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Vanessa AIM Chat 5 is the fifth chat between Chris and Joshua Martinez, an old acquaintance pretending to be Vanessa Hudgens. It took place on 20 April 2009.


This is another chat mainly focused on setting up a meeting between Chris and Vanessa. He agrees to wear his PaRappa the Rapper hat as he wanders around the campus of James Madison University carrying a sign. He claims to be in the process of making a wedding video for Ivy.


Joshua (10:28:43 PM): well walk around the campus then with a sign then
Joshua (10:28:58 PM): with a hudge hat
ChrisChanSonichu (10:28:59 PM): do you want me to go to a hotel and meet you there, is that what you're saying?
Joshua(10:29:19 PM): meet me tomorrow at the campus
ChrisChanSonichu (10:29:25 PM): okay.
Joshua (10:29:26 PM): around 1:00pm
Joshua (10:29:31 PM): with a sign
Joshua(10:29:35 PM): saying
ChrisChanSonichu (10:29:41 PM): your name?
Joshua (10:29:57 PM): yes
Joshua (10:30:44 PM): and my name and after that says im here im here im here its me!! with a smily face on it
ChrisChanSonichu (10:31:08 PM): okay, sounds good.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:31:49 PM): 1:00 on the JMU campus; I will have the sign; you have my pictures, so you'll be able to recognize me.
Joshua (10:31:51 PM): you have a cat in hat?
Joshua (10:31:54 PM): Hat?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:32:07 PM): yes, I can wear my PaRappa the Rapper Hat.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:33:29 PM): and I will have the four videos I had on that CD-R for you to copy to your laptop on my PSP.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:33:42 PM): and a USB cable to hook the two up with.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:34:11 PM): but formatted to be compatible with most other programs.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:34:18 PM): *video viewing programs.
Joshua (10:50:10 PM): you'll in love with Ivy?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:50:15 PM): yes I am.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:50:22 PM): very much.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:50:50 PM): today was our 2nd month anniversary from since we started communicating with each other on the telephone.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:50:59 PM): *our cell phones.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:52:14 PM): I sent her an animated greeting card, and I just printed the details she sent me for a new music video I'll be working on this week. similar to the "Holding Out For a Hero" video I did a while back.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:53:45 PM): except the song is Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me", and the story is our fantasy future wedding
ChrisChanSonichu (10:54:06 PM): LOTS of drawing to do and such.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:54:25 PM): :)
ChrisChanSonichu (10:55:54 PM): I am looking forward to starting on the project. The previous music video took me 2 nights and 3 days to put together.

[Chat ends]

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