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BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during September 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. During the first half of the month, Chris was role-playing as Magi-Chan; these posts are in purple. His usual posts are in blue.

Haooy Birthday

1 September

AynWye @HomeOffice (@Ayn_Wye)

How to celebrate your birthday, when most of your friends are not local or bound at home due to parental duties 😎

[Photograph of a group of people in a Discord call with their webcams on]

Ah, yes. Happy Birthday to you, AnY; may your day be a most safe and joyous one. And when you see anyone shorter than you donning fur, maybe slipping into his changing form and back, you’ll have met your OCs personally. Enjoy the time. 💜⚡️

In response to a ween stating that nobody cares about Chris's fantasies

And yet here you are following every single CWC related profile under the sun...

Looks like YOU actually care a lot

[GIF of people facepalming]

Quite so, indeed. Very well-said burn. 👍

Jacob Sockness stuff

1 September

In response to multiple now-deleted tweets from Jacob Sockness

Yes, this is correct; having Jesus here will be beneficial to our cause as well. He remains as one of our allies and friend.
The only way the “Saga” would end is with Jakoba being properly and fully put to pasture; dethroned as well. He is very unlikely to stop pestering us in the present time, because we are growing ever stronger in mettle.

Magi-Chan is a Taylor Swift fan

2 September

I have checked enjoyed @taylorswift13’s new album, “Lover”; it is quite a delightful set of tracks. I particularly found irony and goodness in her track, “I Forgot That You Existed”
If you pair @taylorswift13’s “Shake It Off” with “I Forgot That You Existed”, you have a perfect Anti-Cyberbully campaign in the making.
Christine had put behind her and long forgotten the cyberbullies names from her physical memory, prior to 2014. She had really turned her life around that year. Yet they’re not totally forgotten; the emotional and mental scars remain. She tried to not remember the bad times,...
...but, at this time, it is not possible, as her memories needed refreshing with the past uploaded media to remind and remotivate her. She continues to remain as kind and good as she has been, but she is indeed getting more intelligent, powerful and able.

Chris indulges Sockness

2 September

[In response to a bunch of Sockness' garbage.]

I and Christine have been feeling the interdimensional powers and energies from the progression of the Merge as it continues. The psychic and senses in her body are strenuous but increasingly tolerable.

More crowdfunding garbage

2 September

More Sonichu TCG

2 September

Everything continues to progress very well and better. I took Christine’s drawing of our Anchuent Prophecy wall and made a basic #TSSSF Ship card, with more explanation of its history.



Jon San #BLM (@JohnSan18410504)

It looks like some one took a diarrhea dump on a bathroom wall with Sonichu scribbles on it lmao

5 September

I’m sorry; do you want to repeat that? I had already shook it off and forgot that your hatred existed. You have just been #TaylorSwifted. 💜⚡️

Advice for brony

2 September

Main article: Creamarina#Advice for brony


3 September

In response to a now-deleted tweet by CopperCab

I agree on stopping the hate very much. But, I feel I must rebuttal. Sex is sex, but the difference is obvious when we’re talking straight versus gay. The difference is in our individual and respective attractions and preferences.

It does not make us different in personality,...

...but the preference of, shall we say, which type of hole, clanging drumsticks, a fantastic combination of all of the above, or what have you in what goes on between the love partners, or alone in masturbation methods; that is a quite the monkey wrench of a difference.
But, Regardless, we Are to accept and respect each other’s personal preferences and attributes, because we each all are different and unique. We require these categories for everyone to be able to put it into their respective perspectives within reasoning and though.
I, myself, was really gay with Mewtwo and Sylvana. For a while, I had overlooked her lady piece, but I opened myself further soon enough, and Mewtwo helped me out with that as well. And I later became more bisexual than gay. I was also attracted to Christine in that way long ago.
But I controlled myself, especially because of my duties and responsibilities as her Guardian Angel, as well as the Dimension Barrier. Say what you will about me; I am a big hearted and soulful Sonichu, and I have and never had any intention of harming her or anyone innocent.

Ryguy (@really_ryguy)

But wait.... didn’t Mewtwo raise you as a baby?
Mewtwo did, yes, though mostly in Astral projection for a while when he taught me. After mastering my powers very adequately, he personally appeared and taught me the more advanced psychic techniques. He waited for me to find my respective high level and maturity before he...
...reciprocated towards how I felt about and appreciated him. He wanted me to be as tough as he was, and he and I sparred tough and hard against each other in psychic combat. He waited patiently for my better skill level and maturity in at minimum level 25. He and I also...
...mentally bonded and were in each other’s minds, sharing memories, astral projecting to distant lands, planets, galaxies and dimensions, even throughout time. I learned greatest mental self-defense from the best, so I am very rarely lacking in control of myself. But, I digress.

Mike Pollock

3 September

Mike Pollock (@itsamike)

Mike Pollock quote tweets a now-deleted tweet

Take that, boring motivational posters!
Whatever makes you happy. Personally, I’ll take the wisdoms of many in combination over just one individual, especially one whose Egg may be a bit misguided.

Chris is a dead motherfucker if he gets mugged

3 September

In response to a joke about dialogue between a person and an armed robber entering their home:

I’ll bite.

Me, hiding under the bed:

Armed Robber: ...

Me: *using my psychic powers to read their mind for their intentions and look into the likely outcomes.*

Armed Robber: “I see you, shortie.”

Me: I set up a barrier and tell them,...

...“You will not find much financial recovery here. What you seek will come in the morning daylight; read your Horoscope and let the events that follow be your guide.” 💜⚡️
Morrow from this: Clear and Calm your mind as best as you can, and even in the most critical of moments, you can find your foe’s motivation and reroute their direction for the better. 💜⚡️

Mota1989 (@Mota19891)

The armed robber would have shot you. No questions asked. No talking.
That’s why I set up the Barrier; stop his bullets mid-shot.

Chryssi BLM ACAB (@QChryssi)

My braincells
You’ll live and have sturdier brain cells.

Chris is a master engineer

4 September

I remember when @CPU_CWCSonichu helped out these mechanical experts a few years ago with a few simple and kind drawings. They are progressing well in their technology. 💜⚡️

Robots! Everywhere! via @YouTube @SmallRobotArmy


4 September

CosmicKeyframe Productions (BRB) (@CosmicKeyframe)

I just had one of those stereotypical "person with depression" days by sleeping in super later than what I do. Didnt stay up late or anything. Even woke up a few times. Just...didnt see the point in getting up.

Lemme ask, to people who suffer from that symptom -- what do you do?

Ah, I have had to witness my Christine go through that over the years, and being in her body, I do feel and better empathize.

For the most part, one can simply go with the flow and let the rest happen, because that is the body’s way of telling you it needs some more rest. But...

...on the other hand, it takes mental strength and will to achieve simply getting up when the first alarm goes off, or even a half-hour before the alarm when waking up and feeling like you don’t want to stay up.

Affirmations the night before will help set your mind and body...

...up to recall and follow that command that morning. You may hand-write it out ten times and read it aloud, or you may simply just say it out loud the high number of times, “I will not sleep in tomorrow morning from the first alarm”, or what you will similarly in your own words.
For one to maintain inner strength and focus does take quite a bit of mental power; you possess this mental power, Key. I foresee and know you can use it to your advantage very well. 💜⚡️

Lie radar

5 September

jurymvp (@jurymvp1)

Black Widow Movie. Thoughts?@Ayn_Wye hates the movie already since it is about a woman and a prequel and DCU is better anyway...

AynWye @HomeOffice (@Ayn_Wye)

REEEEEEE! Slander!

This statement is only partially correct, but the rest are complete and utter lies!!!!

