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This page archives Chris's tweets from May 2017.

The Classic, more stitching

1 May, 8:01 pm

I did more stitching last night; here are the before and after photos.

D1 B1 classic.jpeg

The Classic, left sleeve repaired

2 May, 3:03 am

Tonight's (00012016) stitch work; left sleeve repaired.

D2 BA1 classic.jpeg D2 BA2 classic.jpeg D2 BA3 classic.jpeg D2 BA4 classic.jpeg


2 May, 5:19 pm

Did chris call you mommy when u screwed. U know he has sexual fantasies about his mom.
in what realm
WTF? I never said that. Whatever you've been hearing or saying right now about me is false.

The Classic, before photos for 2 May

2 May, 8:22 pm

Tonight's Before Photos: Bottom rim of the shirt.

5-2.2 B1 classic.jpeg 5-2.2 B2 classic.jpeg

The Classic, after photos for 2 May

3 May, 2:16 am

Finished the bottom rim area; here are the after photos.

5-2.2 A1 classic.jpeg 5-2.2 A2 classic.jpeg

The Classic, before photos for 3 May

3 May, 10:21 pm

Here are tonight's Before Photos (I may end up completing the project tonight. :)

5-3 B1 classic.jpeg 5-3 B2 classic.jpeg

Horror movies

3 May, 10:38 pm

What do you think your favorite horror or slasher film is intellectually portrays?

He linked to a video.

The Classic, after photos for 3 May

4 May, 1:41 am

The After Photos: the shirt has been restored now.

5-3 A1 classic.jpeg 5-3 A2 classic.jpeg 5-3 A3 classic.jpeg 5-3 A4 classic.jpeg

Q&A on restored shirt

4 May, 3:24 am

Is that the orginal?
Yes it is.
Fan 2
I thought the money from the auction went towards a professional restoration. You just sewed the holes up with the stitches still visible.
I went around with it to multiple cleaners and tailors; they had called it "Beyond Help"; wouldn't touch it. I did not think that; so there.

Trump’s not winning

4 May, 2:26 pm

Tara Strong
💔 innocent blood is on your hands @realDonaldTrump . Your need for "winning" will bankrupt this country and kill millions.
Yes, @realDonaldTrump, you are Not winning, and people are needlessly dying from your actions.
Tara Strong
Congratulations Health Insurance Companies. #AHCA 😡😡😡😡
Me too! 😡😡😡 Frigging Drumpf.

I feel for the veterans

5 May, 11:46 am

Tara Strong
Thank you for your service. Sorry @realDonaldTrump & his money hungry goons have turned their backs on you. [she linked to a veteran's tweet]
I feel for the veterans too. My father was one (Signal Corp, Souel Korea, after WWII); I'm glad he is not here to feel this.

Mocking Cole for requesting donations

5 May, 11:49 am

Cole Smithey
Help keep Cole Smithey's independent film criticism, video essays, and podcasts alive; pledge your monthly support through Patreon. Even just $5 a month does a lot, plus you get rewards!
Oh, My Gosh. My Half-Brother is suddenly asking for money now. I Would pledge, Bro, but you haven't apologized or made up with our mom.

Very special livestream

5 May, 6:18 pm

Very special live stream later tonight; watch for link on my Twitter.

A couple hours later, he uploaded Live Drawing Stream - 05082017.

Stress depiction


8 May, 9:35 pm

Salty Squid
So this is what @DoopieDoOver thinks about >v> she linked to an animation
With respect to @DoopieDoOver, I agree, this was dumb. You do not know what she's thinking, or has on her mind. On the flip side, the grey head-holding part, but with either silence or random thought clusters for the sound, that's my mind when Stressed

Princess Unikitty

10 May, 4:22 pm

Tara Strong
'Lego Movie's' Unikitty Gets Animated Series at Cartoon Network
I Know! Princess Unikitty is Super Cute and Happy! :D Do you think Raven would love Unikitty as much as her Pretty Pretty Pegasus? :)

Agreed on career advice

11 May, 1:22 am

Amazing Facts
Never pursue a career because others want you to. You'll be the one spending half your life at that job. Pursue your passion.
I agree with that. My dad pushed me to get the CADD education and degree; no jobs avail after graduation. Sonichu was already well-popular.

