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I told her the long story about him and me getting access to his account and all that in an e-mail. She called me on my cell later, and I listened to her rant on about portraying me as the bad guy from pretending to be Jeff, yet she CARED for him very much regardless of using a stolen name and identity.
I did what I originally set out to do with Kacie, make her aware about her being with the Impostor and NOT the real artist. That was my only design and course with her, since she was that close to Jeff. And I tried to be a friend for her. Oh, well.
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In Kacey Call 3, recorded on 4 August 2009 a few hours after the previous phone call, a devastated Kacey confronts Chris about impersonating her boyfriend Liquid Chris over the phone.


  • The call began with Kacey whining at Chris for impersonating Liquid Chris. Chris attempted to refute her concerns by insisting he was trying to be her friend and show her the face of a true man.
  • Kacey called out Chris's nonchalant attitude during the call, as his tone of voice hadn't changed at all during Kacey's rant.
  • Chris used his autism as a crutch to try and deflect from his lack of forsight.
  • Chris tried to deflect the blame onto stress, shock, and even insisted the situation was Kacey's fault because she forced him to say "I love you" to her when he didn't want to.
  • Chris brought up his dead sweethearts in order to try and get sympathy from Kacey.
  • Chris blamed his autism for a second time after Kacey told him to choose his words better, while Kacey (correctly) surmises that Chris isn't going to change and will keep making the same mistakes.
  • Kacey demanded that Chris prove that he is actually autistic, but Chris said that he could not retrieve the autism papers because that have required waking Bob up to find them for him.
  • Kacey insisted that Chris must show her the autism papers in order to earn some of her trust back, and to convince her that he was autistic. Chris agreed and promised that he will get them later.


Kacey Call 3

Stardate 4 August 2009
Featuring Solid Chris; Kacey
Saga Liquid saga.png Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 2
Kacey Call 4

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: [heavy sigh; then, in an incredibly whiny tone] I can’t believe you did that. Wha-what is wrong with you? I mean, you didn’t, you could’ve just told me something, you didn’t even have to make him look so bad. Just, what the hell?

Chris: Kacey. I’m sorry. I was trying to spare your feelings.

Kacey: No! No you weren’t! Why couldn’t you just tell me from the start? I mean, [sobbing] I mean what happens if he did something to me or if, what happens if YOU did something to me? You wanted me to come to YOUR house! And, wha-what were you gonna do? You think I wouldn’t know? [sigh]

Chris: I was trying to ease you into it. I’m sorry.

Kacey: That’s not easing someone into it. Just what were you going to do? Rape me? Or what were you going to do?

Chris: No! No! No. I was only going to show you the true face of the real man.

Kacey: But what makes you the real man? Why the fuck would I love YOU? You tricked me too! [sobbing] I don’t know, it’s just, I mean, just how could you? You’re just as bad as him. [sobbing]

Chris: I know and I understand. I’m sorry.

Kacey: No! No you’re not, cuz you’re the one that told me this shit and and… I mean you had so, so many chances, you’re just, it’s fucking me… you were playing with me, you were playing with my heart. I mean, what? So you could get laid out of it? So you could be not a virgin anymore?

Chris: No. No. No, no, I was trying to, ah, I was trying to earn, I was trying to be your friend. I was trying to, uh…

Kacey: How? How is that being my friend? How is that being my friend? Tricking me! I mean, you were pretending to be same person you’re trying to save me from. I mean, why would I want to be your friend, much less your girlfriend? I mean what redeeming qualities do you have that you have shown me now? [sigh]

Chris: I can’t say off the top of my head, but I would do my best to make up for what I have done-

Kacey: [interrupting] No! Of course you can’t, of course you can’t! You know what? Exactly! This is it exactly! You can’t, you can’t do any of the things he did for me! You can’t play the guitar, you don’t have a job, you aren’t in school, I mean how did you even… I can’t believe you fooled me. I can’t believe that I did that, because you know what, even if he tricked me, I at least was trying to stay true to him. Look what you did to me. Now, not only that but you made me a cheater!


Chris: Yeah…

Kacey: You’re. Nothing. Like. Him! How am I just supposed to, I mean you can’t even say anything! And look at what you did! Look what you did!

Chris: I am looking at what I did. I’m looking and I have done a lot of damage.

Kacey: I mean, you think I could go from him to you? I mean, just like that? Just like, "oh look, I make Sonichu!" I mean, I just… Like, you know what? Do you even know what’s right and wrong? Even if what he did was wrong he was at least there for me and, and… I just don’t fucking know anymore. Just what were you expecting?