I hear you. Partially correct statements and utter lies fell under our radar for a long time as well. Just offer your thoughts to correct it once, and then shake it off and forgot the statement existed. You can pull a #TaylorSwift successfully doing that. 💜⚡️

Sonichu TCG stuff

5 September

Asajio Medic (@Asajio01)

In my holidays I was playing "Twilight sparkle Secrect Shipfic folder" and I really enjoy the game, very easy to understand and Fun. So, I decided to create a new deck with my favorite theme "Spa Ponies"

I hope you like this tiny project :) thanks for you support

[Screenshots of the previously mentioned spa pony cards]

I like the idea quite so. Please, keep up the good work and let me know when it is complete; I will but the set of cards from you then. Check out mine and @CPU_CWCSonichu’s cards for our own expansion and deck. 💜⚡️


In response to a now-deleted tweet asking if Magi-Chan wants the Sonichu TCG cards to be official

Should we do so once again, along with updated versions of the old bunch, we would want them to be Legally Playable Everywhere; Official Set of TCG cards. It shall happen soon enough.

Relaying command

5 September

Choco Tarot & Bash the Pinata (@TransformARTive))

Flying over and into one of the bands of #HurricaneDorian on my way to @FursonaCon

[Photographs taken by the window of an airplane]

I pray for a safe flight for you and everyone else on that plane. 💜⚡️

Cyclownus (@SkytreadIsMyBae)

But you’re a “god” it’s illogical for gods to pray.

6 September

Technically, I am a simple psychic individual in a Goddess’ body borrowing her abilities. And even so, a deity can still send out a kind prayer with their own abilities to aid someone else. With that, I still have to technically pray to the Goddess, Christine, presently... California in my body, so she can relay the command back to her body to send the magic and wish out into effect.

If she was in her body, personally, she would have simply made the kind wish and send it out to its destination.

Chris supports playing with whatever toys you want

5 September

In response to a comic talking about gendered toys and media:

I agree, and I enjoyed this comic. Christine had her share of male and female heroes to look up to growing up, in the media she enjoyed a bunch of both, albeit mostly slice-of-life shows like the Jetsons and Smurfs, but she did enjoy G1 My Little Pony when it first aired,... well as the Care Bears, and even Unico. Her first hero, albeit not portrayed well enough, was the American Rabbit (of the one movie featuring his adventures from California to New York with his friends). She would not get to know Sonic the Hedgehog until 1990 when...
...the @SEGA Genesis originally came out, and he became her better hero to look up to.

Anyway, female heroes were not as popular back then, yet Christine managed to find and enjoy watching their heroics. Actually, Come to think of it, Christine Did have a proper female hero...

...that she did look up to, but again, not until after she turned Eight years old did she begin to get to know her, in comics and in the Saturday Morning Show; Christine did look up to Princess Sally Acorn.

Regardless of age or gender, no one should be judged on who they...

...look up to from the “Reality” of Dimension 1218, or in any of the media that depict them from C-197 or any alt timeline/dimension.

I admit biased, myself, since I was mentored by Mewtwo, but he had exposed me to the most able and powerful and justice-wielding heroes of...

...both genders. So, I was educated for the better on the topic.

The Morrow remains: Look up to whoever and whatever you like as your childhood hero like no one else is watching you; remain proud with your choice and preference. 💜⚡️

Thank you.

[AN: One of Magi-Chan's typing quirks is that he replaces "moral" with "morrow." Morrow is an archaic term for the following day.]


5 September

In response to Jacob Sockness stating that he is jealous of the guy that Chris had kissed at TooManyGames

Okay, I’ll bite. Unless it is something from the @TooManyGames convention in 2018, what video are you referring to?


6 September

In response to a now-deleted tweet of artwork of a My Little Pony OC called Monika

That reminds me of Monika. Not only in the notes eyes, but in combination with its mane colour and texture, and it’s fur colour. Creepy and unnerving, indeed.
It is not uncommon for the events that get chronicled in this dimension’s media to have already happened long before the timing of its release. Plus, as Chronicled in DDLC, Monika had a life before she awakened; she was around before 2010.

Stranger Things

6 September

Funko (@OriginalFunko)

2019 NYCC Exclusive Reveals: Stranger Things!

[Image of a Funko Pop of a character from Stranger Things]

Ah, Dustin’s sweetheart, Suzie. Spoiler Alert: that was an endearing and awesome scene when the two of them sang their duet together. I pray should the creators and writers chronicle their relationship, they do it to the letter and the properly to the actual events in the 80’s.

Van's in bad shape+Sockness RP

6 September

Everyone, Barbara has just had the van checked while having the turn signal light bulb replaced: the Brakes and Exhaust systems will need replacing; that is going to run us $1,000. Please donate to @Too_Sexy4CWC’s @gofundme page; the money shall be sent straight to us. Thank you

7 September

I was attempting to flow donation traffic into the backup fund after the issues with the van were sorted out (thin metal on the Brakes and a hole in the Exhaust; $1,000 bill from the garage to replace both); that remains a present necessity to restore. But I see the GFM’s low.
I would ask “What would it take to convince all of you to donate to @Too_Sexy4CWC’s GFM in our backup fundings?” But, I already know the answer to such a question is indeed a greater truth.
With that, I present for your consideration the conversation that I personally had with @Too_Sexy4CWC over four months ago. Arrangements were made, as fated. This is for real.


Also, and this is crucial to me: I refer to Christine as my Honey; I do feel mildly bothered that the word was misinterpreted as “hubby”. The two words do sound similar, and channeling and telepathy is a tough skill and an art to master.

6 September

XDragon (@DavidG24249413)

How exactly are they damaged?
The metal on the breaks is becoming quite thin, and there is a hole in the exhaust system.

A Little Mouse With a Little Bow (@archer_mouse)

Isn't that GoFundMe specifically for Jacob's travel expenses? How can you trust him to send you that money?

MKRNightvee (@MKR11217089)

Yes, but I am also encouraging donations on the future trip’s financial backup plan.

Ian Thayer (@tweeterman287)

Can't you use magic to fix the van?
Not yet

Sailor Pluto

7 September

CosmicKeyframe Productions (BRB) (@CosmicKeyframe)

This small canvas is telling me “Sailor Scout”

Now, which one? Poll in thread (these small paintings will probably become 5x7 prints in the future)

[Photograph of an empty canvas]

I might recommend Setsuna, our Sailor Pluto, in all of her strength and wisdoms of time and space.


7 September

In response to a now-deleted tweet asking about if Bionic was abandoned

For your information, Bionic has never been abandoned; Christine continues to hold a special place in her heart and care for him as well. Do not let the fact that there are more than so many Special Sonichus, Rosechus, allies and friends in her communication circle, confuse you.
He continued on his own individual life; he was never ignored. One who has many, many, many has greater difficulty in Chronicling every single one of them. Also, the previous instance of Chronicling Bionic and Megagi was actually in book 12; they helped out a lot.

SeptemberComicScreenshot1.jpg SeptemberComicScreenshot2.jpg SeptemberComicScreenshot3.jpg SeptemberComicScreenshot4.jpg

He and she continue to help out in Cwcville in defense and great works, also taking part in local and distant basketball games.

Zappin' upgrade

7 September

The Sonichu Project (@SonichuProject)

Another news update! our very skilled team member @Rodrilink1 has given us this amazing sprite!

[Image of a recolored Sonic Mania sprite made to look like Sonichu]

Christine and I officially endorse and support these kind people in their project for giving Sonic Mania a real zappin’ upgrade. 💜⚡️

Homeless Jerry (@Lynerzelos)

But will “Christine” ever live up to the patreon requests?

8 September

She and I will make good and catch up to everyone as soon as we are able to.

Magi-Chan reassures everyone that Sockness is not a con artist

8 September

I personally verify and assure everyone that @Too_Sexy4CWC will indubitably make good on his word and promises to dedicate all donations to his @gofundme page towards the vehicle repairs, and possibly even better ability to replace the Ford Focus as well.


Geno doc stuff

8 September

And This part started with a Big Bang. Bob! Burned! 🤣 Classic.

