February 2014 Facebook Posts

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The following are Facebook posts Chris posted in February 2014. Though the posts are nothing too special, some argued that ever since his house caught fire, some outside and some clean air did him some good.


  • 7 February - Chris posts about The Lego Movie.
  • 14 February - Chris posts about Tabitha St. Germaine.

Posts by Chris

The LEGO Movie

Chris posts about watching The Lego Movie.

7 February 2014

I just watched The Lego Movie in the Stonefield IMAX with a 7.50 off coupon. It was not only well done with the pieces, but the Family element near the end was sincerely very touching and sweet.

Bring the whole family. :)

Tabitha St. Germaine

Chris then posted a post comparing a voice actor of Rarity from the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with the actress who played Dorothy in the 1939 version of Wizard Of Oz.

14 February 2014

Tabitha St. Germaine has a voice that is very close to the voice of Judy Garland. Elegantly Awesome.