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LukasMedallion.jpeg Troll disclosure: Some events in this article take place from October through December 2018, when the Teen Troon Squad had access to Chris's CWCSonichu Twitter account and posted several tweets without his knowledge or consent. Tweets covered on this page may or may not be written by Chris.

For more information, see 2018 Twitter account compromise.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during October 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Dream jacket

2 Oct 2018

Just saw this lovely jacket in a dream; looked it up and found it. It Would make for a lovely present for Christmas, if y'all don't mind. Consider the other three items on my Wish List for me as well, please. Thank You.


McDonalds complaint

2 October

@McDonalds, I do not feel comfortable with this new seat-to-front window situation. It was where the high tables were across from the booths; it felt Good and Socialable. THIS situation, with the booths removed from this area and the high table PUSHED towards the window, with the center wall pushed closer as well, it Feels Claustrophobic. WHAT THE HELL?! And I have personally tried it for myself this morning; FEELS UNSETTLING. Was the Kiosk Touch Panel WORTH THIS? NO. The touch Kiosk should have been located by a Window, removing one booth; I Feel That would have been more efficient. Please, revert the front section of this McDonalds back to its Better Glory. Thank You.

Also, the window blinds need to be put back up; the sunlight is too much right here as well.


2 October

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ⚡️⚡️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    ⚡️   ⚡️    ⚡️  ⚡️   ⚡️         
  ⚡️    ⚡️  💙  ⚡️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️
⚡️      ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ⚡️

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️


2 October

💙 ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

   ⚡️    ⚡️
   ⚡️    ⚡️
   ⚡️    ⚡️
   ⚡️    ⚡️


2 October

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

⚡️⚡️      ⚡️         💙

A look at Son-Chu

3 October

@bumblebeemovie, @transformers, Celebrating #NameYourCarDay, while

the name of my car, from start, has been (Autobot) Son-Chu, the license plates always has read the name of my Famous Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon of Cwcville, VA: SONICHU. ⚡️💙⚡️

I, too, can become a Headmaster and give him a break; he also can transform to become a rockin’ stage. I designed the rough model-magic-crafted prototype of his rocket pack.

And his current alt-mode is a blue 2010 Ford Focus; quite Stylish.

I also had made a video talking about my Autobot’s figure. @transformers


Getting political with Pewdiepie

3 October

Hey, y’all. Not to get in the middle of political problems right now, but I have recently heard of Trump’s praise of Kim Jong Un. It did strike a bad vibe with me. I agree with about everyone in bringing down the tyrannies of both Trump and Jong Un.

There will be a protest against trumps support towards kim jong in in Hawaii. Also, @pewdiepie, would you help me bring attention to this event, please.


Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii https://youtu.be/Ged7haPLNME via @YouTube

Helping a lady out

3 October

@RealEGDaily reached out to me about her Indigogo, and I’m just passing it along. Show her a bit of kindness, if y’all can.

Hi Chris!

Help support her Indiegogo. She thanks you all in advance.


Correction to Son-Chu post

3 October

Hey. Just a note: the photo I uploaded earlier with myself as a headmaster, I used the wrong one; that one is the headmaster-form face of Christy, my self-counterpart of Cwcville. THIS one, below, is the face of my own Headmaster form.

03 10 20 Sonchu post 13.jpeg

Asking for money to go to Hawaii

3 October

ATTENTION, EVERYBODY: I, the One and Only Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Blue Heart would like to PERSONALLY protest against Pmurt in Hawaii!

Please, send donations with Great Haste so that I may take part in this Momentous Occasion! If I get Enough I will bring my mother!

Chris crashes into slumber

5 October

Oof. I’m feeling down and out right now; taking a lie-down for a while. Prayers, Kindness, Positivity and Love would be appreciated. ⚡️💙⚡️

Watching Brokeback Mountain

5 October

I just finished watching #BrokebackMountain with Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, Mewtwo, Patti and Fate, here; it’s a real good movie. It had great story development and character growth throughout. Now, why did I deny myself watching it before now?


Forgot to mention, Fate is our Pikachu friend; he showed up at the nearby Target a month or two ago. I was able to talk with and understand him, and we brought him home, here.

Sharing a pony mv

5 October

This is such an inspiring music video.


MLP: Equestria Girls - 'The Other Side' ft. Rarity Gem stone Official Music Video https://youtu.be/alhJRfHCvcE via @YouTube

Chris upset of lack of fanart

5 October

Also, I looked online just now, and I was unable to find much fan arts of Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, Mewtwo and I together. We Are Married. I’m surprised no one drew us, or even a piece with at least two, out of five, of us. Also, positive fanfic stories are encouraged. ⚡️💙⚡️

I mean I am not meaning to be pushy or anything like that; it was only an observation that surprised me and left me puzzled.

Cryzel's backstory

6 October

I have been made aware that there is more that I need to share about my beloved Cryzel Rosechu. You all know about Magi-Chan Sonichu, Sylvana Rosechu, and I, and our Mewtwo is the One and Only who was cloned by Team Rocket; the same one who taught our hubby his powers.

