question. Will I ever be a villain in the sonichu comic?
Graduon does not see you as worthy; a common Hater Troll.


Chris, quit trying to pretend like you care about this young girl to impress Tara @tarastrong . You're not a compassionate person

Chris retweeted the above and replied

That's another RT; I Am compassionate.


hey I only associate gender to those who earn the title and no thanks since hard realism is labeled too bad to see.

Chris retweeted the above and replied

Your hatred based on gender and transgender has just been Retweeted.

Lonely and conversing with himself

7 September

In response to CWCSonichu's post on being lonely, NightStar tweeted an image of Chloe Price crying. CWCSonichu liked the tweet[1].

Final tweets

The account's final tweets (from September 2017 to December 2018) are primarily responses to people Chris is following. Most notably, from August 2018 onwards, Chris tries to communicate with a member of the brony analyst community. Chris's last tweet was from 24 December 2018, as follows:

@Lightning_Bliss @YouTube
Yay! It was a really good song and video. 😊