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CWC Shout Out to Sarah May is a video released on 18 February 2009, made the day after after Sarah May threatened suicide because Chris called her "Julie" multiple times in Mumble 8 on 17 February 2009.


CWC Shout Out to Sarah May
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Stardate 18 February 2009
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
CWC Update 10 February 2009
CWC Update 18 February 2009


This message is for Sarah May. Sarah, I feel terrible about what- about the big mistake I made in our conversation. I hope you don't do anything stupid, I pray you're still alive and well. 'Cause If you, you, submitted suicide or hurt yourself, because of my actions, I'd feel terrible.

Sarah, I care about you very much. Please, be alive, I care about you... as a friend. And you are a sweet friend, and you are- you are a sweetest- the sweetest among my sweetest friend I've made in my lifetime and I'd just cry if I lost you. Let me know that you're still alive. Send another application to join the Sonichu Girls forum. If you replied- you reply and mention I know you're still alive and we can put all this behind us.

Hopefully I'll get to talk to you again soon. I love you, Sarah May. I love you as my friend.

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A very emotional Chris-Chan video
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Stardate 01 February 2010
Made By Ashlink
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One year later, a very dramatic and heart-warming edition of the story of Sarah and Chris was released by Clyde Pictures. This is the ending of the movie.

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