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The BlueSpike Skype conversations took place from 4 January to 27 February 2009.

# Dates Topics
1 4-18 January Threesome, Hacking of
2 19-22 January Reaffirmation of Chris's heterosexuality, Vodoo dick, Clyde Cash, PandaHalo, Rights to Sonichu
3 28 January - 4 February Chris wants to hire an attorney, setting up of Mumble, PandaHalo, Sexual fantasies, child with Julie, interrogation of Julie, Family Guy
4 5-6 February Julie doesn't trust Sarah May, Chris coming out of the closet video discussion, Max gives Julie's PSN password as a gift for Chris coming out, Chris tells why he can't get rid of his toys
5 7-11 February Chris wants to use PSN instead of mumble, Chris cleans his room, Chris wants to see Julie's ID and face, Chris gets a letter from Nintendo
6 12 February Chris receives fanmail, Chris asks Rocky to do a better job of finding him a job, Chris says god will support him and Julie, Chris creates Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack
7 13 February Chris is sad about PandaHalo, Julie wants to cybersex, Chris says he stopped giving a shit about PandaHalo after he cried about her loss a few days ago, Julie wants to cybersex again
8 14 February Chris wet himself while playing Animal Crossing and thinking about Julie, Chris made a LBP level for Valentines day, Lots of cybersex.
9 16-17 February Julie requests for a sex tape, Julie again requests for Chris to make a video showing his strength.
10 18 February Chris talks about Sarah May's suicide, THE SEXTAPE IS RELEASED, Chris's wisdom teeth are in a jar of alcohol.
11 20 February Chris receives Julie's letter, Chris hopes Aunt Corina's funeral doesn't overlap with his birthday, Julie asks for a video and gives her address.
12 23 February Chris believes Molvania is real, Chris sees Julie's pictures for the first time, Max takes Julie to Clyde.
13 24-27 February The prequel and sequel to Chris's trip to Cleveland
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