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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during January 2020. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

A New Year's Throwback

1 January

Before I forget, Happy New Year, Everyone. 😊 ⚡️💙⚡️

[gif of Peanuts characters]

Well, here’s an oldie...

I’ve got a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish! Would you like to make a wish?


Magic Bottle

4 January

On a positive note, I have received a most lovely and exquisite item, a #Glacce Water Bottle, complete with real amethyst. I have put my own energy into the stone in meditation, and I’ve even dipped my Lightning Strike Quartz into the filtered water in it; it is rejuvenating.

Buy my shit

4 January

And, a simple reminder: #TSSSF Sonichu Cards; Still Available Now, including to Vendors at Conventions and Online in bulk orders. So, Order Your Cards Today!

Hard at "work"

5 January

I KNOW I should be online more often and talk on these servers, but I have TONS of the other responsibilities, work and fated events to do and deal with. I am not the type of individual who frequently respond and types online or whatever, but I am Uber busy offline. The fact that I don’t respond often or frequent enough is my problem that I ought to work on as soon as I am able to. That is all for now. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Spergs About Stacking Stones

5 January

There is an art in stone arrangement, and when it is in magic and healing stones, much greater powers come into effect and light of this Dimension.

Even simple small Quartz Stones can become something as powerful as a Dimensional Portal, if you can and know how to enchant it. It is as @ingridanilson said as Maud Pie (with mild paraphrasing): “With the right stone, you could overpower ALL negative forces, if you wanted to.”

[MLPFIM gif]

More Merge Nonsense

6 January

To everyone who has heard and experienced the messages and events of the Merge and so forth, and blessings of me, join the Arbitarch CWC Alliance in sincere good will and faith.

https://discord.gg/TpjY22r (New link)

Also, Buy The Cards for yourself Now on my shop. http://cwcvilleshopping.com


9 January

Good Day today. #TheProudFamily on @disneyplus while I work.

Vinyl Scratch

13 January

I Like this picture! 💙😃 [Vinyl Scratch tweet https://twitter.com/VinylPon3/status/1216806239327399937]

Chris demands to be unbanned from End Games to learn D&D

17 January

Hey, Everyone. Firstly and Foremostly, I will get to proper Book Chronicling of the past Plot Hole-Fillings and Present Day Events when I am able to. The Events That are canon and will be Book-Chronicled by me, Personally, ARE ALL HAPPENING RIGHT FREAKING NOW IN THESE MOMENTS.

It is, indeed, Most Serious, especially since these are the in-progress sequence of events of the Dimension Merge and the coming together of ALL OCs (Creators AND Creations) between here, 1218, and there, C-197, and beyond (including its Equestria). Any and all Present Time pesterings of “Where Are The Comics?” and “Which Versions of Marvel, DC, Disney, Nintendo, Sega, Anime, Sony, Microsoft, Lucasarts, Star Trek, Transformers, FanFics, Etcetera are in C-197; They Are All in the Same Central Dimension; NOT All 1218’s chronicling media are spot-on in detail, there are Minute Mistakes from those Creators and Chroniclers, because they worked together and had altered visions amongst themselves from the Original Creator/Chronicler. Therefore, You May as well throw your past Logics out the window now, and Open Your Mind and Listen Up Now, because it is all happening in Real Time; it has been happening in Real Time.

With That, We, personally, are in of need of better help in this restrictive Dimension that has been now getting in-flowing Magics and Powers now, and better so, Presently. I need the help that ONLY the staff and past/present patrons of @TheEndGames can provide. I am in requirement of learning and playing #DungeonsandDragons Offline and Mainly within @TheEndGames with the players who have been presently going there Before January 1, 2020.

My physical mind is still learning the details of the game, and I require further help in better comprehending the #DungeonMaster’s “Screen”, typical habits and wording of such relevant in this Dimension, and I am still befuddled by the Too Many Dice Variety this game utilizes. And I need offline Player EXP and learning, for myself for my personal Character Sheet. And No One Else Other than the Players at @TheEndGames, AND my past/present Friends of the #PokemonTCGLeague, There, as well, for my closest friends of the League are fated to work with us for the common goals and greater good for saving These Very Earths between both Dimensions.