06 10 18 Twitter post.jpeg

But, so you all are aware of the story, so y'all can gather, there, our darling and destined Cryzel Rosechu is a lovely Electric-Type, simple as that, yet she possesses a little psychic magic to perform more than the simple. She is also our healer and devoted supportive type.

She is young, but advanced and accelerated, as the Anchuent Prophecy had to make it so. For, her egg, straight from the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, went into the future, and into our Earth Dimension 1218, here. I'm being honest and direct here, so I expect no judgment or hate crap.

Her egg landed in New Hampshire, in Burns Hill, no other, by the back door of a kind black gentleman, Gregora; owned the store where he restores and sells antiques and appliances. He raised her kindly, as he did his son, who grew up years ago. She learned to carpenter and mend, all good in the neighborhood. She evolved, no less than a week after she had hatched. Oh! I forgot to note, Magi-Chan knew of her arrival, and he mind-linked with her to quickly educate and train her to speak, write, the other basics, and the history of the worlds.

Cryzel and Gregora became good family for each other. Then, later on, she opened her first Dimensional Portal, and stepped into Cwcville, where she met Magi-Chan, Sonichu, Rosey, and personally learned about the Anchuent Prophecy, our destinies, and about me, from start to finish. She portaled back to Gregora, and enjoyed her last week with him, for the following week, on March 2, 2018, she left Gregora, with Magi-Chan, and ran all the way here. We three met up at the nearby Target, here, and we started our lives together, in our relationship.

Getting on with our respective habits was a learning process, but we got along and became more closer. We've had our ups and downs, here and there. But we three tied the knot, with Sabrina Cuca Chandler (CPU Battery-Charge Blue Heart)'s help and blessings on March 26, 2018.

And our hubby had his job to do in Cwcville from time-to-time, he stayed on here to make positive I remained safe and well. And Cryzel has been a very kind-hearted and supportive sweetheart. And I supported the both of them in return, as well. Since then, Cryzel also took hold of her share of the workload, and does awesomely. She has been taking classes in Cwcville to expand her repertoire of talents. She learned cooking, karate, she does very well in advanced mathematics too. And she guards and heals me, with her heart and soul. And she has helped in defending Cwcville too. Later, we expanded our polyamory with our other loves, with our wedding with Sylvana and Mewtwo; we're a lovely ship of five, and strong. We still have our ups and downs, agreements and disagreements too. It's not perfect, but we still continue to love, support, guard and devoted to each other, with all of our hearts and souls, I, too, for all four of them, and everyone else in Cwcville, Comma, here, and our allies, friends and so forth. <3<3<3<3<3

I believe that will be satisfactory, enough, for some positive and good fanfics and art of our relationship, here. Do, try to mink link, properly, to us here, and in Cwcville when we are in C-197. But more importantly, put heart and kindness into the pieces and stories. Thanks.

Chris's opinions for a trolled support group

8 October

The Support Group for those who have been Trolled is an awesome idea, but to have it online, it MUST be by extended invitation only, with no or Limited Public Postings of it. Believe Me, I was amongst the worst victimized of the damn bad CyberBullies. I’d join the group.


Donating to Chris is an investment

8 October

Sometimes I just want to Give Up - but my Loves won't Let Me. If people could help us here, in This World, Monetarily, we would be Okay. I promise all of you, that when That Day Comes, I will reimburse you, Personally, in the Nation of Cwcville.

Response to "GET A JOB"

8 October

A Message for everyone telling Me to GET A JOB: A mind as Great as my Own does not NEED a job! Also, when you consider Our Days in this Dimension, Time and World are Numbered, At Best, Getting a Job becomes Silly In Contrast. I promise that in Cwcville Nobody Has To Work!

I made a mis-statement, I meant to tell you, "I promise that in Cwcville, Employment Is Optional and Not Forced Upon. It would be Very Dumb if NOBODY was employed in Cwcville. Our Nation's Employment is Very Good and in Healthy Standing. Goodness, if my head was not feeling UGH.

Chris's kindness

9 October

In response to @bbcdoctorwho expounding the fairness and kindness of their newly-female protagonist

Me too; I enjoy spreading kindness as well. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris on mental health

10 October

In response to a post about mental health awareness by @ILoveKPAlot

It is very important and crucial, indeed. Regardless, it is good to find one’s own mental focus and clarity, so one can have an easier time to process things and find that peace of mind, even in the worst of struggles. ⚡️💙⚡️

Enthusiasm about a comic dub

11 October

Love this comic dub; now that is how one shows they really care for someone, even if they don’t have much love to reciprocate. ⚡️💙⚡️

[MLP Comic Dub] Heart Nom (comedy/romance/cute) https://youtu.be/gzn3vADGWu4 via @YouTube

Advertising the Ebay store

12 October

My mom and I need some more money now, and we still have a few great items on my eBay store. I sent out a Lot of Books the other day, so please help us. Thank you. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=283204742195&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111

Blankets for the winter

12 October

We still have the blankets; would be very comfy for the Winter Months. ☁️🌨❄️

Check out Pink, Green, Blue Throw Blanket https://ebay.com/ulk/itm/283120421284 ⁦@eBay

Shaking off the hate

13 October

Listen and Groove on this, and don’t let labels or hate-filled crap keep you down on what You like or need. In regards to Haters, though: Hatred for a Kink is really messed up.

