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Cutco logo.png
Of course it's not a pyramid scheme; just look at the logo.
The knives that Chris never cut himself or anyone else with
Wonder where the inspiration for this card came from?

Cutco is a company that sells overpriced medium-quality knives. Chris was employed by Cutco from June to September 2003, and it was the only other employer Chris has ever had besides Wendy's.


Chris describes his background with Cutco in the Miyamoto Saga e-mails:

One summer I was employed as a Salesman for Cutco products; the owners of the "Double-D" Edge and the Super Shears that can cut a penny to create a pig-tail. Lifetime Guarantee on sharpness. The boss left at Summer's end, and I lost that job. FYI, I was very cautious with my samples of cutary [sic], and I do not have any intentions of harming myself or anyone else. My record is clean.


—Chris, clarifying that he is not emo

Cutco, under the guise of Vector Marketing, is a notorious borderline scam.[1] While arguably not an outright scam, they will hire more or less anyone who is willing to pay $150 upfront for a "demo kit" and get people to buy overpriced knife sets on commission through leads (in other words, Chris was not going door to door). They target high schoolers and college students along with people with no real experience (such as autistic manchildren) for these "sales positions."

It is unknown if Chris was ever able to sell a knife set to any of his leads, as even people who aren't autistic, corpulent manchildren have trouble doing so. Chris touched back on the subject on his CWCipedia entry, noting that "[my status as an employee] may have gone longer if my boss had not left Charlottesville for good in August."[2] Chris is oblivious to the fact that his "boss" pretty much took his money and skipped town. He later told Vanessa Hudgens that his boss "got replaced."[3]

Chris took the Cutco job at a critical moment in his personal life, as he had realized several months earlier that he needed a girlfriend. He seems to have hoped that the job could help him with his sweetheart search; he remembered that it gave him the opportunity to "socialize." He believed that the job had allowed him to utilize his "good people/social skills," and he was disappointed that it "was ONLY a Summer gig." It was at this point, with a growing sense of desperation and urgency, that he made his first Attraction Sign, which stated that, among his other positive qualities, he was a "Natural salesperson."

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