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Chris in 2018.

2018 was the tenth year since Chris's discovery. The year was marred heavily by the influences of the Idea Guys and the Teen Troon Squad; for the former, 2018 revealed the depths of their maliciousness as the Idea Guys began systematically violating Chris's closest-held beliefs and interests, brainwashing him to the point of the three demanding Chris furnish them with money and expensive games and consoles, as well as threatening to defraud him and even report him to the FBI for being a pedophile before being torn down by The Captain and Marvin. For the Teen Troon Squad, they made Chris further detached from reality by insinuating Chris to the Dimensional Merge and taking over his Twitter account. He also attended multiple conventions this year, being kicked out of one of them for being too handsy with other visitors.


Chris in January
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After hearing a rumor of a panel dedicated to him, Chris decided to travel to D.C. to attend to MAGfest. Not only was he correct, but he also received a surprisingly warm welcome. He was still under the influence of the infamous Idea Guy, declaring the marriage of Mewtwo and Magi-Chan and smashing a doll on camera under the belief that it was bugged by Nazis. The Idea Guy was finally doxed on January 22, revealed to be Kiwi Farms user Joshua Wise. More information was leaked about the Idea Guy, including fake news clips, audio recordings, and what appears to be unfinished works for Sonichu #16. There were also apologies to Alec Benson Leary and Michael Snyder. More of Sonichu #12-9 was uploaded. Chris also tried to sell his old Pokémon cards, ostensibly to fix Barb's teeth. After being doxed, Wise quickly fell quiet, but began doubling down on his plans; unbeknown to everyone else at this time, Wise was just one of at least four Idea Guys, who as a group had decided to begin their habitual abuse and extortion of Chris.


Chris in February 2018
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In February, Chris tried selling on Lulu again and sold damaged art for $100. He continued to debate "reality cartoons" with Bryanfrogboy, and turned 36. Other than these, this month saw very little activity from Chris.


Mother and daughter, March 2018
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This month mostly consisted of Chris selling items on eBay. These include a scalped ticket, bootleg Pokémon cartridges and Cole's old comics. Towards the end of March, Chris made reference to finding not one, but two sweethearts. To top the month off, Chris got arrested for trespassing after forbidden and revealed his true ancestry.


Chris on a treadmill, April 2018
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April was a surprisingly turbulent month for several reasons. He revealed to the public that he is now a bisexual. His need for money became even more desperate, as he made begging videos and took paid video requests again. His desperation reached its peak when he began to sell the Amnyfest Ring and licked two penis drawings on the wall so a customer will buy them. Chris was also in contact by two aspiring trolls. One tried to impersonate as a former PVCC professor, driven mad by him. Another paid for his BronyCon fees so he can earn fame.


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Chris's new husband and wife, taped to the ceiling.

While not as turbulent as April, combined with a drop in Patreon donations and increased presence of weens, especially from Michael Hirtes, Chris reached a breaking point, lashing out at anyone trying to interact with him and posting a video regarding the drama. Chris would then reveal his two sweethearts, Cryzel Rosechu and Magi-Chan. Later on, he would resume his work on Sonichu #12-9 to recoup his losses. Tragedy would strike in the Chandler household as Sorbet and Pollo would go MIA and die of natural causes respectively. At the end of the month, Chris would meet Copitz, where they would make a video together.


Sold in June 2018
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Chris was interviewed by Count Dankula and continued to sell junk, including an autographed photo with "JULAY!" written on it. He attended Too Many Games, and was thrown out for touching attendees inappropriately.


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Fourth of Julay, 2018

Chris's March trespass case was finalized, with no apparent punishment. Null revealed to Kiwi Farms that there were in fact more than one Idea Guy, and that one of them was the same Joshua Wise from earlier that year. Null leaked The Bad Beginning and Cryzel Torture, revealing just how fucked up Joshua and Stephen Boyd's torment of Chris was. He also revealed that they had scammed him out of six thousand dollars in donations and expensive electrical goods, and had also threatened to falsely report him to the FBI for being a Pedophile.

Chris finished Sonichu #12-9, insisted that his magic powers were real, and attended BronyCon.


Chris in August 2018, freckled after spending time in the sun for once.
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Chris released a brief comic about the Idea Guy's corruption of the Sonichu 'verse. He colored his shoes, and forced Barbara to make several begging videos selling photographs, posters and blankets.


Chris in Sept 2018
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A quiet month, except for a revealing Twitter rant about Barb. Chris also became preoccupied with Bowsette, and was sued for debt.


Chris in his Halloween "costume".
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The major highlight for this month starts out with Chris displaying his anti-Pmurt sentiment for the first time in a year by uploading Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii. Chris made a series of cryptic tweets and a video regarding a so-called "Dimensional Merge", where our universe and his imaginary universe will collide into one. At the same time, he tried to reunite with Megan, only to stop when he realized that she is armed. CWCSonichu complained about the Sonichu merch Twitter account claiming to donate its proceeds to Autism Speaks instead of him.[1] In the end, Chris would introduce Patches, a new kitten, along with two others later on.


Chris and Sylvia, November 2018.
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The month started with major drama as Patches would die early in the month. Chris continued to talk about the Dimensional Merge, while in the real world his car died, he uploaded a video of himself mass debating, and contributed to Shrek Retold.


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As December drew closer to its end, Chris became more desperate as the Dimensional Merge has yet to happen. This coincides with an order to pay debt from Midland Funding. The Teen Troon Squad, who were in close contact with Chris earlier in the year, grew more aggressive with their trolling tactics, leaking several never before seen videos on Twitter before their hubris caused one of them to be exposed.

Chris in December 2018