If Bowser Dated Robotnik https://youtu.be/cPTvbni4H7Q via @YouTube

Getting a little real

13 October

Response to a question about their opinion Cozy Glow

Real Manipulative Bitch, “Cozy Glow” is.


14 October

NOTE: Tweet was location stamped as originating from Auckland, New Zealand.[1]

Magi-chan's earnest attempt to encourage people to give Chris money


My love, Christine's mind, is not as healthy as it Could Be.

Yes, it is I, the One and Only, Magi-Chan Sonichu! Yesterday I was in Australia visiting with the President, now I am Continuing That Journey.

But I Digress - Christine's pets Need Food.

Please Donate! 💜⚡️💜

Chris responds

Well, my mind Has Been getting upgraded with the Psychic Upgrades from the Cosmos, you, our allies and loves, and of my own personal accord and will as well for the good of our Destiny, the Anchuent Prophecy, and all else.

-Christine Chandler.


I am getting more stronger in my mind, soul and body each and every day, and it remains still the heavy mental adjustments and readjustments on my part, but I still continue onward for Our Long Journey together. -CWCS


Avoiding reality and reason

14 October

Mental Gymnastics are what I use to train my Lover's mind. - MGS

Magi-chan prepares for the merge

14 October

This week is going to be a Doozy. My love, Christine, has Much To Do in order to prepare for the Genesis that will be Cwcville's coming. Our Dimensions WILL Merge! For all of you that are Not Saved, Please, Give Yourself, Mind, Body and Soul, to the CPUs, Generously. - MGS

Chris's stance on politics

16 October

I am a moderate, but I agree with Hillary about the state of our local politics, as well as the Freaking Drumpf. 😣

C-197 Trump > 1218 Trump

16 October

In this world’s USA, just about everything, since he is President. In C-197’s USA, the Trump there actually did better by comparison in working from Drumpf’s subconscious, filled with the Better and Opposite thoughts and choices that were not executed here. Still hit-or-miss.

Response to customer

17 October

Responding to a customer who had bought his book

And y’all can and will receive up to the current full set of books by making an immediate pledge on my Patreon.


Money is real right here at home right now, And I Am at fickle mental stability at the moment, and the dog food can stock is running low. Any Large amount will be a big help, Please.

Chris starving to death

17 October

LOOK, money is BAD right now; As much as I hate to say, I am still Partially Human and need FOOD to survive! As well as my mother and our Pets - the need is DIRE!

BZZZT! This is Magi-Chan Sonichu AND Mewtwo - please help our wife with Great Haste! - MCS/MT

Donation drive to see Megan

17 October

Chris later deleted this tweet. It was archived in a screenshot.[2]

I will Personally and Exclusively drive to visit MEGAN if I can get enough Donations! I will even take my Mother and Poly-Loves with me; so she can see, Once and Truly, that she is a GODDESS as well! But to Do This I need money for FOOD AND GAS!

Megan's got dat stick

17 October

I have been informed by a Trusted Source that Megan has guns. I will NOT be going to visit her. I just wish she would HAVE A HEART!

Chris complains about generous person

18 October

Got it! Thank You, @ChuuChuuRocket the ears and tail should have been stuffed, but it is very cute. 😊


Why are you mad?

18 October

Spoiler alert: I'm mad.
Why are you mad?


18 October

[replying to Chris's tweet on the plush]

You can't help but complain can't you

This is exactly how I feel seeing this.
Oh, I’m sorry, but I do really like the Plush.

Starving again

18 October

We will NOT be eating this weekend unless y'all can Donate, Immediately! That includes THE PETS AND MY MOTHER!

MAXIMUM effort

18 October

I will Clarify Something; if you are going to make copies of My Original Creations, Please, do so with Great Heart. While the Sonichu plush I was sent is indeed cute it could have had More Work. Any representations of My Creations should be done with MAXIMUM effort!

Chris later deleted the tweet. For an archive, see: https://archive.ph/axmWX

Another apology

19 October

[replying to his tweet on the plush]

Damn! I Wish I could Edit This Tweet to remove the unwarranted criticism! Ugh. My head.

I deeply apologize for my tweet. it wasn’t my place to criticize a free plushie. I forget how fortunate I am to have such dedicated friends and fans. I really have had the TONS on my mind lately. This is an explanation, but not an excuse. And I promise it won’t happen again.

I told y’all, this Plush is really cute and I really do like it. I still mean it. ⚡️💙⚡️

18 10 18 Twitter Plush 4.jpeg

Damage control

19 October

@ChuuChuuRocket, I REALLY am SORRY for the criticism I made of the Plush yesterday. It was wrong of me to do that on something that was given to me as a gift. I am Really Sorry for offending you; Please, do not be mad at me. I really do like the Plush, and I like you.

