February 2009

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On 12 February 2009, Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack goes online.
On 14 February 2009, the lumberjack cuts it down.
On 20 February 2009, footage is leaked of Chris and Kimmi having an intimate moment.
On 21 February 2009, Aunt Corrina dies.
Chris drives to Ohio on 26 February 2009.

February 2009 saw several transitions for Chris. His online relationship with PandaHalo, who supposedly lived in South Australia, ended when he decided she was killed by bushfires in Victoria. However, he would quickly bounce back, winning the heart of Julie in a relationship that would elicit far more disturbing footage. Chris received official confirmation from Nintendo of America that he had not been in contact with Shigeru Miyamoto, formally ending that saga. That the trolls posing as Nintendo officials very nearly tricked him into traveling to Redmond taught him nothing, though- by the end of February, Chris really did travel all the way to Cleveland in a futile effort to visit Julie.

Events of February 2009

  • 2 February - First of the Clyde E-mails is sent.
  • 3 February - Chris responds to Clyde Cash to say that he wants to hear from PandaHalo.
  • 3 February - Sonichuandrosechu.com site updated.
  • 4 February - Chris supposedly purchases the Sonichuandrosechu.com domain, although the site itself states that it was updated the day before.
  • 4 February - Chris's second Mumble chat. He speaks on his nudes, sex in the Sonichu comics, Clyde Cash, and reasons behind CWCville's restrictive laws.
  • 5 February - Chris's third Mumble chat. Talks to Julie about Molvanîa's destruction, music, protecting her from Clyde Cash, their relationship and their first time together, including cumshots and premature ejaculation.
  • 5 February - Chris is coerced by Clyde Cash to make two videos stating that he is gay. He removes both videos a few hours later.
  • 5 February - Continuation of Mumble Chat 3. Clyde harasses Chris about copping out of calling himself gay in Captain's Log, Stardate February 5th, 2009 and forces him to make a second video rectifying this.
  • 6 February - Chris's fourth Mumble chat. Clyde calls him out on his inability to support Julie, his views on love and relationships and forces him to get rid of his material possessions for Julie.
  • 6 February - Chris issues a retraction of the 5 February videos, claiming he was blackmailed. He also says he will be getting rid of his unnecessary possessions.
  • 6 February - Chris reuploads the 5 February video, with a disclaimer.
  • 7 February - Chris's fifth Mumble Chat. Clyde continues to question Chris on how he would support Julie, going into detail about Chris's unrealistic views on how much money he'll need to live.
  • 7 February - The Black Saturday bushfires spread through Victoria, Australia, killing 173 people.
  • 8 February - Chris launches Sonichuandrosechu.com, claiming he is now co-managed by Nintendo of America/Japan.
  • 8 February - Chris presents SonichuAndRosechu.com. He asks his alleged girlfriend PandaHalo to contact him, fearing she might have been killed in the bushfires.
  • 8 February - First of the Vivian Gee E-mails 2 is sent.
  • 10 February - Fulfilling another obligation to Clyde Cash, Chris shows off his supposedly cleaned room. Chris also says he has gotten a letter from Nintendo, saying there was never contact between them, and that the earlier approaches from the company to Chris were done by a con-man.
  • 10 February - Along with his new video, Chris publishes a text asking his fans to "return to pestering N.O.A. via snail mail to get in touch with me."
  • 10 February - Chris discusses with Vivian about the video he uploaded earlier that day, and Vivian agrees with Clyde that Chris needs a job.
  • 10 February - Chris's sixth Mumble Chat. An open fan Q&A. Discusses whether Chris's letter from Nintendo of America is fake, Chris's taste in Anime and Clyde probing Chris about finances and supporting Julie.
  • 12 February - Chris uploads Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack, a porn section of SonichuAndRosechu.com containing his Rule 34 drawings.
  • 13 February - An audio clip of Chris engaging in furry-cybersex with his alleged girlfriend Julie emerges online.