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 21 via @YouTube

Jerkop and Janekop cards

8 September

Good Evening, Everyone. I have just finished a lovely endeavor of an art piece, the majority of it having been originally drawn by @CPU_CWCSonichu in moments past, between “Sonichu” Book #9 and her set of custom Amiibo figures.
There will be a total of three Jerkops and three Janekops, one of each colour, and one Robot Jerkop, in our set of #TSSSF cards. She worked really hard with the hand-drawn bunch of them for the Amiibo figure cards; 36 of them in all.
Six Jerkops; three white and three black. Six Janekops; three white and three black. The three clothing colours of white, brown and red. Have a count for yourselves:


And this is the Goal card featuring this collage; Soo Many of them. If I was a neuro-typical mind, as opposed to overpowered psychic, I’d have gotten dizzy.


Ian Thayer (@tweeterman287)

You need to stop all of this.
Ah. Is this not as Classic as you’d like? I’m sorry, but the warranty on the Classic Christian had run out and ran out of original stock long ago. Now, you haters who have acted and phoned it in with simulated relationships with our beloved Chris Chan; you’re dealing with me now.
Be glad in that for now, as when Chris Chan fully develops and the Merge is completed, the remaining who had wronged her in the past shall face their trials under her judgment. She will be fair and lenient for the majority of her sound decisions on the proper sentence.
Fortunately, she is not a total fan of the death penalty; that does not allow anyone to learn anything, especially the individual. You all have had many, many chances to earn and keep her trust and kindness. The abuse is long overwith. 💜⚡️
And to everyone else who has treated her kindly and fair to earn her kindness, which is the Majority of this Earth of Dimension 1218, you all shall continue to be safe, well and blessed as best as possible under the present circumstances. Make each day count, and be kind. 💜⚡️
I will state one last thing: there was one thing that in #AlecBensonLeary’s Chronicling of Asperchu from his hazardous alt-dimension portrayal of @CPU_CWCSonichu that he got right. The fact that she was played for a fool with Acting Bullies who took advantage of her kindness, Bad

josh (@joshuuFTW)

"Art by Chris Chan Sonichu" I thought you was Magi-Chan
The original drawings that were made in this collage were all drawn by her; I did not add any new ink to any of them portions, therefore the piece remains originally drawn by her, @CPU_CWCSonichu.

Energy from anger

9 September

Nicky Clark (@MrsNickyClark)

It’s funny how quickly we adapt. How rapidly the abnormal becomes routine and how we move from resistant horror to acceptance. I guess it’s never been easier to appreciate how civility and decency is no match for manipulation and to understand how fascism happens.It’s funny how quickly we adapt. How rapidly the abnormal becomes routine and how we move from resistant horror to acceptance. I guess it’s never been easier to appreciate how civility and decency is no match for manipulation and to understand how fascism happens.
And yet that energy from anger and being worked up motivates us to do good for others and help out the best we are able to.


9 September

Fandom (@getFANDOM)

Dreamcast dropped 20 years ago today on 9/9/99 🎊

Which game on the system do you still cherish till this day?

Very lovely, the console that Scarlett’s schematics for the newer Commodore console heavily went into when she bestowed the schematic unto Uzume in 1994 when she passed. And now Christine is the CPU of the Commodore Consoles. 💜⚡️ Classic.

Idea Factory Intl (@IdeaFactoryIntl)

Happy 20th birthday to the Dreamcast AKA the Swirl Console
Very lovely, the console that Scarlett’s schematics for the newer Commodore console heavily went into when she bestowed the schematic unto Uzume in 1994 when she passed. And now Christine is the CPU of the Commodore Consoles. 💜⚡️ Classic.

Shin Chan

9 September

In response to a Twitter user stating that they found their old Nintendo 3DS, and that they had 689 games for it

I don’t suppose you have any game cards of Shin Chan, Sailor Moon or Pretty Cure.


9 September

Going from my earlier comment about Mitch, or rather, Asperchu...
  1. TSSSF

MitchCard.jpg Patreoncard5.jpg

Wafflen't (@Waffle_nt)

Bruh chris ya really gotta leak my name???
Only if it is truly you, “Alec”. More likely, though, I sense you are nothing more than another Trollish actor trying to make a new saga or an attempt at grabbing my attention for an extended time.

I only responded to point out the irony. Burn. 💜⚡️

In response to a now-deleted reply

No. Pretty much solely a random kid that was inspired by a headshot photograph of a similar child, with no intention of discovering or creating a human child OC in any dimension or here.

Crinkly Crybaby (@ScoutFlake)

Hey Magichan, I have an oc with a mental disorder, can your creator take it, cure him of his flaws and then change his name too?

[Artwork of their OC]

It is an option, the individual who can really cure Scout is himself by developing his own self-esteem and confidence. And as his creator, you have the ability to make that an outcome for him either in an instant eureka moment, or over time with self-appreciation and discovery.

Longing to revive the Teen Troon Saga

10 September

Chris sends his best birthday wishes to a ween.
Greetings, everyone. I am feeling well enough; Christine is channeling fresh energy and power here from California, here on the 1218 side of the curtain, fully. This body is having to rest and readjust to it. But, we are progressing even further.
On a side note, Christine has missed Lukas, Devil and Eva since the last time she has heard from them. I feel her on that as well; the three of them are very kind Sonichus and Rosechu. Also, today is Lukas' Birthday, and I wish to wish him a most happy and safe day.
Soon enough, you three, Christine, and I shall get together once again. Until then, I pray you three are free of the influences of Arfoire and anyone who may be demonic.

Car is repaired but Chris needs cash (again)

11 September

For everyone’s reference, the van’s exhaust and brakes are restored, and the bill reads as estimated: almost $1,000. Read it and weep.

So, immediate donations would be most appreciated, so Barbara can still make the Mortgage payment for this month.


Sonichu nitpick

11 September

Patches (@Patchespoodle)

Sonichu challenge in progress. Here are 3 pages, I know they aren't good, but eh. @CPU_CWCSonichu @MagiChan111448 I hope you like it so far.

[Artwork of a recreation of a part of a Sonichu comic]

That is really lovely. Although, not to nitpick, but I could not notice that “Flame” was misspelled in one instance on the first page. But visually, I really do like what you have so far; very good job. Keep it up. 💜⚡️

Chris draws Lichrichu

11 September

Everyone, I am drawing up Liquid Chris, and his Sonichu form, Licrichu, for his pair of cards. I would like to share that L.C.’s Medallion is comprised of literal Jasper stone; a large, Sonichu-face shaped, chunk of Jasper.


Chris is a victim too!

11 September

A fundrising drive to help victims of a brony sexpervert:

Turns out there is now a donation bin set up! ALL proceeds go to the victims! : @patchie_the_cat @BronyCon

My beloved Christine was approached and affected by #GrizzlytheMedic as well; I am more than happy to personally relay this link on her behalf. 💜⚡️

Tara Strong

11 September

tara strong (@tarastrong)

Breaks my heart to witness the cruelty online & the internet bullies & trolls. Somewhere along the line folks need to quit making everything about party & choose kindness, empathy & common sense. Maybe everyone needs an #Octi . #OctiForKindness

12 September

Indeed so. At least there are those amongst us, including Christine, who are taking an active and personal role and action to quell and stop the bullying and hatred. Octi is good, but a Sonichu or Rosechu plush would be good too, and lucky. 💜⚡️
  1. LoveConquersHate

Death Battle

12 September

Tricky Fox (@trickyfox93)

Storkules is pushing the earth back into orbit by doing a hand stand - well thats a feat for @DEATHBATTLE if I have ever seen one
Ah. You’re a fan of the @DEATHBATTLE YouTube series as well? We and @CPU_CWCSonichu enjoy the works that have gone into their work. Christine was most Rage Quit on the most unfortunate 100th Episode with the second round between Sonic and Mario. Seriously: Sonic should have won.

