August 2012 Facebook posts

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Chris's new Facebook profile photo added 19 August.

The following covers Chris's activity on Facebook in August 2012.


  • 9 August - Chris hates all men.
  • 17 August - Chris isn't getting any play on eHarmony.
  • 19 August - Chris adds a new profile photo.
  • 27 August - Chris is feeling down.
  • 29 August - Chris pretends to have a mustache.

Status Updates

Last Human Male

9 August 2012

I wish I was the Last Remaining Human Adult Male on this Planet.

Yes, I am feeling quite bitter right now. |:(


17 August 2012
Chris's eHarmony page.

I am building a little more courage to communicate through eHarmony, but I feel frustration in not getting a reply from any of the women the question "Step 1" set was sent to. If any of y'all have been able to read over my profile thoroughly or so, please inform me of anything in it that may or is scaring women off, from your humble P.O.V. Also, I Have held my end of the deal and Paid to Communicate; am I THAT unappealing, that any women who reads my profile and sees my photos will count me invisible (like Publically [sic] Invisible)? {:(

I just do not understand.

Kim offered comfort:

Don't give up hope. Just be yourself and you'll find the right lady. :)

Chris responded:

Well, I know you have the opportunity to read my Profile. I Have been myself in what I entered into my profile. Everybody must be Googling my name after reading it. {:(


People's first reaction to meeting someone new is typically not to Google their name. If I was in their position, I highly doubt it would cross my mind to Google someone. Sometimes you have to be the one to make the jump and message people yourself. You'll definitely give people a better picture of yourself that way.


17 August 2012

I'm bored and lonely.

New photo

On 19 August 2012, Chris updated his profile photo, seen above.

Kim said:

Hair is looking good! What kind of shampoo do you use?

Chris replied:

Garnier Fructice shampoo, and conditioner.


27 August 2012

I'm okay. Just faring well. My mom, dogs and I all have our good health still.

I did not want to sound like a cry in the bucket by repeating myself with how I feel emotionally; I am still feeling low.

I am unable to get out of the house, aside from bringing home food and running errands. I have my responsibilities; I am never going to run away or deny it, but the multiple stress inputs, past and present, seriously get to me emotionally and mentally.

And no woman is contacting OR replying to me and my paid membership on eHarmony.

Constant boredom and loneliness is daily to me, and all I can do is wait with low faith in my future.

I wish I could travel back to 1999 and make me and my family Stay in Midlothian to change my future for the better.

How is this my life? *sigh*


29 August 2012

Look. My mustache grew so long, it made a wig. *bark* *bark*



Lol, how silly!