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This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in April 2015. He also revisited his Brassieres For Males Facebook page in this month. Somewhat uncharacteristically, Chris started liking dozens of examples of Equestria Girls fan art.

Chris's new Facebook cover photo for April.


  • 1 April - Chris shares his appreciation for a TV show.
  • 4 April - Chris makes several posts in response to an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • 6 April - Chris announces new custom Sonichu Amiibo for sale on eBay.
  • 7 April - Chris provides more information about the Amiibo.
  • 12 April - Chris gives his opinion on hunting giraffes.
  • 12 April - Chris supports Hillary Clinton's candidacy.
  • 13 April - Chris tells us what he thinks about Disney Infinity.
  • 13 April - Chris weighs in on the issue of topless women and men.
  • 15 April - Chris likes a piece of Equestria Girls fan art.
  • 16 April - Chris discusses Rosechu, Amy Rose, and Super Smash Bros.
  • 16 April - Chris expresses his feelings about transgendered people and public restrooms.
  • 17 April - Chris hates on Charlottesville.
  • 20 April - Chris complains about the blarms again and demands that an old Sonic game be ported to modern consoles.
  • 20 April - Chris gives a thumbs down to a Minecraft clone created for the Wii U.
  • 20 April - Chris officially declares that he uses feminine pronouns.
  • 21 April - Chris reviews an animation.
  • 21 April - Chris signs a petition demanding justice for an autistic youth.
  • 21 April - Chris calls for support for gay marriage.
  • 22 April - Chris gives advice to a six-year-old transgender boy.
  • 25 April - Chris discusses Black Sonichu and Super Smash Bros.
  • 25 April - Chris says that he misses his father and loves his family.
  • 25 April - Chris makes an Abbott and Costello reference.
  • 28 April - Chris again blames Sega for forcing him to protest against Sonic's cerulean arms.

Chris's posts

Modernly Tech Savvy

1 April 2015

This show is Modernly Tech Savvy and smart. Hillary Duff looks, and is, still amazing. ‪#‎Younger

Chris Hates Conformity

The premiere episode of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season had a strong influence on Chris.

4 April 2015

I'm watching part two of the ‪#‎MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic‬ season premiere. I had to miss part one, because I went out for breakfast and getting more glue for my projects. UGH!!! I do not like this part two episode, at least the first half. I Hate Conformity!

Chris Hates Conformity, Again

In response to a question posted on the "Equestria GIRLS - MLP" page, "What'd you folks think of the premiere?," Chris wrote:

4 April 2015

Fair; I found Starlight Glimmer to be most creepy in her methods of brainwash, and I feel she was Worse than even Tirak! I Really Hate Conformity!!!

And Again

On his own timeline, Chris shared a photo from the new season and wrote:

4 April 2015

Starlight Glimmer is WORSE than even Tirak!

Custom Amiibo for Sale

Chris announced a new product for sale on eBay.

6 April 2015

Here's something different and good; a Sonichu Figure! And an Amiibo Figure at that! Personally created and Certified and packaged.

**Unfortunately, due to the lowered listing allowance on my eBay, I am unable to list medallions this month. Please Leave Positive Feedback upon receipt after your individual purchases. Ten Figures are immediately available. Thank you, and have a good day.

**I forgot to mention, the Metal Sticker has been removed, so the figure can be read while still in its package. And Sonichu is posed doing a Thunderpunching Sky Uppercut attack (his Up + B Special, if Sonichu was a playable character in Super Smash Bros.).

More on the Amiibo

7 April 2015

My choice of which character goes into the base of my characters are relevant to their individual perspectives and whatnot. some of which are Rare ‪#‎Amiibo‬ characters at the moment as well. ‪#‎Sonichu‬'s choice is Sonic, out of respect. Pikachu is not as strong as ‪#‎Sonic‬ anyway. Tune in next week to hear ‪#‎Rosechu‬'s choice.

Also, on another popular detail, if y'all want to vote for Sonichu to be a DLC character in Super Smash Bros., for future possibilities of More Sonichu and Rosechu Stories directly from me, in addition to potential comic pages, I would appreciate that.