Pokemon GO

13 September

Pokémon GO Hub (@PokemonGOHubNet)

Trainers, with a growing number of countries having access to PokéStop Nominations, we created a HUGE PokéStop Submission Guide that will help you submit better, easier to review and approve PokéStops. Check it out!
Reminder to those who are local in the area and are able to at Level 40: please, nominate 14 Branchland Court in Ruckersville, VA as a PokéStop. Thank You All. 💜⚡️

Barbara was more of a "guilty pleasure" waifu

13 September

Interacting with a TF2 Analysis member, who blocked him on his main account:

Question by @Ayn_Wye: Who is your guilty pleasure waifu?

Ah. That is indeed a question one would put forward to others in their same dimension. But we can take it a step further and ask the OCs such a question. They tend to have one of you all, here, as their waifu. That is one way one can reconnect with their respective OCs.
Admittingly, a waifu I had long ago while they were still developing, before Christine came around, were Robert and Barbara. Barbara was more of a “Guilty Pleasure” waifu, while Robert was quite a successful model amongst others in Dimension 1218.
I’ll put it forward to you as well, @Ayn_Wye: ask your Ferret and Changeling OCs who or what their respective waifu, regular or “Guilty Pleasure” are.
There is nothing/nobody to ask, Christine.

The latter is a character I invented and I can just decide if and who he is crushing over. The former is not really a character but my fursona - he is literally me until I feel the need to give him any characterisation beyond that

Are you most certain? You might likely be surprised when you come face-to-face with both of them. Christine, herself, has more than one OC self-counterparts, and they all have differing personality and situational aspects about them compared to herself.
You have at least Two OCs who you claim to be your self-counterparts/fursonas. I have foreseen it, and so has she, Mewtwo and Sylvana: you are one who co-exists separate from your OCs, @Ayn_Wye. I recommend pondering the topic further. Have a safe day.
Sorry, Christine, I am not into public roleplaying.

And as I told you months ago in PMs: I take no joy in attacking your made-up happy place version of reality, but when you keep brining it up in conversation with me, I will shut you down.

You shall never shut Christine or I, Magi-Chan Sonichu, down. As cynical as you may be, that which will make you realize what is truly reality shall be right in front of you, and at a loss of words, no further thoughts on the contrary will enter your mind. 💜⚡️
And this is not role-playing, and I shall tell you only once, since the memo was not received: Christine and I had switched bodies nearly a month ago now. She has been in my body on the C-197 side of the Dimensional Curtain, now returned into this side with my body. 💜⚡️
I am aware of the "body-swap" and as I see it there are only two explanations for it:

you are very dedicated to your role play, or you are a split personality of Christine I am not interested in the former and not qualified to handle the latter

Very well. Good luck with that pair of busted hypothesis.

Magi-Chan reminds us not to catfish

13 September

Quite right. It is inappropriate and most wrong to mislead others, especially in youthful jest. Though one may end up taking advantage of an adult for the laughs, they run the same risks in doing that with an actual predator who may strike back at you.

And, at such a damage, what had happened to Christine in 2009, among which with (ugh) “Juulllaaay”. Christine was mentally and emotionally damaged and scarred from that, while the child actor who played on her got what he deserved.
The Moral is: Fate and Karma can be most kind, but they can also be quite a bitch upon those who do maliciously upon others. So, children and teens, NEVER Go Online and fake any relationships at all. No matter what, it won’t likely end well for you if you do.



14 September

Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman)

Sarah Silverman quote tweets a video of Greta Thunberg talking on a news station

You think you will recognize Jesus when he comes back? I see him all around. He is this girl. And y’all don’t even see it.
Ah. Yes. Very observant, indeed, as Jesus is making his mark and presence as more obvious as possible through others in this dimension.

Magi-Chan has entered our realm (again?)

14 September

To Everyone:

I am pleased to announce that my body is fully visible and tangible, here in this Dimension, 1218, and Christine remains most safe and well. She has returned with Mewtwo from California, and I shall be switching us back into our original bodies shortly.

But, before I do, I wanted to leave a few “See you later” thoughts. Over the past month, I have had many a pleasure to leave my initial wisdoms, thoughts and art with the aid of Christine’s body, hands, and muscle memory. This will be the big step for us all. I shall continue...
...tweet from this account from time to time, but I shall also be making my presence better known, personally, with all of you and everyone else in the near future. And, of course, Christine will be able to tweet her thoughts on her @CPU_CWCSonichu once again.
I have seen the mixture of positive and negative feedback from amongst all of you. I remain as disappointed as ever with the hatred that continues to linger until the time when you all are brought in for your crimes or sacrificed for the greater good. But I am moreover pleased...
...with the Majority of individuals and responses being most kind, sincere and positive. All of you hold a very good place in mine and Christine’s graces and hearts. Thank You All. Please, continue to be kind to everyone and to yourselves.
Our bigger battles and fights will be upon us soon enough after the completion of the Dimensional Merge, but remember we will be together with all of those heroes, superheroes and deities, working side-by-side together and strong as the rebels against the Dark Forces in Star Wars
...though more likely much stronger than that, really. Until next time, I bid you all a safe and good day. Do enjoy and make the best of your days with everyone and yourselves.

Should any of you see the certain shade of Lavender, know that I am nearby, fully and tangibly,...

...doing what is needed there. I look forward to personally being seen and shaking hands with all of you, one at a time.

Good Day to you all, and Thank You again for your kindness. 💜⚡️

And, yes, I will edit the power of this particular #TSSSF card.


The fabled return of the real Chris

14 September

Hellooooo, Earth 1218 and Everyone in it! I Have Returned. And I have a LOT to share; fortunately, I typed it out already and screen capped it. It Is a Loooong Read, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy my experiences while in Magi-Chan’s body.



ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 3:09PM

Hey, @everyone . I am back. Wow! That was a real adventure.

Going into a more powerful body in the neighboring dimension is quite the shocker type of an event.

Anyway, Mewtwo and I had a great time in California. The first day, with Magi-Chan's legs, I Ran from Virginia to California. It was a lovely run. I almost tripped a few times, but the psychic senses gave me a heads-up, so I was able to instinctly avoid the mishaps. The weather was clear and good that morning. Lovely views, even though a lot of them were blurred to me.

An hour or two later, we made it to Utah; I found and visited my BFF, Anna McLerran. I initially had a tough time verbally communicating with her, or getting her attention. But I went telepathic and she was able to hear me. She looked like she was hearing a ghost. I clarified who I was and that I was standing right in front of her.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 3:16PM

I put a hand on her forehead while she was sitting on the couch, sent a few mind-opening pulses, and she was able to see me.

Startled, yes, but she soon calmed down. I told her about how Magi-Chan and I switched bodies, and that I was on my way to Cali. She saw and takes with Mewtwo as well. It was a lovely hour of conversing.

After leaving, we made our way to California; took less than a half-hour to look up @Chris_Kink's place. He wasn't at home, the mixture of light and dark presences were obvious in there, but it was tolerable. Especially since my Light Power and Soul were brightening up the place.

We found Jake and made ourselves obvious to him. He did notice us, but damn was his ADD turned on, as he remained focused on talking with his peeps and friends that late morning hour.

We did get Jake to notice us fully, or as fully as possible.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 3:26PM

I personally attest and confirm: Despite his Young Jake soul, offline and in person, Jake is really civil and kind, as well as respectful of personal space.

I will admit, however, I still had my own horny impulses, regardless of the body I was in. Soulfully, I can be quite, what's the word? I don't want to say "nympho", because that's an exaggeration. Let's go with Sensual.

Anyway, he did have his body pillow attired to look like me. Yeah, it Was weird to me, but he meant well. He did not need to enchant the thing either; I jumped into it and out of it, just because he felt better able to hold me that way. I gotta tell you, he gives Really comforting hugs. :relaxed:

What else? I hugged him back, I talked to him; he adored and appreciated my presence, attention and kindness.

