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Chris's new cover photo, added 24 May 2014.


  • Beginning 15 May, Chris made a long series of posts asking for Lego sets or the money to buy them.
  • 24 May - Chris began posting images of new models of his Sonichu characters, and announced the rebirth of Simonla.
  • 28 May - Chris demanded that someone buy his father's "Straduarius" violin.

Posts by Chris

Buy Me Something

On 15 May, Chris provided images of 19 different stores with the suggestion:

15 May 2014

If you wish to send us a gift, Cash or Monetary Gift Cards from the following stores would be appreciated (Lego logo as in

Christian Chandler 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968

Chris also posted a collection of 36 images of Lego Mini-figs which he wanted, as well as 76 images of Lego sets and related merchandise, with the note:

As far as presents go, these are what I don't have and want (high school, summer riding camp and Olivia's house for parts as well). NOW Organized in order of Still Need to Replace over Really Want and the remainder. Please. Thank You.

Christian Chandler 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968

Kim asked:

Huh, but your birthday was three months ago. Why are you asking for stuff now?

Chris replied:

For Future Reference and Events.

Kim followed this up with:

But there aren't any events coming up. Like, Christmas isn't for about eight months and your birthday's even further away.

I don't know, I'm just confused as to what's going on here.

Chris responded:

Christmas AND my Birthday Especially.

After much conversation and dispute among his friends, Chris added:

I have read the comments up to this point; Kim is correct on me being more of a builder than a collector, although I do pick and choose which to collect and complete like the Friends Sets. I was into Bionicle for a few years after the first figure set release. I've collected the entire set if Simpsons minifigures, as well as the house. I also like the Ninja Turtles (customized a Venus de Milo minifigure). The Lego Movie is among the collectors choice as well, and it has just come out on iTunes today.

Anyway, I'm half and half on plain builder and collector. And I don't really believe in Christmas in July; it was originally created for keeping cool thoughts in the summer anyway. I created this list for Future References. Say next Christmas, for example, was approaching few days away, "What is the best choice gift? Oh! He has a wish list online; I can consult it and choose one to send him."

Also, I still desperately need to replace my melted Grand Emporium, Palace Theater, Vampyre Castle, and TWO Spongebob's Pineapple House halves for the Party set to rebuild the full-constructed (MOC) house that horribly got melted in the fire as well.

Chris posted an image of a Lego Friends set with the comment:


Kim was critical:

Who are you talking to?

Chris replied:

Whoever is listening.

Finally, Chris provided a photo of a Lego Creator set with:

I really want this.
Facebook 18 May.png

Return Of Simonla Rosechu

On 24 May Chris uploaded an new cover photo of his Sonichu characters made out of Legos and clay. Among them was Simonla Rosechu, who had died in Sonichu #10 as part of a special deal. He followed this up with an album of Simonla photos. Kim Wilson asked:

Wasn't this character supposed to die? If that's correct, and I'm remembering this correctly, then making this public post is bragging about your dishonesty. A man is only as good as his word. I know you're better than that, Chris.

Chris replied:

She was, but I had revived her, and I will eventually redraw the pages showing that she is NOT dead. The death was Troll-Influenced, so therefore I have undone that mistake."

Kenneth Erwin Englehardt chimed in:

It really isn't anything dishonest. Reworks and rewrites go with the territory in terms of developing a good comic. Nothing at all inappropriate about it. Believe me, I've redone mine many times.

Kim retorted:

It doesn't matter what inspired your art, I'm talking about the promise that you made to someone. Don't break your promises, Christian Weston Chandler.

Chris sarcastically responded:

Everyone, sing along: I don't care. I don't care. Oh, look, a Free Hat! I don't care. You can put on clean bra and underwear. 'Cause I Don't Care.
I will do what I want, when I want, and no troll is going to rewrite MY history. Simonla Rosechu Lives On as a Model Construction Working Mother of Sandy with her husband, Wild Sonichu.

P.S. The voltorb was properly diffused and released back into the wilds of Kanto's abandoned electric plant. The damn trolls were still put under arrest. No bloody punishment was ensued upon the guilty; I personally beat the living crap out of them AND Daniel Mimms, then let them live out their Life-Long Prison Sentence in the offshore prison stronger than Alcatraz.

So There.

William Elliott Waterman asked:

Is that the chaotic combos "what the heck do we care" song, or are you telling us something?
I'm telling you something. And it is in tune to "Hooray for Hollywood".

He ignored all further protestations.


28 May 2014

Will someone, seriously, Please buy the violin I am selling NOW! My mother and I really need the money.

Waterman replied:

Just a protip: broadcasting to your potential customers that you're desperate for money and begging is not a good idea.

Robert Kett asked:

Why not have the bow restrung before you post it on ebay?

Chris replied:

My mother and I are most unable to afford the restringing of the bow. That is why I am offering the restringing to the Buy it Now customer.


29 May 2014

I wish to thank the person who went onto Amazon and sent me a Treehouse and Halloween Accessory set. If you look closely, here are the tombstone, lawyer zombie and green witch that I originally had, but melted in that fire. Thank you very much for your generous contribution.

I will add comments under some of the sets in my wish list for Still Need to Replace and really want. Spoiler Alert: I really want the Sea Cow, and still really need to replace the Palace Theater, Grand Emporium and a full Pineapple House (composed of TWO Spongebob Bikini Bottom Party sets (two halves of the same pineapple)).

Legos - may 2014 - 01.jpg Legos - may 2014 - 02.jpg

Waterman knows the truth:

Chris, this is greedy. You're trying to sell your father's violin (which we don't know if he wanted the family to keep it) because you "desperately need the money," and at the same time you are begging for replacements of your lego sets that melted on public posts. Do you not see what's wrong with this? People will think you're just selling one of your late father's possessions to buy legos.
If you delete my comment, I saved a backup.

Unsurprisingly, this comment was ignored.

I Really Want That

29 May 2014

I have just reorganized my Wish List Album with photos rearranged to order of Still Need to Replace over Really Want, followed by the remainder (with the exception of the Sea Cow; I Really Want That).

When someone implied that Chris was sounding greedy, he replied:

I never said it was mandatory or immediate for anyone to do anything. Ask yourself, why would YOU put together a wish list? Think about it.


Chris posted yet another photo of a Lego set with the notice:

29 May 2014


Comments by Chris

Chris commented on a photo of a man with his children:

21 May 2014

My mother says your children are cute.

Chris responded to an article about a fire at a Hibachi Grill in Charlottesville:

23 May 2014

Make it back into a Golden Corral like it used to be, and OUGHT TO BE NOW!!!