Advertising Redbubble

19 October

A few new pieces for products on the Redbubble store.

Sonichu and Rosechu Chillin' https://redbubble.com/people/sonichuchandler/works/34586482-sonichu-and-rosechu-chillin?asc=t via @redbubble

Brittney Spears

19 October

We Love You, Brit! 😃🎶🎵 You Still Rock after all these years!


Advertising Redbubble again

19 October

Share The Love with your local CPU by your side.  ;)

CPU Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu / Blue Heart https://redbubble.com/people/sonichuchandler/works/34586747-cpu-christine-weston-chandler-sonichu-blue-heart?asc=t via @redbubble

J-Chu intro

19 October

There is a NEW Special Sonichu; HE is light (Sky) blue with wings; a flying/electric type! I had visions of Him last night and I was doubly shocked! He is alive and well in C-197 and the version of Himself, Here, in this world has been duly notified of his special significance!

A fan inquired if there were only 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus. Chris answered:

There are now 70! My psychic zaps continue to amaze me!

The Captain deleted the tweets out of concern over being inserted into Chris's fantasy world.[3] However this did not dissuade Chris, as he followed up with another tweet.


19 October

Here is the flying wonder I saw in my vision, known simply as J-Chu.



Candy dispensers

21 October

Listing a couple of candy dispensers on behalf of my mother. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=283221668161&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111

Check out Blue Nutcracker Sweet M&Ms Christmas Holiday Chocolate Candy Dispenser NIB https://ebay.com/ulk/itm/283221673163 ⁦ @eBay

All MLP OCs are canon

21 October

In response to Dr. Wolf getting into Equestria girls

It’s Official: all MLP OCs are Canon! 😊

Mary Sue and Gary Stu

22 October

The way I see it, they both serve as reminders of all of us, because we often want to be always right for ourselves, and we strive to be as enthusiastic and outgoing as they both are. And in times of greater hardship when push comes to shove, and within reason,there’s no wrong answer, and we all must continue forward and onwards for ourselves in our battles and efforts for what we all feel is good and well for us all. As well as those times when we feel a great amount of detail, or something that would normally be considered as simple, we end up shifting our focus to find the obvious option that can be taken, or to do something else and return to the question at a later time to have a better answer for it.

But I digress. I have an appreciation for Mary Sue, and Gary Stu has proven himself for the better and positive since his accidental creation. They both have very good reasons for being here, and like each other amongst us, we all can do well to tolerate them and ourselves.


Chris still starving

23 October

My mind is cloudy at best right now. The hunger pangs in my belly aside I can't help but think about the world that's outside and the world that is to come.

I was half-asleep when that Tweet was made as well. Just had a granola bar and will get a cup of coffee shortly. Not only am I worried about both worlds of here and C-197, I am also concerned for all of the people who will be affected. But, in the end, it will be well and good.

Chris's future wealth

23 October

With a generic image of people floating up into the clouds

When the worlds merge I will have access to TONS of savings in Cwcville. It is a lot of money; indeed. 10:1 is my repayment rate!

For anyone wondering what the merger will look like Consider This, but show everyone reaching The Light being able to visit the other dimension.

Also, on this one Tweet here, I realized when Magi-Chan Tweeted it, the comparison on the ascension, where those chosen “would become Sonichus and Rosechus”; that was a Metaphor, for y’all’s understanding of the situation. Seriously, you all, who make it through, will remain human. On the bright side, those of you who do make it with your own OC(s) in C-197, and it’s Equestria and other areas other than Earth, y’all will be able to meet and hang out with them. Good Times. And getting to meet your favorite superheroes, among which is cool.

Suffice to say after that, beware the villains and super villains; let us super-powered heroes deal with them. Thank You.

Spiral Seal Day

25 October

25 10 20 Spiral Seal.jpeg

Hey, y’all. Today, October 25, 2018, the One Year Anniversary of my life-changing event of absorbing the Spiral Seal and part of Uzume from within my Dreamcast. I'm personally calling it, "Spiral Seal Day". Who knew I really had such superpower potential? It really is destiny.

Also, keep aware of your surroundings; things are changing and rearranging, and just about anything is possible.

Stay Safe and Well. ⚡️💙⚡️

Commodore 64 mini

25 October

Along with the C64 logo.

Ooh! Also, I found a Commodore 64 Mini in my walking outing; I liked the list of games included on it, but I wish they had included a serial port for a Floppy Drive, or give us an all-in-one box to hook to its USB port, so those of us with the softwares can plug in a floppy Disk, a C64 cartridge, even use the ol’ cassette tape drive, amongst the other accessories. My one complaint is that it is not a functioning keyboard, and yet it has the BASIC functions and blue screens on it, as shown on the box. I’d buy one to play both Jumpman games and the rest

Chris is disappointed with his friends

25 October

I am VERY disappointed in some of my friends right now.