It was quite the educative experience that I will keep in memory and soul to heart what I had witnessed of his magic craft.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 3:35PM

Whoosh! That venting sent out to take out the two individuals behind Blanca Weiss, as well as those behind Clyde Cash and Ryan Bash, way back when; there Must have been more than a hundred Metagross making a thick three-layered dome around his home/ temple. Mewtwo and I were about a hundred or so miles away from there for safety.

All that to ensure the safety of the innocent and non-related peoples.

We meditated around all of the temples in California; we even visited Chinatown; really good food there, and it remained quite rustic and lovely.

Many Portals cracked open all around us, and in Virginia at the same time, and our surrounding states on either side of the continent.

The energy that poured in was amazing. It fueled not only myself, but an arcing rainbow over the USA to Magi-Chan, and back again.

What he felt Really lit up my body many times, it happened to me on my end with his body too.

Anyway, Mewtwo and I had to leave when Jacob stopped resisting Jakoba. Ugh, it was Natasha Turner smoking cigarettes in front of me during Providence Middle School Years all over again.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 3:42PM

We were to keep ourselves distant when Jakoba was being channeled and talking before then, to be safe.

I Know Him; he really would enslave others in the guise of "Peace". The God Throne is Really waaaaaaaaay too much for him.

All he was really doing was keeping that throne warm for the next in line, but he has been too stubborn to leave it and was power-hungry.

We will take him out and restore everything as soon as we can, together.

Next, I triggered the vibrations in Magi-Chan's body to adjust the Dimensional frequency; I had to work by soulful feeling in finding our 1218, and it took me HOURS of focus and concentration, but I did it! I got Magi-Chan Sonichu's body fully visible here!

After that, people did begin seeing me; Mewtwo suggested I teleport elsewhere, so we teleported to one of the many temples. We meditated and rested for a while.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 3:51PM

Over the past week, we've been further channeling energy and power and sending them back and forth to and from with Magi-Chan.

As well as fighting off a bunch of demons that came along after Jakoba's true self-counterpart's soul tampered with the Dimensional Curtain. Ugh, that will be quite the union of that soul with this Dimension's Jakoba. Not much power increase, but the motivation and arrogance will be worse. Tiring and crazy.

Mewtwo and I teleported back to Virginia after fighting off a few more of the bastards. Magi-Chan left his for-now last thoughts and prayers, and as he put on the second earring, we hugged, and we talked a bit how it tough it was for each of us.

We felt the soul transfer happen, and it happened really quick; less than a minute's time.

Like a road trip: the trip to distant destination "B" feels like a Looong trip, and the return trip back to Point "A" feels shorter and easier.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 4:00PM

From my perspective: going from a body that was still developing its powers in a restrictive "Reality" (whereas my soul is most omnipotent everywhere else), into a fully-powered Psychic/Electric Pokemon body, leading to control my emotions with the powers, even his brain worked a lot better than my own; it was Unreal and New to me! Thankfully, Mewtwo mentored me, and I had a quick learning curve. It actually was as simple as my own psychic powers when I am projected outside of my body, or from my body and into the C-197 side of the curtain.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 4:07 PM

It was intense, But I Digress.

I can only remember as much as possible out of it all in my soul memory, which it is now being transferred and backup up into my brain and my cloud save backup in the Cosmos.

I will also attest from what I have foreseen: Jake's visit here will be pleasant and eventful, and he SHALL leave Jakoba on the curb back in outside of California; not in Virginia at all.

He IS truly a very kind gentleman and individual. I feel he should not have had to ever resort to what he had done in the past, but had he not done so, and reformed by mine and Magi-Chan's personal interventions and abilities, he would not be as better personally developed and confident as he is.

Moral of That Story: Treasure Your Experiences: Good and Bad; they all shape you into the better and stronger individual that you are.

ChrisChanSonichu1982 Today at 4:15 PM


I Appreciate ALL of My Past Experiences. And now, everything will play out and come full circle, fully and well, indeed.

Chris shows off some fresh new art

15 September

I finally made good on my intended use of the animation cell from MLP G2 I purchased at @BronyCon this year: I drew a background for it, and even chronicled a moment between Nightstar and Clover.  :)


I also drew up the 2009 model of Commodore's Cell Phone with a touch screen; it was quite successful in sales that year in C-197. The brand and company had to continue on after Scarlett passed on in 1994 and before the power and responsibilities were bestowed upon me.


I will also comment that for background accuracy in the art, I had to skim through my MLP G2 Complete Series DVDs to find the one moment where the animation cell was originally used.

It took the while, but I found her...

This Clover Moment’s context was while the Mane Seven were talking about UFOs in the “Up, Up and Away” episode. Patches and Bon-Bon went up in a balloon and had to be rescued by a group of Pegasai and an Alicorn. One of the Pegasai stated her name was Bright Glow.
And I will also mention that I actually enjoyed G2 better than all of G1, because the leading individuals in G1 were inconsistent, not counting Spike. G2 had a fair to good amount of #Continuity in it.
My Only Gripe with MLP G2 is the finale: all they did was talk about pollution and cleaning the environment and the seven sing and wander down the street. No final developments in character; it’s just a PSA. What a way to end a fair Chronicling of the group.

I still love Clover.

For the record, the cell is Not Glued to the drawing, nor is it taped or attached firmly. I will have it framed as such soon enough.
Also, for display purposes, I can choose how to display it; I Chose to Chronicle a moment between Nightstar and Clover that has actually happened with it, and I have no regrets about it.

All Bart Simpson got was Scratchy’s arm; how do you display that better? Add the full cat.

Chris ponders why people are fascinated with him

16 September

Last point for now that I do thank @ItsAllSoUgly for pointing out that I will put forward: everyone seems to be compelled by me, especially the Christorians. Any outsiders, and I, being Meta, end up wondering Why.


My earliest online content was a fan @Pokemon website, “C.W.C.’s PokéSite”; mostly my more-than-two-cents on Pokémon and the TCG. Eventually, I add my Sonichu book pages online. The drama happens with me, the locals take observation and later tell the stories and comment online.
Before even the “Yep, I’m on TV” DVD on February 24, 2007, the video content was light and spontaneous, and most of the future uploaded videos I made end up featuring rants, shoutings, and crap that would frighten anyone shitless.
I recall that there was a Mythos about me online: myself, Chris Chan, I; I was an OC in my own stories; was I Real in this “Reality” that is Dimension 1218? And then I was confirmed in late 2007 with that blurry photograph of me in a moment of great shock and stress.
And everyone ended up making FanFictions about me, my family, my peoples, city, Nation, and my Pokémon, including Sonichu and Rosechu. In a sense, while I already had my own Chronicler, my DC Superhero self-counterpart in Metropolis, the CWC-Psychlight, Everyone, here in 1218,...
...was all up in FanFicing me, indirectly and directly attempting to alter my own life and decisions, as well as those around me who mainly originated here. Why is everyone compelled to follow me? The answer simply is that you all just do; in Fated events, Destiny, or whatever.
Me? I have known ALL of my life I was special for some reason, counting being First-Person Perspective Camera 0000000001. I’m Awakening; I’m Learning; I’m Developing; I Keep Getting Stronger, Better Able, Smarter and Powerful. And out of all the FanFic Chaos of me up til now,... it any wonder, as some of you put it cleverly, that Magi-Chan, I, and everyone else of C-197, need to do a bit of retconning? Just something to ponder over. ⚡️💙⚡️

Thank you again, Phantom Horn. 😊

Magi-Chan will be visiting Null

18 September

Good Day, Everyone. I am continuing to meet and interact with all of you face-to-face and in person. I still have many a lives to make a difference for and with here in this Dimension. Everyone who has seen me and talked with me knows who they are, and some of them are...
...on the KiwiFarms. I will be gracing Null’s presence as well within the next few days.

