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The following covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page for March 2015. He also continued to make occasional comments on his public group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!.


  • 1 March - Chris lists 23 more medals for sale on eBay and complains about getting poor feedback for his lackluster production quality on Facebook.
  • 1 March - Chris celebrates "Derpy Ditzy Bubbly Mare Doo Day".
  • 8 March - Chris posts a hypothetical list of guests he would invite to a select party, while stating that he would ignore any responses from them because he'd assume they were trolls.
  • 12 March - Chris rejects the societal construct of "prospects," claiming that any individual's chance to succeed is as good as anyone else's.
  • 22 March - Chris leaves a comment criticizing Sonic's blue arms.
  • 26 March - Chris posts another comment about the real reason for the failure of Sonic Boom.
  • 30 March - Chris mentions that the plot of an upcoming My Little Pony episode makes him sad.

Chris's posts

Shoody Medallions

Chris reposts his medallion for sale on eBay, complaining about the trolls who gave him his "Below Standard" rating. However, he takes it down within a day. Link here.

1 March 2015

Here's 23 more medals. My complaint is that in the past, the odd less than five people complained of their medals arriving as "shoody"; that is why my Seller status is Below Standard. Each Medallion is Hand-Made with care and all of that, which you would could not get anywhere else, even from a plastic-printing 3D Printer. Nothing and Nobody is absolutely perfect. Complain to eBay, if you'd like me to be able to list more than 20+ medals ever again. Thank you for your patronage.

Happy Derpy Ditzy Bubbly Mare Doo Day

Chris celebrates the day honoring My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's resident ditzy pegasus Derpy Hooves by sharing a fanart pic. Given the two's similar personalities, it's a perfect fit.

1 March 2015

March 1st is Derpy Ditzy Bubbly Mare Doo Day.

A Hypothetical List of Party Guests

Chris posts a list of hypothetical guests he'd like to have at a party. He goes on to say that any responses from the listed individuals would first be considered to be trolls. The statement implies that he thinks that there's still a chance these celebrities would actually contact him.

8 March 2015

**The Following is hypothetical; it is essentially a list of celebrities I would find good in hanging around with or meeting and greeting. This is for my reference.**

I'm hosting a select party, and I am inviting: Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Tara Strong, Amy Jo Johnson, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kelsey Grammar, Jane Leeves, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Betty White, Patricia Routlege, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, Monica Rial, Seth McFarland, Matt Groening, Craig McCracklin, Vanessa Hudgens, Christopher Lloyd, Melissa Etheridge, Kelly Clarkson, Temple Grandin, Peter Cullen, Seth Rogan.

Any responses from the individuals listed above, to this post, will be initially considered to be from people or Internet Trolls and CyberBullies pretending to be the actual individuals, and will be disregarded and ignored.

Have a good day.

Prospects? PROSPECTS?!

12 March 2015

Just Another Thought:

'What are your prospects?' 'He/She has no prospects!'

How many time on TV, Movies, or even from your Sweetheart's parent(s), have you heard either of those phrases, and/or just the word, 'Prospects'? Do you or They even know what the word means? 'Prospects' has a few definitions, but the usual definition focused is 'a chance at success or wealth'.

Now, especially in the difficult economic times, Every Individual Person, regardless of what is, or is not, currently in, coming out of, or going into (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) their wallet or bank whenever or whatever their individual circumstances, it all comes down to the Fact that Every Individual Person has as good of Any Chance at Success and Wealth as Any Other Individual Person.

So the very question, 'Do you have any prospects?', is as easily answered as 'I have as good of prospect as you or anyone else.' And, in short, the very questions of our word of the day here, are all Null and Worthless.

There's your lesson; go enjoy it. Have a good day.

Ain't Way Past Cool

In reply to a post on "Sonic's Channel" saying that "Sonic Boom Toys are way past cool!," Chris commented:

22 March 2015

Hell NO! They are NOT, especially with the Blue Arm Mistake left uncorrected!

More Blarms

In response to an article on "My Nintendo News" about Sonic Boom, Chris commented:

26 March 2015

I said it multiple times AGAIN AND AGAIN, and still Boycotting anything Sonic Boom: SONIC'S ARMS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BLUE, EVER!!!!

THAT, and THAT alone is the HUGE reason Why Sonic Boom FAILED, and why I ended up in trouble from my own protesting of the arm colour change in the first place. #Sonic #Sega #Hedgehog #SonicBoom #WiiU #Nintendo #3DS


In a comment on an announcement at the "My Little Pony" page that the new season was beginning in five days, Chris wrote:

30 March 2015

I've just read the episode title of the season premiere episodes upon setting my DVR. I was already feeling sad on Twilight and the others LOSING their Cutie Marks. "Cutie MarkLess"?! That made me want to cry-sad.