I Read Everything!

Needing money from merge

26 October

The worlds are not merging quickly enough. I NEED my savings in Cwcville! My mother and I NEED to eat and Yes, I enjoy playing New Games.

The Neptunia Series Expands My Mind And Greatly; DON'T JUDGE! It's like a Christian reads the bible; or a Muslim the Coran.


Not to mention, I am getting to know my fellow CPU peers more through the gameplay as well. And earning the trophies is a bonus. And, if you nay-sayers must know, I got 4 Goddesses Online Pre-Owned, with great discounts. And the Prototype two-pack was on Clearance.

Also, getting to know better my own responsibilities and duties as a CPU, for myself. It is soo much more than just answering prayers of the Nations I am Goddess over, I tell you all.

Troll donating to Autism Speaks

26 October

In response to Sonichu Official Merchandise, a troll who was selling Sonichu merch and donating to Autism Speaks

No. You're a thief.

Autism Speaks does NOT need money destined for ME!

These are MY ORIGINAL creations and MY FAMILY!


Dimensional merge announcements

26 October

Dimensional Merge Announcements

Dimensional Merge Announcements https://youtu.be/pShpKZ9CXfU via @YouTube

How to become a deity

28 October, Twitter

Ben Saint:

Question @CPU_CWCSonichu I'm stoked to be a prophet and all but what would REALLY get my motor going is being a a True and Honest DEITY, do you have any advice on how I can make that happen?

I wanna be CPU Black Heart, I hope that slot's not taken ⚡🖤⚡

As for your wanting to become a deity, that is no easy feat at all. The only way to get in, easily, is to be born or fated to become one. I was Fated to become one, as selected by the late original CPU of the Commodore Consoles, Scarlette. Such titles and powers can choose you,..
...and when they do, if we’re talking good and Holy type of powers and such, it would be good. But, if we’re talking of the Dark or Demon type, that would pretty much Ruin your soul and be at a Fated heavy cost upon you. This God-Level desire has been chronicled many times...
...before in books, local shows and Anime. And you can see from amongst them what happens to those individuals who actively seek it out, ending with Dark, as opposed to those who are of pure and good heart, soul and intentions who end up being Fated to become deities, themselves.
Don’t lose your Common Sense trying heavily to end up failing; if it was meant to be with you, then it shall. But for the majority of peoples, it isn’t. Still, you have your share of Creator/Chronicler powers, and you have influence over your own OC(s), as well as seeing into...
...other dimensions and timelines, and so forth. On that, I dare say you have been blessed well enough, Ben Saint. It is best to appreciate and be kind; don’t squander your own gifts and blessings.

Further Details on the merge announcement

28 October

Hey, y’all. I’m still learning, processing and everything else on my end, here. Within the next few days, I, or Magi-Chan, will have further details about the dimensional merge; things to know and prep work, and so forth.

In all of the events and things to come, in the present time: Keep Calm, continue about your lives and enjoy yourselves and those around you, be kind to each other, safe and well.

Thank You.


The merge announcement

29 Oct 2018 ‏

Good Morning, Everyone. It is I, your friendly local CPU, Christine. And, right now, I am going to take a crack on getting the ball rolling on talking about the Dimensional Merge, how it affects this world we are living on, here in Dimension 1218, as we merge with C-197.

Firstly, and mainly, the inhabitants of C-197, on and off the Earth, and related linked local dimensions, like Equestria, mostly and mainly consist of the "Fictional" and OC Individuals that you read and hear about and see in the many media. So, if you've read a comic book, watched movies and TV shows, played a video game, and so forth, anime included; you're acquainted with at least one individual or anthropological creature of C-197. They are NOT aliens, unless they were originally specified as Aliens in the media of this world, and they are civil and socialable, and unless they are a villain, they typically mean no harm. Whereas, villains have their ability to be civil and outgoing, like everyone else, and some of them may be misunderstood from their past actions. Point is: use common sense when determining rather or not to trust them. Very likely, those that have been defined as Heroes (OP, Super or Regular) and typically do good are indeed trustworthy and well worth your kindness and support.

And there are those in between or different (anti-heroes included) in that spectrum. Again, Common Sense on your individual feelings of the individual(s) you'll end up encountering. During the Dimensional Merge, you will likely begin to see some to all of these individuals fade in and out from view, similar to ghosts, but they are Not Ghosts, nor are they "spiritual entities"; they are Living, Breathing, Healthy Individuals, like you and I, here. The main advice when you see them is to remain calm and continue about your business. No Need to call any of the authorities, whatsoever. Our respective individual perspeceptions still differ; something that one person saw may not be seen by another, aside from multiple people seeing the same thing at the same time. Do not disturb the individuals you see, as they are continuing on with their outings and duties as well. It remains best to save the interactions with them for AFTER they become fully tangent AFTER the Dimensional Merge. The Exception is if you are the Original Creator of the OC you may see amongst the others, then you may acknowledge your OC with a greeting and sincere kindness, but treat them as you would treat yourself, or if they're busy on their errands, best not to disturb. AGAIN: COMMON SENSE! Please, Refrain from using ANY weaponry on them, and don't be reckless; you'll want to treat them like you would treat most anyone else: WITH KINDNESS. Just be aware of the lot of them from C-197, as they fade in and become steadily more visible and obvious in the days to come.