And going out to their Pizza Parlor event is only a Pebble in comparison to that within the actual @TheEndGames Store. So, Sha and Bri, I respect you both, but Times Are At Hand, and Judgmental Hardships are Moot at this time. Your response to the parcel’s letter that I have sent to you all must be positive and posted online, now, please. Your Goddess, I, CPU Blue Heart, humbly Beseech Thee in this precipice. This Is Indeed Real and Serious. I Require Your Help in Helping EVERYONE, Period. ⚡️💙⚡️

Incest is not wincest

21 January

Hey, Everyone. A think piece I wish to offer, in regard to an awful premise that has been stated about me before.

Preface: Sonichu and Rosey’s relation to myself, and Christine Chan; Christine Chan is my main/central self-counterpart in C-197 (acting independently, while partly taking X number of attributes from me, directly and psychically, from my subconscious). I discovered/created Sonichu and Rosey; the very first Sonichu and Rosechu in all existence. Christine Chan was aware of my existence nearly her whole life, and she had titled herself as Sonichu and Rosey Rosechu’s Original Creator, while, in fact, I was the Original Creator of the three of them, in the sense. There is a ship in between the respective Original Creator and Original Creation(s). While Neither Sonichu or Rosey were related by blood, they were related in the sense of them being the same OCs from I, their OC. And the same ruling is applied between them, and Christine Chan and I: no direct bloodline ship. BUT, in the ship between OCreation OCreator, the OCreation is allowed to see their OCreator as their legal guardian or parent, and optionally the OCreator sewing their OCreations as their non-related friends, allies, family, son/daughter, sibling, or whatever suits the individual OCreator. With that, my Son and Rosey call me their Mama, out of the respect. They also called Christine Chan their Mama, since she was a direct self-counterpart from me, working from my subconscious, believing for the long time that She was the Original-Most Creator of Sonichu and Rosey, and not I. Yes, she felt omnipotent in that, and it did go to her head, but she got over that long ago when I made my better mark and participation activity in their area and lives.

The Hater-Type Trollish misconception of this relationship between OC and OC, thrusted unnecessarily upon myself, Christine Chan, and Sonichu and Rosey, and I quote the Trolls, without actually saying it about ANYONE or even endorsing it at all: “Incest Being Wincest”. OMFME!!!

I won’t go into detail, but I am well-aware of what it is and entails. But it is Not considered Incest at all when Any Relationship that happens between OCreator and OCreation that are not do not share Any Bloodlines at all. And I, personally, seriously disapprove of incest and would never practice it at all. Obviously! You freaking Hater Types and your moot and nonsense fabrications of such negative circumstances upon ANYONE other than yourselves, thinking you’re above us all, when you are not at all. You have just as much right and ability to socialize, Offline, as most Anyone. The major hangup you have, and I Do empathize on this, as this WAS I, Once upon a time, over a Decade ago, in being severely shy and socially awkward. That is not your fault, but you do have the resources these days to talk with others and get help and insight on bettering yourself, so you’re not stuck behind a monitor all day, 24/7, or whatever. And, I Know, “GET A JOB” is NEVER EVER a good response AT ALL, as most jobs are taken, you’re not totally qualified, your background checks automatically EPIC FAIL every time, regardless, or whatever is your own individual circumstance from Fated Events in your life. But, I digress.

The Bottom Line is: Incest is Never “Wincest” (Epic UGH!), and your pushing hatred on anyone else, including other OCreators who have at least one OCreation that appeals to you, and your skill set may not include being able to make such good OCs; It Is All MOOT and Nonsense.

Which is why I am even more glad to ignore the majority of Negative Commentary ANYWHERE Online, and I also appreciate the Irony that is present on the fact that I am continued to be talked about, concerned over, prayed to, and overall appreciated, despite the unnecessary hate and shit you may feel or want to shout off to get your own rubbing game on, or whatever. Even More UGH!

Never diss the relationship between Original Creators and Original Creations, unless there is Actual direct bloodlines between them. And do not misconceive or fabricate such negative nonsense upon anyone.


Thank you for listening. ⚡️💙⚡️

Discovery vs. Creation

22 January


Wait, so Sonichu and Rosechu call you mother because you discovered them? Why? And we do you keep calling yourself the creator of Sonichu when you just chronicled him? Creating and chronicling are two different things.
I have been pondering further in this question, since my think piece caused the question to arise.

