Kacey Call 8

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Kacey Call 8 was the eighth call between Chris and Kacey, which took place on 2 September 2009.


  • Chris says he found out that he can earn up to $980 a month at a job and still collect welfare.
  • Kacey and Chris talk about Hannah Montana and then the subject moves to Seinfeld, Family Guy, and Friends.
  • There's some brief mentioning of an episode of House featuring an autistic child as well as some YouTube hentai that Chris doesn't remember favorite-ing or leaving a comment on because he was Christopher at the time.
  • Chris admits that he believes that he has gotten rid of Christopher and that Kacey was right that he didn't actually have multiple personality disorder.
  • Chris believes that he was being possessed by a ghost of one of the trolls who have died. His best guess is either Max Milvana or Clyde Cash.
  • They have an endless boring conversation about diet and health.
  • Chris gets "thousands" of troll calls a day and thinks that Kacey and Kim should get new phone plans so that they don't come in as restricted/unknown and he can answer safely.
  • The call ends with Kacey becoming angry at Chris for telling another girl that Kacey "wasn't his sweetheart YET" but that "they were warming up to the idea".
  • Kacey states that they are only friends and that's all they will ever be; Chris is very disappointed and states that he only told the other girl that because it was "wishful thinking".


Kacey Call 8
Stardate 2 September 2009
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 7
Kacey Call 9

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey Chris, it's Kacey!

Chris: Hey Kace, how are you?

Kacey: I’m OK, just a little tired. How are you?

Chris: Ahh, I’m OK. Yeah, I got some good news though, in case Kac-Kim hasn’t told you. My fath- my fam- my father and me went down to the Social Security office. Apparently, I can earn $980 in a month at a job and it would not affect my Social Security.

Kacey: That’s good. Is that just for the trial period?

Chris: It’s you know… in general.

Kacey: So…that’s forever?

Chris: Prob- Likely so.

Kacey: Oh! Well that’s great news. See? Now go get a job. You can do it. That’s awesome. I’m glad you found that out.

Chris: Yeah… even though I pretty much have taken care of Wal-mart over the Internet. I’m going to personally go to Target tomorrow, as well as McDonald’s, maybe Toys R Us, or maybe a place in the mall, a couple- I’m not sure a-about those other places. Yeah, I’ll definitely be going out to turn out applications tomorrow.

Kacey: That’s good. That’s good. Um…I’m happy about that. Like what did you want to do? Like maybe, just be a door greeter or something?

Chris: If I could, I’d like to be either a stock shelfer- a shelf stocker or a cashier. Or ev- or even.

Kacey: [Interrupts] Oh yeah, if you stock shelves, you can work on those muscles.

Chris: Yeah, or even be, you know, just be- mopping the- just janitorial work. I’d be- I wouldn’t mind doing that.

Kacey: Oh yeah, that’s good. I mean, th-that’s a good humble position. I hope you get it. Umm... just remember you’re going to have to listen to authority if you do that. [chuckles]

Chris: Yeah, it’s OK. I can- I can take direction as long as it’s, you know, [pause and sigh], as it’s at a certain level of forcefulness. Umm... as long as it doesn’t give the impression of major threat, something like that. But yeah, I can follow direction easily enough.

Kacey: Oh yeah, that’s good. Well definitely good luck on that and keep me posted.

Chris: Alright, I will. Hmm, so yah have some- a class or two today?

Kacey: Of course I did. Yeah, I have classes Monday through Friday.

Chris: Yeah, that’s right. Yeah you do. And then you go to work right? Yup.

Kacey: Yep. Well today I didn’t go to work. I did some laundry and some housework.

Chris: That’s good. [pause] That’s good to have some time to yourself. Um [Kacey: "Yes."] anyway, did some laundry, did some housework… Um... didn’t you say you were living with a roommate?

Kacey: Ah, yes I do have roommates. I decided dorm life wasn’t for me.

Chris: Oh, dorm life? So you’re not living in a dorm?