I don't know where the webpage for voting is, so a link in the comments would be good as well. Thank you.

In the included illustration, Sonichu sez:

Hey Y'All! Sonichu here, and we're talkin' Super Smash Brothers! My family, my Electric-Hedgehog Poke'Friends, and I, like beating each other in this game as our favorite Nintendo, etc, characters. Sonic (the Hedgehog) and I have a race in CWCville once a year to raise money per mile, and double donation For which of us wins. Town Hero, everyone bets on me. Past five years, we've been tied, so both of our donations were doubled! Lots of people have healthier lives thanks to us. In SSB, since "Brawl", we fight each other with his character. When I play there are thundershockers in my spin dashes. And in good honor and respect, Sonic is my choice character.

Zappin' Out!


Kenneth Englehardt provided the link to the Nintendo voting page, to which Chris replied:

Thank you.

Mary Poppins Redux

On 12 April, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she was running for president. In response to the announcement on the "HRC" page, Chris wrote:

12 April

Votes for Women! :D

Someone presumably unfamiliar with Chris replied:

So you're voting for her because of her gender and not her ideologies? Damn, you're a fool.

In Defense of Giraffes

On 12 April, Chris's friend Kenneth shared a photo depicting a woman proudly displaying that she killed a giraffe, which Ricky Gervais negatively commented on. Kenneth commented:


I wish it was the woman that was on the receiving end of one of the giraffe's legs.

Chris agreed:

Yeah. What the F***ing Hell?!

Disney Infinity is Just as Generic as His Opinion Is?

13 April 2015

I'm offering a generic opinion; feel free to make your disputes amongst yourselves.

I've downloaded the free ‪#‎DisneyIinfinity‬ game on my Wii U months ago. I just purchased a secondhand base and a Sorcerer Mickey figure. I played the game for a while. Its content is fair, yet too much. It all feels trite, and I've played better Level Create games (‪#‎LittleBiGPlanet‬). I find greater preference on the gameplay of Skylanders than Infinity.

In short, I feel Disney Infinity is simply Mediocre; Meh.

I do look forward to when NOA makes an adventure type game that uses, and uses/writes and reads, and allows player playability of ALL existing and Future ‪#‎Amiibo‬ Figures and Cards. Especially one where we can play as ‪#‎Sonic‬ through ‪#‎Mario‬ levels and bosses, and Mario in Sonic levels and bosses. A lot of potential opportunities on dimension collisions there!

‪#‎Nintendo‬ can do a lot better than ‪#‎AmiiboTap‬.

And ‪#‎DS‬ on ‪#‎WiiU‬ ‪#‎VirtualConsole‬ is fine, but Nintendo can do us all equal justice with an adapter that allows us to play DS and ‪#‎3DS‬ (in 2D) game cartridges on the WiiU, using the game pad and TV in combination, or both screens off TV on the game pad.


Don't Free the Nipple

13 April 2015
11159486 841302929297521 3754185787838158301 n.jpg

I do not mean to be offensive, and I do side with the women on t5e debate. ‪#‎Freethenipple‬ is one that requestions the position of the nipple. I do agree on equal rights here (what is good for one is good for the other there). But, in reasonable discussion, the same result could be achieved with encouraging Males to Cover Their Nipples. Which of my own offense at that visual display that had gone on for too damn long of the stereotypical Male. And that was one big reason why I started the #‎BrassieresForMales‬ group on Facebook over a year ago! I feel it good, I'm agreement of what the women are hoping to achieve, yet in appropriate and ironic twist, Males should post selfies of themselves wearing a brassiere. I won't be the host on this side of the debate (it's not one of my better talents), but I will, however, initiate the agreement to women's ‪#‎Freetenipple‬, with an appropriate counter of #BrassieresForMales.

I, will remain neutral in the matter, because I Do agree with women's rights, and I personally want to see Males be more Modest in their appearances (nobody is impressed with their showing off). And I sincerely would vote with the majority, because we all Would win either way.

Thank you.




Kenneth Englehardt replied:

You've overlooked one difference: women's breasts are functional. They need protection. Men's breasts by and large are not.