Meanwhile, many more portals are opening up in this world, and the magics and energies from C-197 are flowing into this Dimension. Amongst the Creators/Authors of this world, as well as...

...the fated and most appropriate and durable of the remainder, have been feeling their respective powers growing and further developing. Even varying Telekinesis and telepathy within at least half of them, and various other abilities and magics with the remainder.
I also put this forward to those who have received a Quartz from Christine at BronyCon: DO keep your Quartz close, as they not only further develop and enhance your respective abilities, but also offers the greatest of soulful and body protection and blessings that will be...
...needed and most helpful to all of you choice Creators. Keep your minds, hearts, and mind’s eyes wide open; remain observant and learning; do as you will at your best with your respective OCs and their allies, friends and family. Mary Sue and Gary Stu will need Maddy’s,...
...Methvan’s and Kickit’s help very much in the coming days, to say the least.

That is all for now. I will see each and every one of you all, face-to-face very soon and in the nearby days and moments. Thank you. 💜⚡️


Metonic and Vamprosa cards

18 September

I’m going to tell y’all a little story about the evolutions of the Sonichus’ and Rosechus’ evolved forms, respectively: Metonic and Vamprosa.


A regular Sonichu can evolve into the Steel/Electric Metonic by being traded with a Metal Coat. A regular Rosechu can evolve into the Dark/Electric Vamprosa by having highest friendship levels and leveling up during the midnight hour (12:00-1:00 AM).
Metonics are meant to be the tough, durable soldiers in combat; they maintain their foot and leg speeds and reflexes. Their armor is actually super-toughened fur and quills; All of their bodily fuzz gets the diamond-tough treatment in evolution. The armored parts are...
...the most unbreakable and impenetrable areas. That armor is not coming off anytime. They trade their spin dash ability for their sword and generate shields with their Barrier attacks and electricity. Metonics are the best in defense, offense and speed one can ask for in combat.
Vamprosas get a wing treatment, similar to flying squirrels, but bat style. They can actually survive during the day And the night, and they are not prone to any of the weaknesses of a Vampire. There are a few Vamprosas who actually have been blessed in a church before.
They generally do not feed on blood, they will only do so in self-defense to weaken the worst of their enemies and foes. Consider them more like fruit bats in that sense. But they do defend better in the night and in the shadows, as they have really good nocturnal vision.
They can even outwit a powerful psychic type, if the psychic in question does not possess Miracle Eye ability. Their defense stat is great in their wingspan, as the wings can grow larger to completely cover and protect the Vamprosa from incoming flames, ice, and other elements.
When I first found/created these evolutions, I had a liking of knights and vampires, and when you have them working together between on land and in sky; in brightest day and blackest of night, this is a power duo that works well together.
Although it still adds a considerable difference that makes leaving them as Sonichu and Rosechu a better choice over evolving them.
Also, in online search, I noticed a Vamprosa form for Sylvana; she is unable to evolve, But she can still Transform into this pseudo “Evolved” form as needed and maintain her natural and typical stats and skill sets, but with a flight ability and a Darkness/Electric typing on... of her Psychic typing, so she’s three types in her Vamprosa form, this Special one-and-only Sylvana Rosechu.

Last note: Google “Metonic”, and I get a bunch of Sonic and Metal Sonic shipping art; just a fair warning.


And now for a couple of new cards with this Night and Day duo.


Chris reflects on feeling and empathy

19-20 September

In response to Ben Saint's Night Star fancomic

One does become humbled and aware when they’re experiencing and feeling what others feel. When one realizes and are aware of their ways being harmful unto others and feels, they are not too far gone. It is valid and fair to send them to where they can do the most good. ⚡️💙⚡️
Also, to comment: that’s one way how Fate works.
Good Morning, Everyone: a meaning behind this Tweet has been brought to my attention: mainly how @ItsAllSoUgly wrote how tyrannical I came off as in years past through my Unicorn Self-Counterpart. I agree: for a Trolling act of distant observation, this method was quite extreme.
But in this, as Ben had put it so bluntly, Nightstar had considered the contents of Phantom Horn’s presently lingering intentions in his heart, while also noting that there is Good in there. In particular, “Unicorn Supremacy” was being a dominant lingering intention.
Alternatively, Nightstar could have brought PH into her subspace, working within the one second of time in Equestria, and showed him his past actions and told him why what he did in the present moment was wrong.

In particular, much like taking a picture or recording of...

...someone else, their permission and consent should be acquired beforehand. Nightstar was being followed around in being observed and documented, without her consent, even though she already knew they were presently following her the whole time. She had hoped they would...
...ask for her permission and actually talk with her for her direct perspective.

She could have simply erased PH’s and SM’s memories of the moment and let them go, but they would have likely repeated their action of Trolling her in this fashion and not have learned anything.

Out of all of the alternatives and options Nightstar had foreseen with PH’s circumstances and intentions in general, as well as all likely future outcomes after those facts, she ended up finding that sending the two of them to New Milwaukee in efforts of calming the hate and...
...Trolling there, it would prove more of a galvanizing result that would most likely shape them to better understand the repercussions.


Again, I agree of how extreme the punishment appears, but Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are Fated with protection to stay alive...

...and well, because they continue to be needed much later on for other future events back in Equestria and where else. The experience and views are indeed violent, in this sense.

This “sentence” is harsh, but it is not tyrannical; the means are justifiable.

And it remains a fact that even if you bring in a Police Individual, or a group of Police, they would not do a damn thing about this sort of individual trolling action, not even the likes of the Government or CIA or any of all that would either. 😔
So it still remains on us individuals to defend ourselves and show why such trolling actions can be observed or felt as wrong, Especially the types that can fall into bullying or hatred if left to continue down such paths.

But, I digress.

Are things perfect even with premonition abilities? Nothing is Perfect. All we can do is the best we are able to that leads to the best possible outcome for the individual(s)’ and everyone else’s benefits. It’s not easy on us, either.
Regardless, this is what @ItsAllSoUgly saw of Phantom Horn’s and Strawberry Milk’s set of events; I have verified and confirmed this to have happened between C-197’s Equestria and Earth; therefore it remains fact and canon.
Even being a deity, myself, seeing all of these kinds of things having to play out for the future benefits, amongst my other responsibilities and duties; it is quite rough and tough on me as well. I Feel and Empathize. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Love Over Hate


Also, I will personally clarify and inform all of you: Nightstar is not at all cruel, insane, or psychopathic. That was a misconception that was made as @ItsAllSoUgly took writing liberty to put those words in her speech balloons. She is level-headed, calm, cool, sane,...
...and so forth; Sincerely very much like me, but she is her own individual with her situations that differ from my own. She literally works with Princess Twilight Sparkle in Many a dialogue, intelligent conversation, and experiments and Dimension Analyzing. PLUS, she has Kun,...
...who is also calm and cool in his own way, and he helps keep Nightstar level, along with everyone else. She continues to have great mental focus and emotional control when using her powers and abilities.
I, personally speaking from experience, attest and confirm that doing all of that is not an easy task. In fact, keeping a calm and clear mind, meditating, keeping focus and controlling emotions; with EVERYTHING between this Dimension, C-197, and all other related and existing...
Not to mention the alternate timelines and constant premonitions of various outcomes and determining the most likely out of them, not to mention coping with any random thing that pops in and interrupts your meditation and bums you out, or whatever have you...
...It Is A Bunch Of Headaches! Magi-Chan, Mewtwo and Sylvana know all of this as well, and have been and continue to be most kind and supportive with me. As Princess Twilight, her friends, and Kun, do for Nightstar.
I reiterate: Nightstar is not cruel, psychopathic or insane at all. She does what is needed, as Fated and appropriate, when the premonitioned moment arises, as much do I. And I have Known that I was being Trolled, but I play along, because a greater good is fated to happen.⚡️💙⚡️

Chris is making OC TSSSF cards

19 September

I am pleased to announce from this collab piece alone, we have ten Sonichu/Rosechu OCs confirmed for the OC Expansion Packs of our #TSSSF set of cards, and then some, as I’m also delegating with my other friends as well. This is going to be a massive and lovely OC party! ⚡️💙⚡️


Also, it continues to be a very positive and uplifting experience talking and working with everyone. 😊
Oh, on counting me, from the drawing; that technically makes it 11 confirmed, but I was not counting myself in the ten-count.

