September 2019

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Chris in September 2019

September was the ninth month of 2019. Chris publicly continued to roleplay as Magi-Chan on Twitter until the 14th, though relapsed later in the month in chats with The Place. He also began his interest in the unofficial My Little Pony trading card game called Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder this month. Sockness continued his machinations. At the end of the month, the Watchmen pressured Chris to act against Ben Saint, though Chris defended Ben.


  • 2 September - Chris begins tweeting with the alt account Creamarina to evade a block by a brony.[1]
  • 6 September - Barb takes the Dodge Caravan for repairs and is told the brake and exhaust systems need to be replaced for $1,000. Chris begs for the money, asking fans to give the money through business associate Jacob Sockness.[citation needed]
  • 7 September - Jacob Sockness forges a conversation between himself and Magi-Chan on Reddit, asserting that he and Chris must meet in person and marry for the Dimensional Merge to take place.[2] Chris affirms through his Magi-Chan sockpuppet that the dialogue is authentic.[3]
  • 10 September - On Twitter, Chris (via Magi-Chan) laments the loss of his friends in the Teen Troon Squad and expresses his wish to meet them again in person.[4] He also alleges that Magi-chan's body (piloted by Chris's soul) has arrived in California, yet Chris's own body remains safely in Ruckersville.[citation needed]
  • 13 September - While telling a brony on Twitter to believe his own fursona is a real, independent being, Magi-Chan describes Borb as being his waifu, with Chris's mother in particular being his "Guilty Pleasure".[5]
  • 14 September - After a month spent pretending to have swapped bodies with his imaginary friend, Chris returns to his normal Twitter account. He describes his fabulous adventures with Sockness in California, noting that he expects him soon to visit Virginia.[6]
  • 20 September - Chris DMs Geno Samuel to seek input for making a "Genochu" TSSSF card; Geno replies that while he appreciates the offer, he asks that the card not be made.[7]
  • 22 September - In a dialogue on Discord, Chris admits that he drew artwork that he had attributed before to Magi-Chan.[8]
  • 23 September - A full decade passes since the last time Chris applied for a job.[9]
  • 25 September
    • Sockness proclaims on Reddit that he has secured transport to visit Chris in person.[10]
    • A concerned observer calls police for a welfare check on Chris, and claims that a deputy promises to contact Chris that day and follow up on 28 September.[11]
  • 25-26 September - Chris releases multiple statements asking Jacob to turn around, saying among other things that his health is not well for visitors, and that Jacob has turned to evil.[12][13]
  • 27 September - Jacob Sockness quarrels with Chris and reverses course, retreating to his home in California instead of continuing to meet Chris in person.[14]
  • 28 September - On Twitter, Chris states his wish to attend BABSCon, a brony convention in California scheduled for April 2020, and bids his followers finance his trip.[15]
  • 29 September
    • The first of the known chats in the The Place.[16]
    • Kiwi Farms user Pickle Inspector leaks a DM he had with Chris (who was posing as Magi-Chan at the time) on why Magi-Chan doesn't provide Chris with lottery numbers.[17]
    • Chris describes his hypertension issues and says he's handling it with potassium supplements and eating a salad, also telling Barb to kill the spicy foods for awhile.[18]
    • Watchmen pressure Chris to confront Ben Saint over Ben's usage of Chris's Night Star OC; Chris defends Ben.[18]