Chris retorted:

That is Irrelevant!

Pinkie Pie on a Steamboat

Chris was amused by a fan art submission on "Equestria GIRLS - MLP," and commented:

15 April 2015

Do Pinkey Pie Like That on a Steamboat!

Rosechu and Super Smash Bros.

16 April 2015

#‎Rosechu‬'s choice character for SSB is (Zero Suit) Samus, because her choice of weaponry are very Shocking to say the least.

Also, let's vote for ‪#‎Sonichu‬ to be a DLC character in ‪#‎SuperSmashBros‬., for future possibilities of More Sonichu and #Rosechu Stories directly from me, in addition to potential comic pages, I would appreciate that.


Tune in Next Week for ‪#‎Blake‬'s (Black Sonichu) Character Choice.

In the drawing, Rosechu is saying:

Hi! We're in the battle, and we bring the Lightning, the Thunderstorms; we're all over the other fighters! When I'm free, my choice is Zero Suit Samus. In her armor, she's cool, but weighing yourself down with armor can slow you down; I'm not counting the Screw Attack Jumps. That's my girl; We have the zap in our hands, and arm cannon; I have weapons made my natural at ease. A sword, a whip, pick axe, scythe; you name it, I have it in lightning. Samus rocks the electric shots, as well as her whip. Samus, armored or not; she zaps with the better of us.

William Elliott Waterman asked:

Rosechu's voting for sonichu to be in SSB? She's not voting for herself?

Chris replied:

I did not say that; I was only adding the reminder for in general.

Rosechu and Amy Rose

16 April 2015

Speaking of ‪#‎Rosechu‬, let's discuss another topic that I feel needs to be refreshed: the Differences between her and ‪#‎AmyRose‬. I do not like hearing that people take offense of Rosechu, because she reminds them of Amy, regardless of Rosechu's style being inspired by Amy Rose. Let's look at the Differences between them.

-Personality wise, Rosechu is more independent than Amy; she does not have to rely on her man every time to rescue or defend her (not counting the occasional instinces). And Rosechu is more cool in attitude and style.

-Hair Style: Rosechu's quills/hair is more divided. Look at Amy; her quills are combed down to a set of Five sections; Rosechu's are divided into thin, straight-line portions, similar to a more normal hairstyle.

-Weapon of Choice: Amy has a Mallet/Hammer. Rosechu has Lightning, and she can shape them into Any Weapon of her choosing on the spot; she prefers the sword.

-On their Backs, Rosechu has Her Quills; Amy does Not.

-Amy has a hair band; Rosechu sometimes wear one, but is Not obligatory.

-Rosechu has a long tail; Amy's tail is short.

-Their outfits differ not only in color patterns, but Rosechu's skirt is curved/ruffled.

-And, Fun! Rosechu's breasts are bigger than Amy's.

A Dame in Deir Crap Shack

On "VA Pride," Chris found an article discussing a recent episode of Ellen DeGeneres's talk show which dealt with transgender awareness. He added his thoughts:

16 April 2015

I appreciate the words of Ellen on Transgender Awareness and People, including myself. It is true; we Transwomen and Transmen are Not a joke, and we have our individual rights like most everyone else!

I was also made aware of the Public Restroom Act in Florida that the Politicians are considering passing that would Outlaw Transgender People from using the Restroom of Their Choice, even by their own Gender Identity, versus their Born Gender. I HAD a Lot of dialogue describing my thoughts, and empathetic scenarios of Transwomen and Transmen using their preferred choice restroom, with the Worst Case Scenario Result of either being Kicked Out of the restroom, as well as a Felony Charge and a $1,000 Fine... But my window closed as I was about to make my final point, and I lost all that typing.

But Essentially, I take great Offense that we Transwomen and Transmen are not allowed to use our birth-gender opposite Restrooms. Because Males will take offense of Skirt-Wearing Transwomen in the Men's Room to a great, neanderthal extent, and Women may kick you out for blending in so well there, but still have the damn dick down there. And Women may take offense at the butch, gawdy look and aggressive attitudes and appearances in the Ladies Room, OR the Transmen may just get all GAWD Tired of the emotional outbursts and perfume scents and want OUT of there and into the Other Restroom for their familiar attitudes and odors. Yet some Males would take Aggressive actions with a "dame in deir crap shack", and if he isn't tough enough to take on the tough guy, they would kick him out to the curb.