Chris: It’s okay…

Kacey: Just what were you expecting me to do, just go "oh, okay"?

Chris: Uh, no, no, I was, I was not expecting anything. I was gonna, I mean, I, like you know, I mean, like you know, he told everybody about 14 Branchland Court Ruckersville, VA 22968. Anybody could go to my house…

Kacey: So that means you could be a fat impostor too? So that makes it right? Right?

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: Oh it does? It does? Did you just say yes to me? Did you just say yes?

Chris: No, no, no, no, no, no. No. No! I, I, I, I’m not even gonna, ah, I, I, okay, yeah, he was flaunting the address along with a lot of fake documents and a fake driver's license. If he had successfully fooled anyone into actually going to the home address they would’ve found the real me anyway then realized that he was a troll...

Kacey: [interrupting] It doesn’t matter, you’ve already put that info on the internet, obviously! Because I’ve went to your pages. And I went to the ED thing. I went to everything. And I mean, you put yourself out there, so you were asking for it. But does that mean that I had to be caught up in the middle? You could’ve told me. You. Could. Have. Told. Me. I mean, you could’ve saved me. But you know what? You were just as bad as him. You’re just a big fat fucking liar.


Chris: I dinna, I did not have the good, as well as information from the ah, from Dan. I, ah, ah, his name tag, I think his name was Dan. I didn’t have that much information from Dan yet…

Kacey: His name is Chris. His name IS Chris. [pause] God…

Chris: I’m talking about the guy who, the guy who called him Jeff.

Kacey: Whatever, well who cares that it’s... You didn’t have to give me those fucking e-mails. Cuz that just made him look bad too. And I don’t think he’s really doing that shit behind my back. I really, really don’t.

Chris: I mean, I’m not, I’m not…

Kacey: I’ve seen him, I’ve had dinner with him, I’ve seen his car, I’ve seen his driver’s license. What the hell dude? What?

Chris: I’m not, I’m not, I’m not putting him down for, uh, I’m not saying that he, ah, that he’s guilty of those things or anything like…

Kacey: [interrupting] Then why would you show them to me? Why would you show me those first before you decided to tell me? You were trying to make him look bad and you know it! So, where does that put you? Where does that put you in this?

Chris: I, Ike, I understand, this puts me in a bad position.

Kacey: Why would you even do that? Like if you did, if you did want a chance with me, and let’s say I would come around, what… I, I can’t even speak to you! I can’t even SPEAK to you I am so angry. [sobbing]

Chris: I, I understand, I understand.

Kacey: You don’t even sound like you are upset that I am crying. So what am I supposed to believe?

Chris: I am upset.

Kacey: No!

Chris: I am upset.

Kacey: No you’re not!

Chris: Try to remain calm.

Kacey: No you’re not!

Chris: I’m trying to remain calm.

Kacey: How am I supposed to be calm? Look what you did!

Chris: I know, I know. I, I’m very very sorry…

Kacey: [interrupting] You’re just disappointed that I…

Chris: [interrupting] And I would be willing to do anything in the world to make it up to you!

Kacey: Well then why did you invite me over first? You’re just disappointed now because I’m definitely not coming. You, I mean, just, you had ulterior motives or else you would’ve told me something first. You fucking told me, "Hey, call me. Hey, send me pictures. Hey come visit me." The first thing you said, the first thing was "Hey, come see me." What? What the hell?

Chris: Well, I, I assumed he was going to tell you that anyway. I, I had, I mean…

Kacey: No! No! But you know what? Do you know… what? Rrrrgh! I mean, do you not get that even, let’s say that he is doing all these evil things to you, do you not get that trying to steal a girlfriend is wrong? Did you not get that maybe, maybe I love him? And I mean, ah, I mean you were trying to say you weren’t going to rape me but you’re like, "we can go to my room and go straight to love making." I mean when were you going to tell me? When were you going to tell me? When I came in the door? You think that I wasn’t going to freak out or something? You think I wasn’t going to notice that you’re not him?!

Chris: [sigh]

Kacey: That would be embarrassing for your parents. What - did you not even think of them?

Chris: I thought of a lot of things but I can’t think of everything at once. I have a mental problem, I’m actually slow in the mind sometimes. I- I can't think of everything...

Kacey: [interrupting] You know what, that’s not a good enough excuse [Chris starts to interrupt] Hey! No! You let me talk! You let me talk!

Chris: Okay.