11 May, 1:34 am

Please share and help me.

He linked to

Financial leap of faith

11 May, 1:10 pm

Hey, Bro! Our mom is taking a Major Leap of Faith, allowing her bank account to be in the red from the mortgage this month.

Help, Cole!

What Cole would have seen if he had clicked on Chris's link.

11 May, 4:35 pm

@colesmithey Please Help your Family here, COLE!

He linked to, requesting $1,000.

That's cute

14 May, 1:43 pm

New icon!
That is really cute.  :)

Britney Spears

15 May, 3:10 pm

@britneyspears has been my background jam for video games and drawing since <2003! Thank you, Brit! We all Love You! 💖🎵🎵🎵💖

He added:

And Driving.


16 May, 1:03 am

Britney Spears
My beautiful children on Mother's Day 💜💙💜
They look quite dapper, darling.  :)

Ranting on online dating

16 May, 8:32 pm

After watching a Planet Dolan video, in which DoopieDoOver talks about finding success at online dating, Chris ranted at her about the difficulties he's had with it.

@DoopieDoOver, I have tried online dating years in a row; mostly-to-nothing-but pretentious Trolls. With such people faking interests to tug at numerous heartstrings, I hardly believe, and can barely comprehend, how people who meet online First actually end up meeting sincere people through dating and social sites. For me, it is In Person First, or bust, and even that is difficult for me. And I just finished watching the new Planet Dolan video, with your successful online dating. I will Never Ever Understand, nor will I Ever summon any courage to meet people online, Anywhere. Dating sites, in games, ecetera! UGH! I feel jealous of every person who has been successful of online dating. And I feel upset and lonely again. I really do not want any negative responses. But,...WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO HATE EVERYTHING FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO NOT HATE OR LOVE,... who love to take advantage of people, in general, who feel need to mess with us? And WHY is it that I attract such hurtful people? UGH! Damn Haters can go to the left & kiss off *sigh*...

Begging to Cole again

16 May, 11:56 pm

Chris tweets at an unrelated message on Cole's account, unwittingly tagging several other accounts as well.

Help Us, Please, Brother!

He linked to, again requesting $1,000.

Transformers porn

17 May, 7:04 pm

Everyone likes drawing lewd of a robot character. Hmmm. 😤👌💦✨
There are fewer female Transformers than male; the Transformer porn is a rarity. LOL

Responding to troll questions

Chris posted a message to Facebook, reading:

Today, a Trolling-Stupid texted me that he was from the future; I replied "Go back; you forgot your 2010-2020 Sports Almanac." 😏

It was auto-posted to his Twitter, where several people commented on it. Chris replied to a couple of questions.

17 May, 10:55 pm

Troll 1
A.. a trolling-stupid what? A trolling stupid WHAT CHRIS??
Just a Trolling Stupid.
Troll 2
Isn't a lesbian transwoman basically a male crossdresser?

Sad about Sorbet

19 May, 10:55 pm

Andrea Libman
A busy #FluttershyFriday - hope you had a great day!
Busy to worn me down; my cat might have been hit by a car, but is still alive and safe at the vet. Then I finished coloring the recent pages. I miss my little Sorbet. 😭

Sorbet twitter pic.jpeg

Meme request

20 May, 6:06 pm

@BehindTheMeme Do a video on "I'm done adulting, let's be ....."

Curvy D

20 May, 6:53 pm

New Challenge Completed: Drawing thick Cursive spelling of "Adulting" (for drawing piece on Book 11, Page 50). That's a Lot of curves in the upper-left part of the "D". 🤣🤣🤣

Curvy d.jpeg

Sonichu and Rosechu done adulting

20 May, 7:52 pm

Here, put this on a poster and shirt. (Or, maybe wait until after I scan it later).