NOBODY, Especially us, the Transgender People, wins at all, should we continue to be restricted from our choice of Restroom. Perverts who disguise and would abuse the right stands within reason, but is not likely to happen. I say that we Transwomen and Transmen SHOULD be Allowed to use our Preferred Choice of Restroom or Similar!

Thank you.










The Happiest Place in the World...or Not

Chris found an article on the "VA Pride" page claiming that Richmond, Virginia was the happiest city in America. He responded:

17 April 2015

"‪#‎Charlottesville‬, ‪#‎VA‬: #1 ‪#‎HappiestAmericaRegion‬?" HA!

If that was True, then Why have been and still do find the Most ‪#‎Paranoid‬, ‪#‎Unfriendly‬, ‪#‎Offensive‬ and Plain ‪#‎Rude‬ Individuals around here?! Counting Some individuals among the ‪#‎CVille‬ ‪#GameStop‬'s, Randy at ‪#‎BestBuy‬, Luke and the Janekop at ‪#‎Target‬, Michael Snyder, Mary Lee Walsh, and I Count EVERY SINGLE (Male) "‪#‎Police‬" Persons, AKA ‪#‎Jerkops‬ around as well. And don't get me started on the ‪#‎Internet‬ ‪#‎Trolls‬ and ‪#‎CybeBullies‬ that continue to reside and lurk around here as well!

For YEARS, I have long considered Charlottesville, VA, the historic hometown of ‪#‎ThomasJefferson‬, the Most ‪#‎IllSocial‬ and #Paranoid of Cities and Areas in ‪#‎Virginia‬ and ‪#‎USA‬.

Chris Wants to Play an Old Game

Chris shared a photo from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" page and wrote:

20 April 2015

Why hasn't ANYONE ported this rarity to modern consoles And VirtualConsole as well! Sonic CD should be on VC as well! Bring Mighty the Armordillo back as well.

Confound Those Blarms, They Drive Me to Drink!

An article on "Tails' Channel" noted that there might be a second season of the Sonic Boom TV show. Chris predictably commented:

20 April 2015

I would watch it ONLY if they changed Sonic's arm colour back to tan. I still am feeling pissed off at the arm colour change.

Has SEGA updated the WiiU and 3DS games to where the arm colour on Sonic is back to tan yet? Seriously, please let me know if and when they Have changed the arm colour back!

Chris Likes Minecraft

Chris read an article on "My Nintendo News" that Nintendo was introducing a Minecraft rip-off called UCraft for the Wii. He responded:

20 April 2015

Ugh! Just give us MINECRAFT; no crappy copy like this. Even if you have to add a "U" to the title: "MinecraftU".

A new pronoun

On 20 April, Chris finally officially changed his Facebook name to "Christine Weston Chandler," with "Christian Weston Chandler" in parentheses. He also updated the Basic Information section of his profile to clarify that his gender was "Lesbian TransWoman: Female, Lesbian Soul in Male Body," and that his preferred pronoun was "she." Under Religious Views, after "Baptized Methodist," he wrote, "Some serious; delightful to know and talk about," whatever that means.

A new profile pic

The following day, Chris added a new profile photo with a couple of hashtags:

21 April 2015

#HRC #LoveCantWait


Artsy Fartsy

Chris reviewed AnimatedJames's "Some of Episode 2" video from his show C Students, and commented:

21 April 2015

OMFG! That was fun! Nicole is such a cute lesbian! I look forward to what she does for her show, and the story that goes along with this sneak peek.

Justice for Kayleb

On 21 April, Chris signed a petition on Change.org to get a pardon for Kayleb Moon-Robinson, a sixth grader with autism from Virginia who was arrested, handcuffed, and charged with a felony. Sound familiar?

Support for Marriage Equality

Chris shared a photo from the Human Rights Campaign and wrote:

21 April 2015

Let's help those in our LGBTQ community by showing America is ready for marriage equality! Show Your Support!

