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The following covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page during February 2015. Chris also continued to participate in his anti-blarms group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!.


  • 2 February - Chris reveals his cover art for an industrial/power noise band.
  • 2 February - Chris announces he's reopened his eBay account and is selling his medallions again.
  • 10 February - Chris--erm, "Christine", posts a photo of several medallions ready to ship.
  • 10 February - Chris states that he needs a hug.
  • 11 February - Chris shares his excitement about another new Club Nintendo download.
  • 13 February - Chris is confused about the meaning behind a new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic trailer.
  • 27 February - Chris ends his posting drought by sharing an article covering the death of Leonard Nimoy.

Chris's posts

Chris Becomes a Noise Music Fan

2 February 2015

If any of y'all are looking for an inexpensive way to get my autograph, well, you'd be out of luck outside of Japan. For 1500 Yen, you'd not only get my sig. on this commission designed for the album, but also a back story behind the cover. Coming out later this week on February 5th. Domo Arigato, Sine-San.

L'eclipse Nue's album, "Varying Degrees of Discomfort" is available now on iTunes. A brief personal review of their tune-format: While strange, like exploring inside a Resident of Darkness and Evil, or listening to Pinkie Pie play a theramin (LOL), I can sense the emotions and depressions expressed behind the music. And I am certain you will be able to feel Her pains and despairs in this set on "Negative".

He added:

That's 1500 Yen, and no big fat Hen. (Rhyme pun)

Kim asked:

Cool! If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get paid for this? You get a percentage of the sales, or what?

Chris replied:

It was a B&W Commission, so I got paid $50 initially, followed by an advanced copy of the CD, which I receieved a few days ago.

The band in question, L'eclipse Nue (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leclipse-Nue/189265644421174?pnref=story), had announced on Facebook the previous month:

10 January

L'eclipse Nue's ”Negative” will be released 2015年2月5日。

Includes guest vocals by あなるちゃん (Analchan) and Aya (of Mississippi Viwako).

Track titles and concept are based on the cover artwork and accompanying ideas of Christian Weston Chandler.

When their album came out, they posted:

2 February

Thank you, Christian! :)

Album liner notes.

The liner notes to the album show that the entire album is actually about Chris's art, and feature a contribution from Chris:

"NEGATIVE" is the fifth album by L'eclipse Nue.

The creation of this album began with the title.

Christian Weston Chandler was asked to create the cover art, and in the process of doing so, he offered his own story behind the artwork.

Keeping that in mind, the sounds herein were created in order to illustrate that story. This album is a soundtrack to Christian's art.

Original note from Christian Weston Chandler:

"I have seen into the torment of the deceased woman;

she may have had a life's career if posing nude for art,

as well as offering herself to the numerous artists.

Take from that what you will.

And now she haunts the number of artists and photographers

who did really wrong with her in her life."

Reopened for Business on eBay

2 February 2015

Relisted: More Sonichu and Rosechu Medallions for satisfied Sonichu and Rosechu Fans. Please, help me get my Seller Status back up to Standard, so I can relist the commissions and photos again. Thank You.

Chris added:

And if you Like Me, then you LIKE My Characters about as much as well.

Ready for Shipment

10 February 2015

Current medallion lot molded and painted; will certify, strap and wrap them tonight for shipment tomorrow. Expect your tracking numbers scanned and added tonight. And I will be personally signing everything with my feminine name, Christine; this does not affect their value, or myself as an individual person in any way or matter.

Good day.

An inquisitive Jennifer Wilson asked:

What's the medallion above the blue and yellow one? Did someone ask for their face as a medallion?

To which Chris replied:

Someone requested the thing, and quoted an image, so I molded the thing.

Chris Needs a Hug (Women Only)

Chris commented on a piece of Equestria Girls fanart, which had been posted with the comment, "Poor Pinkie. Won't anyone give her a hug?"

10 February 2015
Pinkie pie.png

I could use some real hugs from my (female) friends too.

Flipnote to Self

Chris is excited about another new Club Nintendo free download...this time, it's Flipnote Studio 3D. Link here.

11 February 2015 FINALLY!!! It's about damn time!

Hidden Meanings in My Little Pony?

Chris watched the trailer for season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic[1], and commented:

13 February 2015

This village in the trailer; I am mildly confused. Is it a village of Equality, or are they taking a spin on the LGBTQ community or something? I mean, if it is on the LGBTQ, as well as Equality and sameness, it could be a say on equal rights for everyone, but also a take on a "don't tread on me" response. I do not mean to demean the show or anything like that, and I am looking forward to the new season to air. I'm just a little confused, is all.

Chris was probably wondering if this image from the trailer:

was meant to allude to the symbol of the Human Rights Campaign:

Tribute for a Fascinatingly Illogical Man

Chris shares an article on the death of Leonard Nimoy, best known as Spock from Star Trek. Link here.

27 February 2015

II.II Live long and prosper.