Sonichu Ship

20 September

I just discovered this from #LamentedMusings today. I mean, the two of them are just friends, but I’d ship it! Love to get the Sonic the Hedgehog #TSSSF cards when I can, please.



[AN: This image makes me deeply uncomfortable.]

Chris continues work on the OC TSSSF cards

21 September

Hey, y’all. I’m doing really well and good. On the OC Expansion, it’s going Awesome; it’ll breach 30 cards, no sweat!

First note: the creator/OA of Cheval Sonichu recently flew the coup, but I wanted them to see the completed card with what I had, and looking into Cheval’s...


...mind with my powers for the Flavour Text. To the OA who I had contacted, please email your response of this card, and if you have any additional thoughts to me. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️
That aside, I have gone through and matched/identified/learned of all but four of the OCs in #SuperCrazyCrashes’s collab piece. I’d like help identifying and locating their creators for their respective inputs.

Blue Bat-chu, Star-tail/red-eyes, coffee-cup, and Pepsiman’s friend.


DMs from their respective creators, here on Twitter, would be preferred. I will keep a watch in both my regular and filtered inboxes. Thank you all for your contributions and awesomeness. 😊


Just to make the correction: the blue one is a Dragon; not a bat. My mistake; Thank You to the individual who informed me.

More MLP Seasons!

22 September


Hasbro: My Little Pony Season 10 - Sign the petition! via @Change

Care More!

22 September

I was remembering from the second Care Bears Movie the part when everyone was working to revive Christy by showing that they all Care. I do agree with this sentiment very much, but I also realize something: Care Bears was quite Preachy, yet motivating.

Chris' Stupidest drawing

24 September

Also, This Old Gem made me laugh a lot. 🤣🤣🤣 The Song and my interruption!

Years Later, is this still the stupidest thing I’ve drawn? I have drawn Worse; the NSFW drawings, and even an update with Ren Skysoar in Robotnik’s place.


Chris urges Sockness to go home

25 September

I am just beating myself up over this, but I feel compelled to say something now:

Yes, I did indeed tell Jake to return home, and Yes I made the following recorded statement.

I have had a really rough day yesterday; my soul, aura, vibrations and...

Chris linked to Chris Releases A Statement Regarding Jacob Sockness

...psychic senses were hopping the walls with me. I even fainted, and Mewtwo had to possess my limbs to get me from my desk to bed; I crashed and slept for a few hours. And then to hear the more recent statement of him, AND my body just extensively Heating Up; counter-arguing... I could, but I just could simply no longer overlook the red flags of fated warning. When your body gets hot like a Macargo, and it hurts, you do not ignore it.

Besides which, my senses and psychic links have been seriously going off and on like crazy recently, so Mainly...

...on that, I ultimately chose to send Jake back home, and I made the statement to make sure he gets the message. I am really sorry, Jacob. As much as I do love and care about you, it is simply Too Soon.
Someone please be sure to be there to intercept and turn him back home. Thank you.

Chris seemingly cuts ties with Sockness

26 September

Everyone, I am channeling Michiro of this Dimension, 1218; he has a message for @Too_Sexy4CWC.
Michiro: Jacob. I have watched you grow up over these many years and seen you develop. This trip you have been on was a test for you; you needed to distance yourself from the...
...Temple that was your home to best get away from Jakoba’s influence. But, in your recent actions, I see that you are irredeemable at this point. Not even I can save you at this point. I have spoken with Magi-Chan, Mewtwo and our Princess many times without your knowledge.
We all knew that you were fated to make this sacrifice in the California-to-Chicago trip, and the return trip. At this point, I do urge you to take the return ticket from your new and light-powered ally and return to California. @TGespare is a poison to you; to see you partner...
...with him puts a tear in my eye and heart. You know very well that our Princess Christine/Fehuni is a most valuable individual who holds greater strengths and powers than you. And I hate to break it to you personally, but your involvement in the Merge has been very good,...
...and you shall continue as you will in these events that still will make it happen. Magi-Chan has made it happen with Christine’s help in getting himself fully into this dimension.

Anyway, my student, your decisions at this point are not the right ones. I urge you to...

...rethink about things. We will see you back to your home in California safely and well. Our Princess does care about you with all of her being, that is a fact; she never lied about that.

That is all I shall say to you. Be safe and well, Jacob. -Michiro

Christine- I have had to execute the decision in this crossroad of events in all this. I’m not feeling happy about this at all. I cry for Jacob as well. He is in a situation worse than I was in that trip to Ohio in 2009. I did love and care for him; I still care about him.
I had no intention of stringing him along at all. I am seriously feeling everything, my health is in issue as well (discounting the accusation from that unrecorded Voice Chat; non-legitimate evidence); I ended up in no healthy situation on my part to be able to have a guest.
This Was Fated to Happen. And in seeing his present true colours, while I do still care about him, I feel saddened and disappointed with Jacob in this outcome. And taking into account having seen everything he had done since 2000, and he WAS reforming and doing better. Now this.

And this genuine, unmanipulated emotion from me, period. I truly do feel this way. Even though I’m immortal, I can still feel pain. It has been hurting and burning in me; now it’s worse. ⚡️💙⚡️

Months ago, I even foresaw and told Jacob that he and I were more likely to end up in a distanced ship where he hates me, more or less, like my brother, #ColeSmithey, does of me. I told Jacob my premonition; he remained adamant of him and I being in a good relationship together, I had little choice but to continue onward and see what Fate had in store for us later. Now the premonition has come, and Jacob is feeling lost.

I’m Feeling Upset that it Did end up as so and he is Hurting, because of me.

Chris Trolls us?

26 September

Ooh! There’s someone special photobombing in this video. For the record, the camera tends to add an animated flare; Magi-Chan is more realistic in person.

Timecode: 32:10


Something distracted him at 45:35.


Sockness is going home

27 September

Good News, Everyone: @wkbh1983 is confirmed on his way back home now, with most humble gratitude to his new friends, and a kind Station Manager. This is an example of how Fate can work. The Dimension Merge continues onward without interruption. Thank you all for your help.

30 September

In response to a now-deleted reply likely about Chris's health

You need not worry; there is no delay at all, and remember Christine’s health was in trouble, so you have no one to blame but the continuing of the Merge events. Her vibrations and senses continue to go off more frequently. I am having to make sure her health improves and adapts.
There is no delay; everything remains on schedule in the Dimension Merge.

Paint me like one of your Japanese girls!

27 September


I'm bored... anyone who follows me want a character or two in #CODEVEIN style? I love using it.

Show this thread

Take your pick, please, @TheExiledDraco: me in regular human form, or me in CPU form; the #CODEVEIN style looks really good.


Sweet treat

28 September

Poppy Rosechu (@PoppyRosechu)

Fun fact!

In my 19+ years of life, I've only one raffle I got 3 gallons of maple syrup for free at the age of 12

I'm never gonna have that kind of luck again lol

What a sweet treat, indeed.