Kacey: No, that is not a good excuse. That is never a good excuse. You just do not freaking do that. You do not blame shit like that, you, you knew what you were doing and I know you knew what you were doing. You were being a selfish little prick.

Chris: Ah… I thought, I’m sorry I came off that impression.

Kacey: Well what did you think you were going to do?

Chris: I'm sorry. I was, I was going… I just wanted to show you the face of truth. I just wanted, I mean, ah, I mean sure I could...

Kacey: [interrupting again] I mean I don’t think it’s much of an impression. I think you ARE like that.

Chris: No. I, I’m serious!

Kacey: You’re sad because he’s cuter.

Chris: I would not, I would not...

Kacey: He’s more talented...

Chris: I would not, I seriously would not...

Kacey: Would you stop?

Chris: I would not ask you do that.

Kacey: Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me.

Chris: I seriously would not’ve asked you to do that.

Kacey: You do not speak over me. Especially not after what you’ve done. Especially not. After. What. You’ve. Done!

Chris: I understand. I understand you got all the nervous tension from the stress and all this shock and everything.

Kacey: No! No, I have nervous tension because you decided to play me. And it has, it has nothing to do with what he did now. It has with what you did. You tried to play me and you let me talk to you like that on the phone knowing that you were, I, I should’ve known. I should’ve known. You, you’re terrible! You are so terrible! What, what did you think was going to happen? That I was going to say "Thank you?" "You’re awesome?" "I love you?" You said you loved me and you not… oh my god! You’re a horrible horrible human being, if you’re even a human being.

Chris: [interrupting] I, I’m sorry, I know that I cannot say that I love you. I know, I never, I mean, I never even wanted to say I love you but you forced me to say I love you. A few times.

Kacey: I didn’t force you to do anything! I didn’t force you to do anything. Remember that I thought you were MY Chris. I thought you were my Chris. So why wouldn’t he tell me that he loved me?

Chris: Yeah, yeah, you thought I was Jeff. His name is Jeff.

Kacey: No, his name is Chris.

Chris: …egh… take another look at his driver’s license, but, ah seriously though, I had, I mean, I was, I had to uh, let you know I was trying, I mean, I was, I mean I thought I’d give you a chance to get to know me per, on my own personal level.

Kacey: [interrupting] Woah, woah, woah, woah. You think I’m still going to get to know you? You, you what?

Chris: No, no I mean…

Kacey: What?

Chris: Listen, if I told you right off you woulda thought then like, “Oh my God, a troll got into his account," and that he was the real Chris.

Kacey: Well then don’t you think you should’ve done that first?

Chris: I’ve been trying to get back my own identity that he stole from me.

Kacey: Oh, he stole your identity huh? Well maybe if you didn’t post it all over the fucking internet he wouldn’t have been able to have it. You ever think of that?

Chris: I mean, all he had, sure. All he needed was Christian Weston Chandler, the Christopher and Ricardo was not optional.

Kacey: [interrupting] None of those, none of those, none of those are very, uh, exotic names. You don’t think that he couldn’t have the same name by, you know, coincidence? I mean a lot of people are named Chris!

Chris: Yeah I can understand that but still he’s not the, I mean but I can tell you that he is not the Christian Weston Chandler if that is his real name...

Kacey: Okay, he's not you, but you're showing me who Christian Weston Chandler is and he's just a fat fuck who doesn't care about me, who doesn't care about anyone's feelings, I mean... just, and, and what! You were getting me to spy on your own friend! You were getting me to spy on your own friend Kim! And what the hell? And you were saying how she might like you or whatever. What about that? What happened to, you know what, I'm talking to Kim, what happens if I tell Kim? [pause] Would you [stops short]

Chris: [heavy sigh]

Kacey: I don't think she's going to like that.

Chris: Yeah...

Kacey: 'Cause I know I don't.

Chris: I can imagine, yeah, I can just imagine, yeah, she wouldn't like that at all. Even I don't like it.

Kacey: I mean, ah, she has a boyfriend too, right? What happens if her boyfriend finds out? 'Cause he's going to. He is going to.

Chris: [sigh]

Kacey: You're just a big chunky fuck!

Chris: I have, I have had, I've had, I've had a lot of emotional traumas in my lifetime, in the past with women. I mean I've even lost some over the internet.

Kacey: Yeah! I wonder why, I wonder why you have. I mean, if you treat them like this... Yeah, you know what? Now wonder you-

[a lot of unintelligible arguing over each other occurs here, the most made out is Kacey saying "Don't you talk over me!"]