Kacey: Nope.

Chris: Oh, um… Is this like… you’re living in your own house?

Kacey: Um, we’re renting. It’s just an apartment. It’s pretty small.

Chris: Oh. You moved, so you’re in an apartment now.

Kacey: Ah, yeah. You know, cuz it’s the start of the semester.

Chris: I’m sorry, what was that?

Kacey: Cuz I moved, at the start of the semester.

Chris: Oh you moved- oh OK. Yeah, I remember we talked earlier about you-you’re living with your roommate and uh-b-borrowing your roommate's PS3 and whatever.

Kacey: Right.

Chris: Like that rules out that messa- communication to your roommate’s PS3 if you don’t have a roommate right now [chuckles like he’s made a joke]. Well at least you still have your Wii. [Kacey: "Yes."] You know, we can talk through that.

Kacey: Yes.

Chris: You know, yeah have you updated with the recent updates? It’s an update-

Kacey: [interrupts] No, actually I haven’t. It’s still glowing blue. I’m uh, I’m you know, I just haven’t really touch it lately, I’ve been busy.

Chris: Yeah you know, one of the updates I’ve noticed on my Wii, I-I keep it and my Play Station 3 up to date. Y-You know in addition to the t-text messages, you can also send ten-second voice messages.

Kacey: Oh, that’s cool.

Chris: Y-yeah, you have to have the Wii speak for that. You know, it comes with Animal Crossing, by the way, I have that.

Kacey: Oh, well I don’t. I mean, I got the game, but I didn’t get like the pack with the Wii Speak.

Chris: Yeah, You’d need the Wii Speak for ah… for the ten-second recording. [pause] Anyway, um, let me see… what else, what else. OH yeah, I, ah return Labyrinth today, but I- guess I- guess what I rented for a dollar? It ca-came into the fam- It came into the dollar section last time, I noticed, when I rented Labyrinth.

Kacey: Ah, my other favorite movie, Dark Crystal?

Chris: [Pause] Dark Crys- Ah no. I don’t think you mentioned Dark Crystal. If you did I might have forgotten it… Anyway, no not Dark Crystal, I rented Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus' Best of Both Worlds Concert.

Kacey: Oh, cool. Hannah Montana. But yeah, you must have forgotten about Dark Crystal.

Chris: Hmm. Yeah.

Kacey: A-Aren’t you worried about being 27 and renting a Hannah Montana movie though?

Chris: Hmm, not too much. [Stutters] I-It’ll-It- not too much.

Kacey: I mean, she is underage.

Chris: Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, I don’t have THOSE thoughts about her, I do not. I’m serious.

Kacey: Yeah, but still. I’m just saying. You know, like me, I’m a girl, but don’t you worry about what people think when the see a 27-year-old man coming up with Hannah Montana?

Chris: I liked her music, so it’s like, I, you know, want to hear a little bit more of it. Of what I’ve heard, which isn’t very much.

Kacey: [At a loss for words] Ah, OK well. A-as long as your comfortable with it. You know it’s just, some people would think it’s kind of gay.

Chris: Well… [Pause] Yeah, it’s like you know… I think I’ve told you before how… It’s like I have a mindset of a younger age a-at most of the time, even though I have the body of a 20-adult. So it’s like, you know, I like to enjoy the a current young-type things you know, my children will be enjoying themselves.

Kacey: [Long pause] Well I mean, yeah, it’s good to have nostalgia and everything. Like sometimes, I’ll watch old things like Jem or Care Bears or something. But you still have to grow up. I mean, y-you know, it can’t rule your life.

Chris: Yeah, like, I should be watching more House or The Office.

Kacey: I-If those are things you enjoy. You don’t have to do everything just because I do it.

Chris: Yeah. I-I do enjoy Seinfeld and Family Guy and… I enjoy those adult comedies.

Kacey: That’s good.

Chris: [Long pause] You know, I can-can’t just quote Seinfeld off the top of my head, it would have to just randomly come to me from memory. [Giggles] You know what? George always struck me as funny you know, he’s like the quirky guy that’s just, you know, being himself but yet nobody really likes him that much.