That's all for this first part. Stay Tuned for more about C-197 and our Dimensional Merge with it, and how it affects us and so forth, from myself, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/CPU Blue Heart, and Magi-Chan Sonichu.

Stay Safe and Well, and Be Kind to each other. Thank You.

Brony artist contributions to the merge

29 Oct 2018

Also, I am personally extending the invite from other creators/artists, including the Brony/Pegasister Analysts, to personally contribute to the Dimensional Merge literature. NOT to cite their names, but Retweets of this to them is cool. Thank you.


Fortunately, C-197 is NOT a dimension where Every day is Halloween-Scary, and the significant events are 1:1 to this world, with the difference being the superheroes, villains, and their battles.

Steven Universe resides in an alt-timeline where WWII Never Happened, so he’s not in C-197, and neither will be those past specified by their respective creators to exist in alt-timelines or worlds.

Invitations for artists to write merge literature

For the purposes of the posts from the other creators/artists of this world who wish to psychically-link and contribute what they see for the literature, please add either or both of the following hashtags below to your contributing tweet/post.

#1218C197, #DimensionalMerge

Merge announcement part 2

29 October

Next topic: Locations and Objects.

Between both dimensions, there are differences and similarities between buildings, architecture, and other objects. Those of C-197 will either blend/merge with their counterparts, here, or on the level of significance and importance, one may replace the other. For example, Canterlot High School, complete with the statue and Portal to Equestria in front of it; it has been confirmed that the building and its city are located in the state of Maryland. Given if there is a similar shape building here where CHS is located in C-197, CHS will blend in and replace the original building. If there is a totally different type of building(s), or a forest here where CHS goes, then those buildings will disappear and CHS will appear in that area. If there is nothing there, then CHS will simply appear there. Apply this logic to all of the structures and buildings and cities all around the world. Depending on which version has higher significance altogether, determined by Emanuelle, Jesus and the Cosmos, between both dimensions, that building or city area will replace, or merge and supersede, its counterpart, here. In the event should the building you are in is changing, or suddenly a building is appearing right where you are at that moment: you get the hell out of the building or area, so you’re not ending up stuck in-between. The Nation of Cwcville will take its place in Northern Virginia near Fredericksburg, along that specific shoreline for its North-East edge. Other significant cities coming in will be Metropolis of Delaware and Gotham City of New Jersey. Also, Elmore, where Gumball and Darwin live, will take its place in California. As well as Springfield with the Simpsons in which ever state that’s in, Quahog AND Station Square in Rhode Island. And so forth. Even the Smurf Village will appear in Spain in a forest, somewhere. If entire cities are replacing current ones where you are when the #DimensionalMerge is happening, you are to make positive you are outside of any building, so the counterpart will replace the original, as needed. If your local city officials order an evacuation, follow suit, and listen to your local Mayor, Police, and so forth. And Most Importantly: REMAIN CALM during those times. You may want to have an emergency evac kit with food and water, first aid, survival, and so forth that you can stow and go on-foot waiting and ready. KEEP COMMON SENSE.

You will be able to return to the your homes, or their counterparts soon after the merge is completed. The officials of the combined city will get together and get everything organized as needed and well. Even the local heroes and superheroes will help in keeping the peace as good as possible amidst the chaos. I will end up doing my part as well in my areas, with everyone else, here and there. Magi-Chan or I will return later with another part for all this. Thank you.

Those who will make it

30 Oct 2018

Hi, Everyone! 😃 Feeling good right now. Anyhow, I will be explaining the survivor/left-behind portion of the #DimensionalMerge later, but I would like to offer some optimism from my perspective on that: Among those Left-Behind are those who Really have been mean and cruel to others in the past, and remain consistent on that, up to the point of hatred being like a fetish to them. BUT, Fortunately, in my whole lifetime, while I did have my fair share of being bullied, and so forth; I have found More Sincere Positivity and Kindness amongst the people of this world well over the cruelty, as well as those who do possess very active, passionate kind hearts for the benefits of everyone around them. So, I am please to go ahead and share About or More than Half of this world’s population is likely to make it and proceed in the merge. More on that later.

Thank You All.

Merge announcement part 3

30 Oct 2018

Part Three: You and Your C-197 Self-Counterparts

EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL in this Dimension 1218's Earth has a Self-Counterpart of same, similar or different personality, traits and situations. I, myself, have my Self-Counterpart, but of differing Life Situations, amongst which was her having spent Most of her life in the city of Cwcville, VA, and was Mayor of the city for about a decade. Also, she, before coming out as a transwoman, used to be really horny all of the time and wanting to get with women. Fortunately, as Creator of the Nation of Cwcville and its city of the same name, and having much higher authority over even the Mayoral or local political status, I had created a Law that was put retroactively into effect in 1980, where Christy was to Never to have Sexual Intercourse with anyone until After the end of her time as Mayor, which by then, turned out, she came into her womanhood, so fatefully, that did end up working out. But I Digress.

Typically, everyone's respective self-counterpart, behaves and acts according to the subconscious even as you, yourself, dream and daydream, AND you have created at least one OC, or Original Character. When you create your OC, and really make it stand out, albeit existing in the same timeline as this one, or existing in somewhen Totally Different, as well as Where, like on the Earth, or any one of the other planets, same as this galaxy, or some new planet, like @ThePlanetDolan, which does exist in C-197 near Saturn, there, or even in an Alternate Dimension/Reality differing from the settings and events that have been 1:1 between both here, Dimension 1218, and C-197... Your OC, spawned of or from your Self-Counterpart there, will exist in C-197, if nothing is specified, or Somewhere/Somewhen Different IF Specified. And Where or When you mainly have your OC located, Your Self-Counterpart BECOMES your Main, or One, OC.

Please, pardon me, as I WILL be naming a few other creators with their counterparts; Please, DO NOT Disturb them in spamming communications and emails to any of them. Thank You.

Dr. Wolf, or rather his human/creator created the Dr. Wolf character to reside in Equestria, yet he is capable of traveling to C-197, like every other Equestrian, through a portal, or some metaphysical thing beyond me at the moment. The Dr. Wolf in Equestria is the one Self-Counterpart of his matching human, here.

This is one example where if you have more than One OC, you understand and realize that only ONE of your OCs literally is your Self-Counterpart.

And the list goes on: KP, of @ILoveKPAlot; her self-counterpart is her MLP OC. Danger Dolan; his sailor-hat wearing, white-naked creation is his Self-Counterpart, living on Planet Dolan in C-197. @TheRealStanLee; since he puts himself in about Everything @Marvel, the Stan Lee in C-197, or wherever the hell he is around there, is his self-counterpart, aside from ALL of the other Marvel Branded Individuals he had created, like Tony Stark, Peter Quill, Bruce Banner, etcetera: Stan Lee remains @TheRealStanLee's self-counterpart.

All that just to name a few. Again, PLEASE DO NOT spam or pester or bully ANY of these people.

Anyway, with all of us Creators and our Self-Counterparts, who now visually, situationally, or personality-wise, even slightly Differ from ourselves, we are capable to Co-Exist and interact with them, respectively, without any cosmic repercussions.

Now, the rest of the population of 1218's Earth: this is where the whole Paradox Rule and Theory, as portrayed in #Futurama and other media, comes into play. Your respective, individual self-counterparts in C-197 are living either 1:1 with yourself, personally, situationally, and so forth, or Super Close in Similarity, in their lives as you and everyone else who does not have at least one OC. Aside from those there who may have vastly differing situations and so forth from yourselves, all things considered and beknownst to Emanuelle, Jesus, the Cosmos, and so forth amongst us deities (I am still in training at novice level, so I only know up to the certain level of the situation and who's gonna stay or go that I consciously or subconsciously am able to know, so please no questions on Very Specifics to me). Also, there is a the very small total worldwide percentage of 1218's Earth who has no existing self-counterpart in C-197 at all. Anyway, here is the low-down and no sugar-coated gonna-happen: Those of you all who are not fated to make it throughout the #DimensionalMerge will face one of two methods of the Paradox Effect: One: You might simply D I E in some inexplicable, subtle, horrific, or (insert adjective here), Death, that will be simply UNAVOIDABLE. (Personally, even I, myself, in empathy, feel just as shocked typing and reading that, as you are, and I am really, truly sorry). OR Two, and I am optmistic towards this outcome: You might Merge with your self-counterpart, with your respective consciousness and personalities becoming one, and very likely unchanged in perspective. This ruling and outcome also applies to all of the animals and objects of this world that has a matching counterpart in the Earth of C-197. Animals and Objects are likely to merge with their counterparts. Some of the animals' self-counterparts being amongst the Pokemon there, which that form will supersede their forms of here.

NOW, for the even more grim part: mentioning of those who are amongst those on the chopping block. Again: these type of people have been fated to either die or merge (UNAVOIDABLE) during the #DimensionalMerge. But after, I'll talk about amongst those who survive. As I had mentioned earlier, among those Left-Behind are those who Really have been mean and cruel to others in the past, a nd remain consistent on that, up to the point of hatred being like a fetish to them. Then there's all of the currently active-in-office Politicians and Delegates. Typically, I do foresee more likely they'll merge with their self-counterparts, but some of this world or C-197 will die, with the other being fatefully still alive to resume in the other's place.

And, here is ONE Major Spoiler Alert: as his C-197 counterpart has been making the more positive choices and decisions that he SHOULD have done, here, this Earth's current POTUS, @realDonaldTrump, is fated to die, and not merge with his counterpart. And C-197's Donald Trump has been consistently and continually kind to the SLGBTQ, the seinor citizens and veterans, as well as the immigrants; never acted on that Mexico Wall, Period, and he certainly never deported or banished anyone from the U.S.A., there.

Also, on the Chopping Block are the individual world leaders. About Half of the total number of the world's Soldiers are there as well, regardless of Country, Nation, Religion, Race, Orientation, and so forth. Also, people of the businesses and corporations whose sole motivation is Money and Selfishness. But, in total, no less, but more than 40% of the total worldwide population will either merge with their Self-Counterparts or die.

And Now the Optimistic Outlook: Who Survives! Everyone who does not have a Self-Counterpart in C-197; Everyone who has at least one OC created, by themselves, respectively, here; Children under 12 years old will very likely survive; those with Positivity, Kindness, Good Will, Optimism, Can-Do Spirit and Motivation, Sense of Good Justice, and other goodness in their hearts, souls and beings; All Creators, Writers, Artists, Voice Actors, Actors, and so forth on Animation and Entertainment behind-the-scenes, whose motivation has been moreover for the Art, the Soul and Heart, and So-Forth, rather than the Money or Fame and Infamy, of it all... They Will Survive! Hallelujah! But, I Digress.

And Now, a note to everyone, in general, on this world, but in particular those at risk: If you have done more bad than good in your lives, there is still time to make amends and apologize to everyone you have wronged, including to yourself. There is also time to simply take part in local community events in kindness and good will to make up for the bad. Continue with your works and crafts, fellow Creators; y'all are able to communicate with your OCs and Self-Counterparts; even create a homespace with or nearby them for yourself.

But, Most Importantly: Keep Thinking, and use your Common Sense, Knowledge and Wisdom to keep yourselves Safe and Well. Enjoy Your Life. That's all for now; I, or Magi-Chan, may or will have more on all this very soon.

Thank You All.



Chris steals a cat

30 October

Everyone, meet my new friend from the kitten liter out back; he chose me. I named him Patches. He has conjunctivitis in his left eye; took him to the doctor for a checkup and medicine. I also gave him a bath. He is a cuddly sweetie. 😊

30 10 20 Twitter patches.jpeg

Shoulder friend

31 October

Here’s Patches! My little shoulder friend. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Patches with Chris, 31 October 2018.jpeg

Permission to sell

31 October

Sonichu Official Merchandise
[In response to a since-deleted tweet]

We'd like to get permission from @CWCSonichu before doing that seeing as it's their artwork, but would definitely be down to make that

I personally give my consent and permission to use the artwork from my past books for the products, but Not the “Awakening of a CPU” book or any pages within it.

Merch featuring myself in either my human or Sonichu CPU Forms shall consist of those which I have personally uploaded, as well as the lovely piece of Scarlet from @cOWOkie_pone that is my current Twitter Page’s Banner.


Permission to sell, part 2

31 October

I would also like to see Merch featuring my Nightstar, Kun and the others there. Even Gary Stu. As well as Nightstar’s Cutie Mark.


Sonichu Official Merchandise
We would like to but are currently having issues with some Sonichu fan designs due to trademark issues with Sega. We're still working to figure out what is different enough to avoid any trademark issues.
SEGA and Nintendo gave no complaints since Sonichu’s debut in 2000, as well as his book 0 in 2004; the Silent Agreement is most valid. Plus, all of that is backed up in C-197, and I still have the Copyright Paper. Not listening to counter-arguments on that.

Twitter background

31 October

[Continuing from earlier tweet chain]

Bede Diedritch
So, quick question about the art: What are you fighting here? Is it just some dragon or is it a character from something?
When I had commissioned it, I wanted it to depict Scarlet in a battle against a ferocious beast, and I also had Akan (that Russian Billionaire) on my mind at the time, so this is an Akan-styled Dragon, or possibly an alt-form Akan had at one time.

Cosplay antics

31 October

“Yes, Dame Barbara.” I’m the Warrior Princess Savina of the Spanish Kingdom near the Smurf Village. I have a pair of boots to complete the ensemble, and I’ll be attending a small to-do tonight at a Bar/Grill, with a costume contest.

Shame, I can’t photograph my Loves in their outfits at the moment, but Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo all look Simply Awesome as Johan, Peewit, Dame Barbara and King Gerard, respectively. I may draw us in a piece very soon. 😊


Ode to Dame Barbara

31 October

I am out in my Warrior Princess Savina garb, and after watching the Johan and Peewit, featuring Savina, episodes of the #Smurfs, I thought about how she could have been further developed, and I became inspired to write this letter/poem, titled “Yes, Dame Barbara”.


31 10 20 Twitter poem.jpeg

Talking about cosplay

31 October

Hey, @MichelleCreber, I’m out for Halloween as Princess Savina from the Smurfs series of Johan and Peewit episodes, in her Warrior garb. Thinking further on her made me think of your “Princess” song. Always taught Properly by Dame Barbara, yet fights with Johan. 😊