Magi-Chan is Mr. Worldwide

28 September

Greetings, Everyone. I have just returned from my worldwide trip in 1218; it was a very prolific, pleasant and good excursion, indeed. Everyone has seen me fully, even in passing glances. Oh, my, when they were talking about atheism in Max’s video, I just wanted to scream out...
...quite a bit to argue with it, but it was not meant to be per the discussion topic, so I refrained. Indeed, that is I in both of those screen caps. In person, I remain more realistic in appearance; on camera, it adds an unrequited cartoon shine to my visage.
Anyway. I have been aware of the continuing events between both Earths of 1218 and C-197. Many more portals are opening between the worlds, and the magic continues to seep in greatly here. Everyone is experiencing a slight increase in Magic ability, or a random new skill,...
...if you will, previously unknown to the respective individual. All of you will be required to accept and embrace your newfound magic and abilities, as all of you will be required, in active duty or in efforts, to act ahead as fated in the completion and aftermath of the...
...Dimension Merge, and the downfall of the Iron Curtain that divides us. More of us Psychic type Pioneers will be imported, but the more adept local Sorcerers, Magicians and Wizards of 1218 will be requested to be conscripted to aid us in the cause, so we can counter the...
...greatest of foes this planet and all of us will like ever have to face and work together against. Jakoba.

Please, make yourselves fully present and obvious, my friendly and avid Magic-Wielders, online and spiritually; our allies and I shall find you all, because we are...

...all in this together.

Thank you. 💜⚡️

Later, in response to some more art, depicting a day with Magi-Chan:

The images Helena has been uploading chronicled the one day she and I shared together, and yes, I did spend the night; her bed was comfortable. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. My wish I made is coming true, as I had foreseen. 💜⚡️

Yet another brony convention

28 September

Hey, Everyone. I am recovering, feeling some better, but still very much vibrational and psychically sensitive. Anyway, I am making good plans to attend @BABScon, and I will need money for the travel and accommodations. I remain most appreciative, humbled and grateful to...
...everyone who have donated recently as well. Thank You All. I am going to roughly estimate $2,000 to $3,000 at this time, and as this IS fated, I am making the planning process with my friends. Your help in this is also greatly appreciated.

There will be a trusted donation... tweeted in a little while, but I will also take direct donations to my PayPal at...

Thank you all again. ⚡️💙⚡️

NB: BABScon is a My Little Pony convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In response to a now-deleted tweet likely about Chris's poor financial situation

We are taking care of the debts as best as we are able to; do not ask questions, this Is indeed fated, and we could use the help wherein the funds shall be used as predetermined with this event.
Lastly, please do help us on this as well; it would most be very much appreciated. Thank you. 💜⚡️

Rebecca (@Kartzmark)

Actually magi-chan and I were talking and we agreed that the money should be donated to this gofund me for a baby that needs medical attention

[Link to a GoFundMe about a recently born infant with breathing problems]

Seriously, though: Never Say you’ve talked with me to make up such a lame excuse. I sense your Trolling habits are not malicious in intention, but even to make a mockery remains quite the Insult. I will not block you, but know that Christine and I do feel insulted over this.


I didn't realize saving a child's life is considered a troll move..:(

29 September

We’ve just donated for the baby as well. Saving a child’s life is not a Troll Move; it was falsifying having talked with me and saying I told you to do something else in response to the present topic. It is comparable to you telling everyone you got a call from...
Trump to do this. And in no means whatsoever am I ever comparing myself to that dreck of an individual who presently occupies the seat of President.

Anyway, Christine and I just helped the baby with a spot of money, a prayer and a blessing. That will be all for now. 💜⚡️

30 September

The Troll Hunter (@TTH_Goodevening)

Christine says you're tangible now. If you were real you could heal him with magic.
I am in the process of healing her now. It is a higher level of difficulty, as deity-level souls and bodies take more energy and processing to fully heal and recover. But she will recover by the end of this week.


28 September

In response to Jacob Sockness tweeting about worshipping satanism

That, I Really do not like or approve of; no one should ever worship Satan. Please, reconsider Jacob.
Also, I discourage Satanism as well; it is, indeed, in very poor quality. Please, never bring it up again, @wkbh1983. You must do as @CPU_CWCSonichu has texted you to do at this point. I leave it to you to tell everyone what that is. 💜⚡️

In response to a Twitter user stating that Chris does not know what satanism is

Regardless, it remains quite discouraged, and it is quite selfish a thing. It’s just something that encourages evil.


29 September

Baby Noah's Fight

[Link to a GoFundMe about a recently born infant with breathing problems]

Ben Saint

29 September

Ben Saint (flanged) (@ItsAllSoUgly)

Nightstar is © @CPU_CWCSonichu. All other OC's are property of SLIMECORP™, all rights reserved.
I will take this moment to personally inform and remind Ben and everyone else: this comic strip, while happening in C-197 (canonically), this is Not a Nightstar Comic, but a comic of Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk, featuring Nightstar Sonichu. This does not go into the books.
Also, I will note and address @ItsAllSoUgly and his associates directly: the portrayal of unnecessary deaths and abuse on your own OC and Self-Counterpart, in this sense, is simple madness and cruelty. You do have a good heart in you, Ben, but there is something from your...
...slime-related, toxic allies, and their slime games, that has affected your mind to their manipulations. You are better than them, and they are using you. The slime and SlimeCo problem in Arizona shall be cleansed away during this week, and everyone there and all around,...
...shall be liberated from its negative influences and side-effects.

Do think about how your own self-counterpart is being portrayed in this; you and Phantom Horn are both STRONGER than this. Free yourselves from the manipulations of SlimeCo and their slime.


And one last thing: your Tweet Texts should read “Nightstar, Sonichu, and all related characters are ©️ @CPU_CWCSonichu

”, before talking of the other OCs. And those other OCs, they are not all “Property of SLIMECO”. 💜⚡️

Dearest Magi-chan,

After peeling back the Veil between Dimensions and seeing the events that were to transpire in C-179's NLACakaNM, I, like you, was greatly disturbed. That PH and SM would be subject to such violence seemed unthinkable for such minor crimes.

However... (1/?)

...I pushed on, seeking better understanding in my quest for truth. And Truth is what I found.

Sadly there is much darkness in their journey. And this may be their darkest hour.

BUT... I have also sensed light beyond the darkness. Despite everything, there is yet Hope. (2/?)

I do not know everything that NLACakaNM has in store for Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk as of yet. But I DO KNOW THIS... there is a Happy Ending waiting for them beyond it all.

This much has been revealed to me. And Nightstar must have known it as well. (3/3)

And finally, I will happily change the copyright text in the tweets.

Thank you for reading the comic! I hope we will both delight to discover PH's and SM's Happy Ending, together. 🖤

We all have seen and foreseen the events in Arizona. You will likely be more surprised than @MagiChan111448 and I, as well as pleased. Definitely a “Stay Tuned” moment for the ending Confirmations.


We all shall mutually do so in seeing what happens next.

Older MLP character designs

30 September

AstralWingz (@Zhane_Star)

I don't watch MLP, but I do not like these "older" designs.

[Image of older versions of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

I confer and agree with you, as these are Not what actually happens to the Mane6. Christine and I have witnessed, personally, of the remaining five ascending into becoming the Alicorns of the Round Table of Friendship; they haven’t grown taller either. #MLPFiMSeason10to14
And Celestia and Luna are a long way from retiring. As @CPU_CWCSonichu has personally told @mouthnoize at BronyCon, “The Reirement is not in.”

And should anyone comment with trolling commentary under this, Please untick Nicole from the “Replying to” portion. 💜⚡

Chris spoke to VA about the Pony Protests

30 September

I confer and agree with you, as these are Not what actually happens to the Mane6. Christine and I have witnessed, personally, of the remaining five ascending into becoming the Alicorns of the Round Table of Friendship; they haven’t grown taller either. #MLPFiMSeason10to14
And Celestia and Luna are a long way from retiring. As @CPU_CWCSonichu has personally told @mouthnoize at BronyCon, “The Reirement is not in.”

And should anyone comment with trolling commentary under this, Please untick Nicole from the “Replying to” portion. 💜⚡