Kacey: So do you identify with him?

Chris: Uh yes, in like, you know, yeah, r-related to me, like similar life style and yeah fairly much so yeah I’ll-

Kacey: [Interrupts] So, So you’re like the George Costanza of Sonichu I guess.

Chris: [Offended] No. I had not even thought of that and the thought of that just, just does not register with me.

Kacey: But you just said you identify with him.

Chris: [Huffs and sighs] George Costanza of Sonichu. That’s a worse image to imagine than those, t-the retarded open-mouthed [adds "retarded" voice] “Hey look at me. I’m some kind of idiot” [returns to normal voice] Sonichu fan drawing somebody, I recall somebody else doing-

Kacey: [Interrupts] What?! Ar-Ar I-It was just a joke. Are you trying to make fun of me? [Chris: "No."] I mean, that’s insulting.

Chris: No. I’m not making fun of you.

Kacey: And I mean, you can’t make fun of people like that. We’ve been through this before. What are you doing?

Chris: No, no. I was just saying the image…of a George Costanza Sonichu, it just does not appeal to me.

Kacey: Yeah, yeah. But don’t call people retarded like that. That was uncalled for. I don’t even know where that came from.

Chris: [Stress sigh] If you noticed on the ED page, there is a whole bunch of questionable fanart… where it’s mostly-

Kacey: [Interrupts] Chris! I thought-I thought you didn’t like the ED page. Why do you keep telling me to go to it? I mean if all the stuff, in your life...

Chris: [Tries to cut in but Kacey talks over him]

Kacey: No, just stop. Stop! You talk about it all the time, you need to let it go.

Chris: Yeah, I do hate it. I’m just saying, like you know, I have seen it before. I have seen it-

Kacey: [Cuts in] Yeah, but like every other phone call you keep talking about it. “Kacey go look at it. Kacey go look at it.” I thought you didn’t want me to.

Chris: Yeah. I do not want you to look at it. I-I don’t have to talk about it. B-But I’m just saying…don’t… They just made me look stupid. Th-Those artists are just drawing those to make me look stupid.

Kacey: Whichever.

Chris: Yeah. Anyway, umm… We can talk about more pleasant things ah… Yeah. I got- umm… My tugboat came in early- um came in earlier... ah so I invested a dollar-nine, I invested a little bit of it and downloaded that to a House I told you about.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Season 3, episode 4: Lines in the Sand.

Kacey: Right.

Chris: Yeah, it’s the one with the autistic child. I told you about that.

Kacey: Yeah, yeah you did. Th-There’s a lot better episodes though.

Chris: [Sounds dejected] Hm... Though still I mean-

Kacey: [Talks over] But House is pretty good all the way around.

Chris: Ok, yeah, yeah. That’s good that you enjoy House. Yeah. I can enjoy- I can enjoy it more…I mean yeah, I can get into that you know-

Kacey: [Interrupts] Well um, I see that you’ve um... favorited some new videos. Um... there’s one anime that I actually really like. Um, so, I mean-

Chris: Parappa the Rapper.

Kacey: Nooo, the Welcome to the NHK.

Chris: [Pause] Wait. Umm...

Kacey: You don’t know what videos you favorited?

Chris: [Pause] Hm, I put, a like you know, so like umm…. Wait, OK. Was this a recent add to my favorite list? The ah, Welcome to the N-

Kacey: Yes!

Chris: I don’t even remember. I do not even remember that one. I hope nobody is hacking into my pla-my YouTube again.

Kacey: Bu-But you left-

Chris: I’ll have to take a look at that.

Kacey: But you left a comment…I mean it’s…

Chris: [Long pause] I do not remember that. [Small pause] Oh my god, I hope nobody’s got into my YouTube again… I’ll have to take a look at that when we finish up here.