That is Cute!

Chris shared a video from NBC Nightly News about a five-year-old transgender child and wrote:

22 April 2015

That is cute! As a Transwoman, I get what Jacob/Mia went through at his early age that I, myself, have subconsciously went throughout my life, not fully understanding, that I was not as happy having been born Male, yet I eventually realized that my soul was, is, and always will be Female, and Lesbian.

I want to offer comfort to Jacob's mother that he will be alright in finding his dates in later years. Girls are typically compassionate and understanding individuals. And one of them will be a lesbian. She can still have his child eventually (in a way). And if he turns out to be a gay soul as well, he would definitely have his pick of any of them; straight or gay or bi. I am finding my own solace in making more women friends, including lesbians.

And to Jacob, I want to say to him, enjoy your youth and all of your favorite things. Hang onto your birth gender, because changing it won't be much help if and when you choose to put together your own family much later on. And Stay in School; Learn a Lot of Details and Facts. Life is about finding out who you are and what you are to become; you're halfway there, with the Who, child. Enjoy your life; treasure and love yourself.

(I also quote a bit from "The Question" episode of "The Amazing World of Gumball"; it is worth watching)

AND, Jacob, make some to as many friends as possible! Your sisters can help you there as well. ;)

Black Sonichu is Pussywhipped

In the third of his weekly series, Chris discussed how he'd like Black Sonichu to be integrated into Super Smash Bros.

25 April 2015

#‎BlackSonichu‬'s choice character for SSB is Gannondorf; villanous, heavy punch and dark magic. His second choice is Bowser; fireballs, spiky defense and wants some power of love for himself from Peach.

Also, let's vote for ‪#‎Sonichu‬ to be a DLC character in ‪#‎SuperSmashBros‬., for future possibilities of More Sonichu and ‪#‎Rosechu‬ Stories directly from me, in addition to potential comic pages, I would appreciate that.


Tune in Next Week for ‪#‎WildSonichu‬'s Character Choice.

Blachu sez:

Well! I was at home making dinner for Bubbles in heartfelt delight, then my peace was disrupted! Are we Really doing this Q&A thing, MOM!? *SIGH* Alright. As a past villian turned good, I do get an itch to terroize, now and then. The warfare video games help me release my vengance well. But, for Smash Bros., I really prefer Gannondorf; Crazy Tough and full of Darkness! King Bowser Koopa is my second choice; wants the love power from the girl, and goes spike and fireball on the heroes! I've been taunted for a theory of my choice fighter being, ugh!, Dark Pit. What the f***ing Hell?! I may be a clone from a Hero, but I separate my personality from him Total! Please, let me know go; I have a tuna salad and chicken on the oven.

R.I.P. Bob

Chris's high school classmate Richie Grecki posted a photo of his mother's gravesite and wrote, "My mom passed away 5 years ago today. R.I.P. Mom, I love you." Every single person who commented on this post offered Richie emotional support, except one:

25 April 2015

Aww. My dad passed away less than that; he rest in peace as well. I love my family, and I am glad for having them around. :)

Who's on First in the Wonderbolts Academy


Someone on the "Equestria GIRLS - MLP" page posted an image along with, "(Me) 'What's her name?' (Fan) 'Correct.' (Me) 'What?' (Fan) 'Wat's her name.' (Me) 'How should I know? I thought you knew?' (Fan) 'Yu already knows.' (Me) Oh, shut up... You!' (Yu) 'Yes?'" Chris got the reference:

25 April 2015

"Who's" on First. "What's" on Second. "I Don't Know" is on Third.

Sonic Synergy

On "SEGA Nerds," Chris read an article revealing that Sonic Boom was originally supposed to be called "Sonic Synergy," and that Sonic's arms were still going to be tan. Chris wrote:

28 April 2015

I REALLY Wish they had Stayed on ‪#‎SonicSynergy‬, then A) I would NOT have had the Damed Blue Arms to Protest over at all, and B) I would have had no changed mixed feelings for the ‪#‎SonicCD‬ ‪#‎SonicBoom‬ song at all.