Chris: They got killed! They died!

Kacey: Yeah, probably 'cause they wanted to get away from you!

Chris: No!

Kacey: But you do not talk over me like that!

Chris: Like Sarah Jackson died in an automobile accident. I'm serious, her sister told me that. Sarah Cassandra McKenzie slash PandaHalo died in a brush fire.

Kacey: What? Like I, like I believe anything that you, like I can believe you. Like I can totally believe you. And you know what? You know what? It doesn't even matter, 'cause you know what? I don't care. I don't care if he's not the Sonichu creator. I don't care who he is, I love him. And he's been there for me and you will never ever be him. He can at least play guitar, he can at least sing to me, he's been the one with me, you haven't. The fff, the only time I've had with you is you trying to trick me and get me in bed. What the fuck? What the fuck? You even lied to me about going to college.

Chris: ...uh, yeah, but...

Kacey: It must be hard to hear, 'cause you know what, you don't even sound like him.

Chris: I, I, I, uh, I understand and respect your decision. You are welcome to stay with him, but you still you had to know that, uh, still...

Kacey: [interrupting] Oh, I'm welcome to stay with him if I get your permission? I get your permission? I get your permission to stay with my own boyfriend? Where? Where are you coming off?

Chris: [starting to yell] No. No, I, I, I, I never, I never said that, I never meant it like that.

Kacey: Yes you did, you just said that I was welcome to, maybe you should choose your words a little better.

Chris: Uh, yeah, you're right. I sometimes have a bad choice, sometimes I go melt when choose my own words. I am, I mean, it's a part of my, part of the real life autism is sometimes.

Kacey: Is this why no girl [realizes that Chris is blaming his autism] Don't you blame that, don't you blame that! Are you serious? Are you serious? Do you not know how many autistic children I've worked with? And you know, they don't do that. They don't fucking do that. You know what, I don't even think you have autism. I think you have something else. I think you have something that just makes you so... narcissistic that's just so, you're so full of yourself. I mean, that's not autism. What the hell is wrong with you?

Chris: Actually yeah, that is a piece of autism.

Kacey: No. No its not.

Chris: Being socially inept.

Kacey: And I guarantell, I can guarantee you that I know more about this shit than you. You know what, prove it. Prove it. Go ahead. Because I don't believe you. You ever ever ever want a chance with me, you need to choo- you need to prove that. [pause] Because you are not textbook case.

Chris: Yeah, you're right, I am not textbook case. I'm uh, definitely uh, not textbook case.

Kacey: Well, I think you need to... [Chris cuts her off]

Chris: Beyond that, uh... yeah, well, I got all the papers here at the home, my father has them in the filing cabinet. It not like, it's not like...

Kacey: [interrupting] Fine then, I want to see them. I want to see them. Send them to me like you sent those pictures. Show them in a video. Right now.

Kacey: Maybe I'll forgive you.


Chris: Uh, I can't do it right now, because, I uh...

Kacey: No, you're going to have to.

Chris: My fath- My father has...

Kacey: [talking over Chris] You're going to have to or else I'm going to tell Kim. I'm going to tell Kim.

Chris: My father, my, my father is asleep! An he hanna, [Chris stops and starts several words here, but keeps talking] and the filing cabinet is locked. And it's like he has to go through every single file in the filing cabinet to find the one document.

Kacey: Well I guess I'm not that important, now am I? And neither is Kim. I think if you could...

Chris: [interrupting] Now, now, if, IF! Ah, after he's awake I can ask him if I can see it and then if I...

Kacey: [interrupting] Please, you're 27, you're 27, you can't do it?

Chris: if I can... and then, and then, and then if I, and then after I get it [Kacey stifles a laugh] I'll, I'll uh, I'll take it, I'll scan it or take a picture of it, I'm not sure I'll be able to scan it because my scanner/copier/printer is out of order.

Kacey: You better find a way. You better find a fucking way. Because, you're, you're fucking smart, right? I mean, I guess, you fooled me. So... [scoffs]


Chris: I'm not always so smart.

Kacey: No, your behavior is inexcusable and has nothing to do with being smart or stupid. It has to do with being you.


Chris: Yeah. Hmm. Well.

Kacey: And you know what? The best part is, you're not going to learn from this are you? You're just going to keep doing this shit to people like poor Kim, or poor Megan or any of this crap.


Chris: [sigh] Actually, for your information, Kim already has a boyfriend and I respect her space very much.