Kacey: No, no, I’m pretty sure everything’s OK. I mean, you left some weird comment saying that it had something to do with Christopher or something. I mean, d-do you do things that you don’t remember?

Chris: If I, if I did, if [Stress Sigh]... I don’t know.

Kacey: I’m going to take that as a Yes.

Chris: Well, I don’t know. I mean, if I did…and I wasn’t suppose to, and if I didn’t know it after the fact I did it... it would definitely be like, you know, I don’t know. And-

Kacey: [Interrupts] But, uh, I guess- I guess does Christopher know?

Chris: No, I willed him away Monday night. I have not heard from him since. I mean- I mean you were right, it was just a possession. I was being possessed… probably by a trolling site- probably by a ghost of one of the past trolls that died.

Kacey: [Astonished] W-What?! What do you think it is?

Chris: A-A What you told me, you know, p- I was being possessed otherwise I, otherwise yeah. I mean, I was aware, I was aware what was going on with that other guy so, yeah. It definitively was not a split personality. I mean-

Kacey: [Talks over Chris] Well I mean, there’s a comment that, that read, "I want out Christian." So you think it’s the ghost of a troll that died? Which troll?

Chris: I don’t know. There’s like a number, there’s like a number of them. Like I don’t… I can name two off the top of my head. Max Milvania, who posed as Julie during that Julie fiasco, and then there’s Clyde Cash.

Kacey: W-Well I mean, from what you told me… I thought Max was alive, I thought Clyde was the only one who was dead. You think it’s Clyde!

Chris: I do-I don’t know everything. I don’t know. I’m just speaking theories right now. I don’t know for sure.

Kacey: W-What happens if he’s still in you? Oh my gosh!

Chris: [Stress sigh] A-Anyway… hm

Kacey: NO! This is scary. Oh my gosh!

Chris: [Dramatic sigh] It is scary. But anyway I-I-I wil- I willed that second guy out of my head Monday night and I have not heard from him since.

Kacey: But I thought you talked about him the other day…I mean, are you sure? I mean, if it’s really that strong of a possession it could be tricking you. Maybe that’s why you’re going blank. I mean, you talked about this yesterday. So, you couldn’t have sworn it off on Monday.

Chris: [Long pause] No, I willed it away W-I-L-L.

Kacey: OK, you couldn’t have willed it away though cuz you were mentioning this yesterday. OK. Well, let’s just hope that it is gone.

Chris: [Starts stuttering] No, no, no, no, yeah we- I mean we weren’t – I mean yeah, we were talking about it yesterday. But it’s like, you know, I wasn’t sure I had willed it away completely. I wanted to make sure, like you know, by waiting, you know, a couple of days to a week before I fin- before I make a final statement around my theory of having willed it away- having will-willing that guy away was true or not.

Kacey: Um, OK. I-I’m not quite sure that makes sense, but OK.

Chris: It’s like you know, you want to make sure-

Kacey: Maybe you should still see that doctor, you know?

Chris: Yeah. I’m gonna, yeah, I’m gonna, yeah, I’m gonna...

Kacey: Have you made an appointment? Or have you seen someone?

Chris: Yeah, I made an appointment with Doctor McGovern. And ah, yeah I’m- yeah yeah. I’m going to talk to him and I’ll...

Kacey: You’re going to see him soon?

Chris: Yes, and I’m also going to ask him about the a, about the gym membership discount.

Kacey: Oh that’s good, that’s good. I hope you can get one.

Chris: Yeah, that, that would be good. By the way, I’ve mentioned to my mother, but not my father, about my shop-, my shopping for sports bra.

Kacey: Yeah, I-I don’t think that, I’m not sure your dad would be comfortable about that.

Chris: Yeah but, my mom, my mom was more understanding about that topic.

Kacey: Oh? So your mom agreed?

Chris: Yeah. [Pause] She did.

Kacey: I mean, you are older, so you don’t have to tell them anything, you don’t have to tell them everything Chris. Especially with adult decisions like that. You can’t go running around-

Chris: [Tries to talk over Kacey] