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Dimensional Merge Announcements is a video uploaded on 26 October 2018 where Chris announces the Dimensional Merge. Like a leader of a doomsday cult, Chris explains what will happen during the Merge and what to do to survive. After going on multiple tangents, including mentioning Jesus' parents being two women and being able to transform into his Sonichu and CPU Goddess forms at will once the Merge is complete, he makes a reference to Megan, claiming she is a CPU goddess and telling the users not to communicate with her while begging her to come to him.


Dimensional Merge Announcements
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Stardate 26 October 2018
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Everybody who survives this will get to meet their - will get to meet their favorite superheroes


Hello everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you life from home once again and we're going to talk about the recent and more obvious topic, of "The Dimensional merge". Yes! This dimension! Right here! 1218. Is going to be merged with our sister dimension "C197" where all of our s- where most of our superheroes, super-villains, OCs, and what have you, and other characters, consisted, have been existing and co-existing. Yep!

Everybody who survives this will get to meet their - will get to meet their favorite superheroes among other thi- among other persons and everything. Huh. I guess there are those that are going to survive and those that are not going to survive. But hmmmn, that's but fortunately(?) should be most of the Earth's population. And those that I do care about are going to survive. Hmmmn. Among which ah that won't survive are going to be some of the politicians. But aside from that the decision is definitely supported by me but ah also gonna be made in part by your goddess of this Earth.

Yep, the parent of Jesus is a woman. Okay? Yep, just get that mind blower out of the way. Anyway, they're being supportive of all this and everything I'm supporting all of them, and the dimensions are gonna merge, and yada yada yada... Huh.. Pardon me. My heads, got the thing psychic like and I get the headaches now and then (Grunting). Huh, 'cause I'm so integrated in all this. Huh.. 'Cause who knew I would have-- I actually.. am destined and with the anchuent prophecy of C197 and everything that I am literally, half sonichu and I soon will be able to transform into my sonichu form... be able to run at mach speeds! Thunder attacks! Psychic attacks! Everything!

And thanks to the all-inclusive events including me absorbing the spiral seal found in my own Sega Dreamcast right over there on top of the Commodore 64 monitor... There is my old C64 right there. The old video connection is still an issue but I do believe I am going to get some very good heellpp on that very soon. Anyway side from-- anyway side from that (Snorting) Destiny and powers inside of me aanndd I have been bestowed the memories and soul of the original CPU of the commodore consoles and the -unintelligible to me(mighty nation, the comma????)-, definitely verified on the internet. Her name is Scarlet.

So yeah. Think I took that story and did a little short but to summarize it-- but yeah she was- she used to be - she was friends with Rei Ryghts, the CPU of Atari, and the Atari Consoles. But yeah, essentially, Atari got buried, and bowled over and bowled over after it fell and at the same comma fell along with it but landed in West Virginia in C197. And then a few yea- and then a few years later, ah, the original Scarlet passed on her soul and memories had got into my Commodore console and I adsorbed them! And I was bestowed upon them.

So, I am Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu! CPU Blue Heart of Cwcville, and comma, and the consoles of Commodore. Still getting used to that and I'm still adjusting and learning the ropes of all my responsibilities, powers, and everything. Still in development. -Deep breathe- But anyway, in the comings days up 'till the Dimensional merge you're definitely going to see some visual difference in your locals--in your local surroundings. So just be mindful and watchful of your surroundings. Aaanndd gunfire. That's a no-no. Keep your weapons at bay! Don't fire at anybody, okay? S'not cool. Oooaaayyyeehhh. What's next what's next? You can tell obviously this is really coming from my heart. I have no script; this is me explaining it as best as I can just to this Earth and this dimension, 1218.

Anyway, don't panic, remain calm, and we'll get through this. We will survive. And everybody will get to meet their OCs and superheroes. Definitely tho-- We definitely stay away from the supervillians though, okay? Let us superheroes and heroes deal with them. Y'know I don't know if you like maybe maybe they can come to a conventional or something for real I don't know, but that's a whole kettle of fish that I am not... It's all a matter of. Huh. Anyway, uuuhhh if I put a whole buncha- I've had put a whole buncha tweets on my twitter account @CWCsonichu the past number of months that have been leading up to this. True stories. True facts. Okay? So you might want to have gone over that. Huuuuh. Yeah essentially for references that's gonna be a long ways -Unintelligable Autistic babbling, arm flailing-. And also I definitely need to make a personal address to her of this world. Megan Schroeder.

And if anybody tries- and if anybody contacts her, don't! Do not contact Megan Schroeder, of this world, at all, okay? I'm essentially speaking to her directly through this video so then she (can) get (a) better understanding from the recent events and we've been letting her know about recently. So, please, nobody, nobody contact her! Okay? Unless you're really close friends. Aannd Megan, if you do get, get bullied, or if your inbox becomes full, just, ignore them! Delete those emails from those that you do not know personally. Okay? Anyway, so with that out of the way, aaahh. Megan Schroeder it's still has been so many years since we've talked with each other. I want you to know first off that I definitely have no ill feelings against you and I st- strongly support your relationship with your sweetheart. And obviously I'm not going to come after you whatsoever. I have been married, since last March, to my Magi-chan Sonichu and Cryzel Rosechu, and more recently, became married to Sylvana Rosechu and, to Mew-Two.

But anyway, Megan, your counterpart in C197, ever since her pow- er, sailor senshi powers, Sailor Megtune, have been stripped after the unfortunate break-up events of 06 or 07, or it may have been 08, that actually happened between you and I, not going to go into further detail. She ended up moving to Last Station where she actually did very well in politics and built herself up. She end up with properly bestowed the memories and powers of the original CPU Red Heart. It's still unbeknownst what console she represents but it is a.. Trying to think of a word here... well anyway, it's a- it's a Nintendo console, released only in Germany. And I tried looking it up on the internet. Though there is a reference or two, but the name is always censored. Name of that one console. Don't know why, but it is.

But anyway your counterpart there, the leader of the nation of -leader of the island nation of Crozna, with a miles long bridge extending from East part - East part of the United States of America, East part of Virginia, Very looonngg bridge, to that arti- to that man-made island. Crozna. And s-. Because after I had talked with your counterpart we still had in possession the original transformation pen that she had. I wanted to make sure it had gotten in the right hands so you got it Megan. It was delivered to me - er, delivered to you, you have it. And you also got a share, at least half of it, of Red Heart's powers and memories.

So, Megan Schroeder, of this world, you are CPU Red Heart. At least of this world. There's two CPU Red Hearts. If anybody wants to make a Dr. Who joke, skip it, 'cause I'm talking serious. So yes Megan Schroeder, you are indeed a goddess. Just like I became a goddess. Because we were desto- bestowed memories and everything. So sooner you wake up to that realization the better we'll be. And also keep an open heart and an open mind for telepathic communications from your counterpart in C197.

I don't know what might happen, I mean I don't know, uuuhhmmm. You two might coexist after the dimensional merge, but then again, you two might.. merge together to make one Red Heart. It's still to be determined I don't know that yet, but, just keep calm, know you're a goddess, listen to your counterpart, who is Red Heart of Crazna(Crozna, Chris?) over there. Aaanndd any questions I would definitely recommend bringing to your counterpart as well as bringing to the other CPUs, Neptune, Blanc, Noir, Vert, Uzume, Sabrina. Sabrina of Cwcville, still CPU, battery charged Blue Heart.

Anyway, bring it to the CPUs you'll get your questions answered through that way. Also, I welcome you to come talk to me directly. We'll set up the communications. That way..-but that's to be determined. And so forth. But anyway. So with that, I will be ending this video shortly, but know that everyone, be aware of your surroundings. The changes are going to happen as the two dimensions merge. And you might see some villains attacking. We the superheroes, I'll be fighting alongside them, we'll fight them off and depend, both of our worlds. Do the best we can.

I'm doing the best I can, learning the ropes and everything. Remain calm. Don't fire any weaponry. If you end up seeing your favorite superheroes or your OCs, be glad. I mean like those famed amongst the brony community, you see your OC characters and you definitely hear from them telepathically, open mind, open heart, listen up. And that'll help you out in the longer run. Anyways, sooo I think that pretty much covers that for now. Thank you all for listening, for I am Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the CPU Blue Heart of the nations of CWCville and Comma, and the consoles of Commodore. Thank you. Be safe and have a great day.

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