Sonichu Rosechu Done Adulting.jpeg

Official LGBTQ poster for the Sonichu books

20 May, 10:07 pm

And here is the official first LGBTQ poster for any of my books. Good Job, Roberta, Cera and Christine, and most everyone in general.

SLGBTQ Sonichu poster.jpeg

Answering questions on the poster

20 May, 10:11 pm

Fan 1
Does the S stand for Sonichu?
No, it stands for "Straight" (or Cisgender); both the Straight and Cisgender flags are above the "S".
Fan 2
what happen to the gay cure from the future ? i have no idea Sonichu dress as a girl poor rosechu
That's Robbie, who turned out to be a female soul; a lesbian Transwoman.
Fan 3
Sonichu is a girl now? Since when?
That's Robbie
Fan 4
Is Sonichu a woman now
That's Robbie
Fan 5
"Have no fearor phobin; have open hearts" - Chris, 2017
No fear or phobia.

Nice meme

21 May, 12:14 am

Chris Carpenter‏
@EmGo316 hope you like this meme 😂 [he linked to an image]
Nice. 🤣

Sonichu 12 cover and first few pages

21 May, 3:04 am

Here! The Official Cover for Sonichu #12, Plus the first three pages of Robbie/Roberta's story, that I started in 2011.
Fan 6
What does the "S" stand for?
The "S" is for "Straight" (or Cisgender); both the Straight and Cisgender flags are above the "S".

Could be a scam

21 May, 9:42 pm

If Beyoncé's twins ain't Gemini, I will give everyone who retweets this $100💸 [image of a Paypal account]
I think this could be a scam; the person who retweets it could be considered the origin from the last retweet. Like @KisakaToriama could appear to be where to get $100 from. Rtweeter Beware. **Retweeter Beware.

Note: @KisakaToriama is a Planet Dolan staff member who had liked perrysheartbeat's tweet, which had caught Chris's attention.

Transformers toy

22 May, 3:36 pm

Before everyone starts sending me this lol, yes I've seen, yes I will buy, yes I will review 👍 [image of a Transformers figure]

Neat. They even included ol' Chip.

Tara Strong is the best

23 May, 4:52 am


@tarastrong is the ultimate Alicorn.  :)

Bird Cop

25 May, 4:41 pm

Just another crime solved by Bird Cop

If not by other Bird Cop, @MelissaAMorgan

Morgan liked his tweet.

Happy birthday

28 May, 4:48 am

I got the new skin!!! happy birthday to me!!!
Happy Birthday, Doopie!  :) 🎂🎂🎂

I'll buy your album

Chris tweeted this six days after exploiting his own mother in a begging video.

30 May, 3:15 pm

ashleigh ball‏
[She linked to an article on her new album]
That was awesome. @ash_leigh_ball, you have a vocal tune that blows me away good. I look forward to buying your album. 💖💖💖

Sonichu/Planet Dolan crossover

31 May, 2:44 pm

I finished it yesterday, while Not going to be an official cover or story, this is an awesome fan art piece for @ThePlanetDolan.

Sonichu-Planet Dolan.jpeg

We are curious as to what is Planet Dolan; the local places and scenery therein. All we have to go by are their videos on SuperPlanetDolan.

Chris noticed one of the Planet Dolan writers had commented on someone else's fanart, and he decided to reply about his own.

That's a lot of people o.0 [she linked to fanart by CrapisLazuli]
As many as there are in my piece?
We actually have the same amount. 39.

Drawing philosophies

31 May, 4:05 pm

I may draw and color similar to a child with pen and markers, but I Own that Media, with Lots of Heart!
To throw one more wisdom bit for now: Soo many details, So little time.
The more detail in a drawn piece, the longer it takes me.

Talking MLP to Doopie

31 May, 5:27 pm

i want a pet alligator
Like Pinkie Pie's alligator, Gummy? 😊