Kacey: So, so, so that makes it better that you want me to spy on her to see if she likes you and all that stuff?

Chris: She, n-no, she can tell you the same, she can tell you the actual kind of person she, uh, learned from me from multiple conversations.

Kacey: Oh no, I think, I think she's going to know something different. I think she's going to know something different, 'cause you're fucking disgusting me and I know you're going to disgust her. This is-

Chris: [interrupting] Actually it's not, actually it's not going to surprise her. She's actually pretty much figured this out on her own and we discussed this.

Kacey: Hey, would you, would you stop insulting me? No, no, seriously, I think that you need to prove it to both of us, because you know what, I'm sick of this. I mean you want, you know you're going to lean on your autism so much and everything, you need to prove it. You need to fucking prove it to me, and I think you owe me after what you put me through the last couple days. I think you fucking owe me.


Chris: I'll do, I'll, I'll do anything. I'll, uh, get the paper...

Kacey: [interrupting] You better do it, you better do it.

Chris: I'll get the paper, I'll take, I'll, uh, get, I'll make it into a picture file and I'll e-mail it to you personally.

Kacey: You better. 'Cause I swear to God, you, you better not be lying to me. 'Cause remember, I'm not too far away. And I would be very, very happy to tell the authorities about what you did. 'Cause remember, you were still doing identity theft too, of him, and you were leading me on. And I mean, I, just, erg, thank God I wasn't there.

Chris: No! He was the one that did identity theft against... Oh, okay, yeah.

Kacey: Fine! Fine, whatever, I was ju-

Chris: Ok, for the... I'm sorry, I take that back...granted, for the past few days I've been pretending to be him, but I never said- I never called myself Jeff. That's his real name though.

Kacey: His name is not Jeff, but you know what, the thing is... all you are doing is following the autism part, and I can tell you’ve done it before. That does not excuse any of this shit. You prove it to me tomorrow.

Chris: You’re right… all right, I’ll prove it to you.

Kacey: Good, because I mean, this is just ridiculous. I mean... You we- you were hacking and hacking is frowned upon. You are no better than trolls you think troll you.

Chris: [deep sigh] Yeah, hmmm... Uh, Y-You know... all- I

Kacey: No, you don’t even have an excuse do you, you don’t have an excuse at all.

Chris: I'm not asking for an excuse. I was going to ask you-

Kacey: No, you are giving me excuses.

Chris: I was going to ask you for a fav- for a...

Kacey: For a favor?! You want me to give you a favor? After all this?

Chris: STOP! Stop. It-It’s not THAT kind, it’s not that kind of favor! Please listen.

Kacey: [interrupting] I didn’t say it was that kind of favor-

Chris: I just want you to talk to this, to this… Christian Weston Chandler in brown stripes... Or Jeff, whatever his name is. I just want you to encourage him...

Kacey: [interrupting] GOD, Just shut the fuck up!

Chris: ...to fess up. He’s not the real original creator...

Kacey: [talking over Chris] It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter about him. Shut the fuck up!

Chris: ...to give me back my own identity...

Kacey: Shut up! Seriously, it has nothing to do with him right now. This is between you and me.

Chris: Yes, this is between you and me. But I’m just asking you to encourage him to, uh, to reveal himself.

Kacey: W-Who would want your identity now? Oh my God, When I tell him about this, do you think he’s going to care? Let’s say you are right, do you think he’s going to care anymore? You have sullied the name of Christian Weston Chandler and Sonichu. I mean, think about what you did… forever. For-ev-er.

Chris: [stuttering noises]

Kacey: Is this the way you want people to remember you?

Chris: No it's not.

Kacey: Then why did you do it?

Chris: I'm trying to improve myself. I've learned-

Kacey: Well you know what? You can start by showing me those documents. That’s how you can start.

Chris: Okay. I’ll get the documents and I’ll show them to you.

Kacey: You better.

Chris: I will. [pause] Again, I’m sorry, to have put you through all that.

Kacey: [takes a deep breath]

Chris: Take some deep breaths, stay safe…

Kacey: You know what?

Chris: Try to keep a happy thought.

Kacey: Happy thought?! [chuckle] Fuck you. You’re talking to me about happy thoughts. I mean, you don’t even sound like… GOD, I just can’t do it. I can’t do it. Just, do it tomorrow. Just- UGH!!


Chris: I understand. [sigh, then talks in a whisper] I’m sorry. [pause, sigh] I’ll talk to you later. Stay safe, take care.

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