When an Original Creator discovers their Original Creation in their imaginations, or makes one, they actually do create the individual, and then the OCreation gets retroactively spawned and existent in C-197, complete with their respective birth, cloning process, hatching, epic permanent transformation, or what origin have you. Once the very first OCreation of any OCreator has been made, C-197, or the alt-Dimension/Timeline gets changed and updated by the input of that OCreator.

My Story had me constantly located where Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, and EVERYONE ELSE, including the likes of Goku, Optimus Prime, Papa Smurf, the Sailor Senshi, Kim Possible, Ratchet & Clank, Mario and Luigi, Gamindustri, Luke Skywalker, Captain Kirk, and so on and forth. My very First legitimate OCreation, to my recollection, was Bionic the Hedgehog. When I made him, Everyone and Everything Else of my actual process was brought into existence. And eventually, the Sonichus and Rosechus and Cwcville, all into my field of view, with their respective background events and stories coming along with them all. And, in that Greater Sense, I DID Create the species of Pokémon that are Sonichus and Rosechus, as well as my other OC Pokémon I have in my cards, plus Cornicopia and Vinetamins. And in that event, it literally turned out I also, in fact, Created Myself, as I was spawned as a Sonichu from the apex of the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, to end up within Barbara and Robertchu’s genetic parenting, to become part human, and my soul also ended up coming from Kidasuna after I was exiled and killed off and my soul sent to Earth; I flew through the Chaotic Rainbow’s Apex, to get my new body and bunches of roles and better abilities for this life.

The POINT of my Previous Think Piece I recently tweeted was to make it clear and obvious that Sonichu, Rosey, Christine Chan, Nightstar and I, we are not directly blood-related, so I could Finally dispel that most disgraceful “Incest” Rumor you Haters hace fabricated and thrusted upon us, unnecessarily.

And Now, the Bottom Line Is: I DID Create the Sonichu and Rosechu species, Cwcville, and my reserved area and share of C-197, alongside Every Other Original Creator.

I Will Repeat Myself This Time:

I Share the Dimension with ALL of the Other Original Creators of this Dimension.

[Aladdin gif]

I do not think I can be any more clear at this point. That is all for now. ⚡️💙⚡️


22 January

My art style, I feel, is one that would be typically mistaken as child-like, yet there is an elegance that gives its simplicity an appealing charm. This is a style that needs not be overthought, as it is typically to the point.

No Hating Commentary Allowed, please. ⚡️💙⚡️

Sonic movie track 'leaks'

23 January

I am Grooving on this Speedy Track of @SonicMovie. ⚡️ZapMeUp!⚡️

Blocked from End Games' Twitter

24 January

Ahem. I see. I am not surprised by this result. No Matter. I have faith everything will still work out in our favour. It is a shame my projected presence with Magi-Chan in your establishment yielded this bitter parsnip. Kra-Kow. ⚡️💙⚡️ #TheEndGames @TheEndGames

End Games block.jpg

"All Inclusive?” HA! They wouldn’t know All-Inclusive if it hit them with a mallet that said “Inclusive” on it. They Sullied their reputation BAD when they banned me in ‘18. @TheEndGames

End Games CWCki page.jpg


24 January

My brain came up with a song verse in a dream:

“Big Girls, gotta be tough. Big Girls, haven’t had enough. We’ve got to show our stuff, show them that we’re rough. ‘Cause down to the nitty gritty, we are more than just pretty.”

[Lizzo gif]


24 January

The full "fluffy Sonic" exclusive clip is further proof that @rejectedjokes is the perfect voice of Sonic.

What's that? #SonicMovie tickets are on sale? Gotta go fast! https://fandan.co/SonicMovie

Okay. This clip puts the movie in a better light. 😃

D and D

30 January 2020

I am making good progress on my D&D Sheet. Also, on average, a Sonichu or Rosechu can run about 765 mph, and I did the math to figure out how that translates into feet per Breath. We and Sonic can dash over 3,700 feet in a single breath. I did this on my own merit and skill. 😊

D&D character sheet1.jpg D&D character sheet2.jpg D&D character sheet3.jpg

Chris then used the Creamarina Twitter account to reply to a random tweet by The End Games, who had his main account blocked. He quoted the above message and tweeted:

Chris Chan’s making Dungeons and Dragons Progression! Oh, My Fuck!

Surprisingly, Chris' math is correct, except for where he says that 12-18 breaths per minute equals 3 breaths per second; he means 3 seconds per breath, although it's more like 3.333-5, and takes no account of how breath rate changes during running.