  • 13 February - Chris's seventh Mumble chat. Another fan Q&A in which Chris is quizzed about anime, videogames, homos, dating tips, Sarah May and he does several terrible impersonations.
  • 14 February - Bob Chandler catches Chris having cybersex. Audio of this moment emerges.
  • 14 February - Chris calls Julie from his PSP after Bob cuts the Internet down, discussing the loss of his erection over Bob walking in, and speculates about who called to tip Bob off.
  • 15 February - Another audio file of Chris engaging in various sex acts, including quoting Family Guy while orgasming, is leaked.
  • 16 February - Three uncolored pages of Episode 19 from Sonichu 9 are released.
  • 16 February - First PSN chat with Julie. Discusses Aunt Corrina's fate, the possibility of a threesome and Chris's employment prospects.
  • 16 February - The Cwchronology is moved to the Cwcki allowing everyone to edit it.
  • 17 February - Second PSN chat with Julie. Covers Chris's unwillingness to visit his dying Aunt Corrina, Chris depicting Sarah Jackson being murdered by Optimus Prime and Sonichu Episode 19.
  • 17 February - Chris emails Clyde Cash accepting his help, and asking that he speak to his parents.
  • 17 February - Chris's eighth Mumble chat. Discusses Chris's contradictory views on Christianity and premarital sex, recycling and features a painful breakup with Sarah May where Chris repeatedly calls her Julie and she attempts suicide.
  • 18 February - Chris prays for his friend Sarah May not to kill herself.
  • 18 February - Chris retracts all his prior homophobic statements.
  • 18 February - Third PSN chat with Julie. Chris dishes on his fears of being a homo, pornography, masturbation, his entire sexual history and his use of sex toys.
  • 18 February - Continuation of the third PSN chat with Julie. Chris's race relations, heritage and family are discussed.
  • 18 February - Conclusion of the third PSN chat with Julie. Bob talks to Julie at length and is reassured on her legitimacy and the existence of Molvanîa.
  • 20 February - Video footage Chris fucking his with sex doll Kimmi is leaked online.
  • 20 February - Fourth and final PSN chat with Julie. Covers Julie's education and when Chris plans to make the trip to Ohio.
  • 20 February - Chris registers his final game on Club Nintendo, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and proceeds to get himself more absorbed into his PS3 and LittleBigPlanet.
  • 20 February - Chris 100%’s his first trophy list on the PlayStation Network. It was in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.
  • 21 February - Chris's Aunt Corrina dies.
  • 23 February - Chris declares his love for Julie. Meanwhile, the Sonichu Girls forum is revealed as ruse perpetrated by trolls.
  • 23 February - Chris's ninth Mumble chat. Hosted by The Miscreants, who reveal that their purpose is to stop Chris from finding a sweetheart because he's a racist who only wants china.
  • 23 February - Continuation of Mumble chat 9. The Miscreants accuse Chris of not caring about his deceased Aunt Corrina, discuss Megan and Chris admits retardation.
  • 23 February - Chris's tenth Mumble chat. A fan chat where he's convinced to go to Cleveland to save Julie from her evil brother Max at Miscreant HQ.
  • 23 February - In one of the BlueSpike Skype conversations, Chris is led to believe that Max has leaked his sex video.
  • 24 February - Chris's 27th birthday.
  • 24 February - Chris's Aunt Corrina is buried, and Chris is disappointed that he will be missing out on pancakes.[1]
  • 24 February - Clyde Cash emails Chris to say that he is sending Julie to China. Chris responds that he is coming to Cleveland to rescue her.
  • 25 February - First Sarah May Skype call takes place.
  • 26 February - Chris, with $50 to his name, sets out before dawn on a 400-mile trip to Cleveland, Ohio to look for Julie. She is nowhere to be found. His parents call the police when they find him missing. He returns early the next morning.[2]
  • 27 February - Chris emails Clyde to thank him for the opportunity to drive to Ohio.
  • 27 February - Last of the BlueSpike Skype conversations takes place. Chris tells Max about his trip to Cleveland.
  • 27 February - Second Sarah May Skype call takes place.