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Cwc bronycon 2017 3.jpg

BronyCon is a yearly convention held by adult fans of My Little Pony. The 2017 convention ran from 11 August to 13 August. Chris drove all the way to Baltimore, Maryland, to visit the convention, staying for the full three days. While he was there, Chris took many pictures with some of the show's staff, as well as other fans. He also made several new drawings - some of which were signed by voice actresses from the show - during his stay.

Several fellow bronies from 4chan's /mlp/ board,[1] Twitter, and Kiwi Farms provided photos and reports on their sightings of Chris.

Unlike his last out-of-state trip five years before, he did not bring Barb with him, however she did make him call her twice a day to check up on her[2]. One of his friends implied that she was helping Chris by promising to be on call for Barb if she needed help during the weekend.[3]

Overall, Chris' trip to Bronycon went abnormally well and seemingly without incident. He even described feeling "the MOST Love I have ever felt in my life" after returning home.

Day 1

Chris met Cathy Weseluck, a voice actress for MLP, talked to her about Sonichu and CWCville,[2] and got an autograph and a photo with her. He also met Clare Porter, a fan of his. Chris can be seen toting three large bags throughout the convention which apparently contained "the original copies of Sonichu",[2] snacks, and toys.

Day 2

Bc2 mlp-soul-min.jpg

An /mlp/ user got Chris's autograph.

I don't know anything about this year's CWC drama, but I'm glad to have my own little souvenir from the Con. After the panel Chris was showing a little girl a binder of Sonichu stuff with a Sonic Rainboom in it, so I took my opportunity.[1]

The same user provided an audio clip, apparently of Chris.

CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a complete transcription. Help CWCki by transcribing the audio.

Another, less shitty shot of Chris at the Gala.

Another user reported playing against Chris at poker and accidentally misgendering him, and answered a few questions:

Okay. So who's this Christine? I played poker against her in the tournament and she got really, really fucking mad when I accidentally called her - him.

I never care to call someone by their shitty preferred gender, but fuck you got to give me some time to figure out what you fucking want to be called.

I met her again at the gala and shes been glaring at me. Lol.

I didn't realize she was a meme until I saw pictures. Who is she?

How did he smell like? Did he joined you at poker? Did you beat him?

It was a paired tournament so we didn't have be a choice who we played.

And she can't play worth a shit. But she did manage to build off of idiots. She lost it all chasing though.

Did he say anything else at all? Talked about his comic? Was he alone?
Nah. Just a lot of shit about people needing to respect correct genders.
Bc2 mlp3.jpg

A fan complimented Chris on the Sonichu merch he had brought with him:

I found Chris-Chan at a panel and gained his trust.

I asked him if his Sonichu Medallion was authentic, and he said "I am the she that used to be that he that.." and then quickly showed me the first edition of Sonichu.

He wanted to take a selfie with me, and here it is after cropping myself out.

Then he shook my hand for some reason.

A 4chan user claimed that Chris was "told off" by convention officials for "going up to guests and saying he's horny," apparently in reference to his plastic unicorn horn. However, there is no solid evidence backing up this claim, and at this point it should be taken with a grain of salt.

During the early morning hours, Chris was spotted walking away from a parking garage which had closed for the night, leaving him unable to access his car.[1] He took an Uber back to his hotel.


Chris appears in voice actor Claire Corlett's vlog for Day 2. Chris is seen briefly at 4:32 in the background, above the Brony wearing the rainbow wig.

BRONYCON DAY 2! Claire Margaret Corlett
Stardate 12 August 2017
Made By Claire Margaret Corlett
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Day 3

Chris spent his final day at Bronycon attending a panel, taking pictures with cosplayers and other fans, and no doubt buying more crap he doesn't need with his Patreon and tugboat money. He wore a multicolored poncho as a top, somehow managing to look even worse than he did for the previous two days.

Day 3 pictures of Chris confirm that he wore the same ripped pair of leggings for three consecutive days. Based on his lack of basic hygiene habits, it can be assumed that they were not washed for the entire weekend.


CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a complete transcription. Help CWCki by transcribing the audio.

Chris was recorded asking a difficult-to-understand question about ad-libbing at the aforementioned panel, but not before greeting them in a jarringly high-pitched voice. He later shared the video on Facebook, with the caption "So cute! :)".

CWC at Bronycon 2017
Stardate 13 August 2017
Made By BB Rocket
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

The panel's response to Chris is as below:

Chris Chan at Bronycon 2017
Stardate 16 August 2017
Made By The Last Tendie
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Souvenirs and autographs

After the around three-hour drive back to 14 Branchland Court, Chris shared images on Facebook, showing pieces of merchandise he purchased along with some new drawings he made. Some of these were autographed by other visitors to the convention, notably several MLP voice actresses.

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