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This page covers Chris's activity on his Facebook profile during January 2016.


Chris's Posts


1 January 2016

Is gibberish acceptable? Because my mind is full of that and dizzy. Flerp bam ni wop dew per tram zi pa dow po be notion ze popabli ipsew fac ne wop stew per tro an replesant dip per blap der kdbfksbefo. Slappy Nu Year!! I'm feeling out for a rest and recover zerp pla blah de po bleu.

Chris Finds Another Way to Make Money

1 January 2016

Here y'all go, a listing just for the Video Greeting Requests on my shop.

Chris included a link to his Etsy listening on this post.

Chris's Embargo Against GameStop Continues

3 January 2016

Is there any news about GameStop? Has their sales fallen at the least from my embargo of their stores and website?

Chris included a link to a video from Master Elite Fighter "protesting" against GameStop.

Supportive Protester

6 January 2016

Also, to the supportive protester, I really appreciate your devotion and enthusiasm for me and my plights. Thank You.

Chris included a link of a video from the same guy from the previous post but now protesting at "Lulu's Headquarters".

Kim Wilson, 9:57 am

Christine Weston Chandler People really underestimate your intelligence.

Chris, 10:21 am

Thank you, Kim.

New Publisher

7 January 2016

I have made my move to a new publisher; details in the listings will need to be updated. But I am capable again of selling and printing my books. Sonichu Book 3 will be made available later this month. Two Dollars Off if you save the autographing for next OmegaCon here. Thank You. I will also be fulfilling the recent book orders over December ASAP. Y'all can keep the Coupon Codes, if you haven't used them yet, that I've sent out to y'all applicable. One Time Use Only on each of them. Have a great and safe day. :)

Chris included a link to a Etsy listing of a Sonichu bundle.

Lesbian Sleepover Party Cancelled

11 January 2016
    • Announcement update**

I am retracting and cancelling the video invitation to the Lesbian Sleepover Party. We have agreed and decided to keep it a friends and guests private affair. Do not send emails about it unless you have been personally informed or invited about and to it. Thank you:

Updated Listings

13 January 2016

I have updated the book listings; please feel free to order the books, and they will be on schedule as promised.

Chris included a link to the his new Etsy listing.

Autism Amiibo

"These are... Terrifying."
17 January 2016

Here we are: Autism Figures in each colour, and two of each gender.

Someone replied with:

These are... Terrifying.

To which Chris replied:

Yeah; do you feel better with them wearing, or Not wearing, the headbands?

The Big Reveal

21 January 2016
    • Announcement, Retraction, and Correction(s)**

It has come to my attention that Jeff Ouzos, is set to serve time in prison. Suffice to say that among which, his shop on Zazzle.com, along with his other shops, will not be able to fulfill any orders for a Very Long time. During his remaining free time, I pray he is able to make such online amends.

I most sincerely feel sorry for her outcome in life.

At least now I can retract my recent passive-aggressive promotions of her party. I REALLY did not want to promote anything of hers at all. I had to this time, because, stubborn S,O.B. she was, she refused to pay me the Retro-Royalties from the use of my characters and self image on her shops.

And since it is moot now, I can finally state how upset I have felt about her and why. Among which, her continuing Pretentious, Egocentric, Selfish, Greedy, Delusional attitude and behavior REALLY closed the deal. Especially AFTER I doxed her in the earlier video, she had communicated with me her feelings of regret and sadness and desire to make amends. Alas, shortly later, NOTHING had changed in her attitude and behavior. In private chats with my new lady friend, Jeff interrupted and Really butted in and tried to prove herself Better than I. I had remained as cool as possible, regardless of the anxiety and stress Jeff's intrusions have caused unto me and my friend.

To put it most blunt: Jeff is no better than the Egocentric, Self-Centered, Narcissistic, Sociopathic, probably Psychopathic, Sexist, probably Paranoid, Insecure, unable to maintain having learned Anything from past misdeeds and errors Looney Tune, Daffy Duck. Not to mention that she also Continues to Panhandle, use my name to get sex and online money and misdirected fame, even regardless of having just got a home for herself.

I HAD offered an olive branch of friendship and kindness after Jeff communicated her regrets after the doxing, but then I felt need to retract it after she resumed her mal-social behavior and attitude shortly after. I had informed Jeff that she and I were Not friends after she showed her bad ass to my face, but she disillusioned and misperceived continuing friendship between her and I. She Really had Disappointed me

I was concerned over all this going against her, and her past misdeeds catching up eventually, in hopes of trying to make her understand and improve herself mentally and emotionally in maturity. I was mistaken.

I want to thank Jeff for her support and interests in my works and creations over the years. It offended and disappoints me that she had used my name for sex and misplaced money and fame upon herself, though.

The Good Ghostbusters

21 January 2016

You know what would make a Great Comparison on ‪#‎ScrewAttack‬'s ‪#‎DeathBattle‬? ‪#‎Ghostbusters‬ Vs. Ghostbusters! The Better being Jake, Eddie and Tracy, Vs. Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston. Which would take out More Ghosts, including Prime Evil? Which one's Tech is better than the other? That would make a great one. I enjoyed the Good Ghostbusters on DC 20 Years ago.

More Items to CWCville Shopping

22 January 2016

I will be adding more items onto Cwcville Shopping today, including the Sonee and Rosey Figures today.

Chris included a link to his Update 1/22/2016 video.

Book #3

23 January 2016

Sonichu Book #3 is available for order on Cwcville Shopping now.

Chris included a link to his Etsy listing.

The snow here is DEEP!

25 January 2016

The snow here is DEEP! Literally up to my knees out here. I shoveled a path to the road and mailbox; lot of work. It might not be until the end of the week before I will be able to get out again and mail out recent orders. I thank everyone for their patience.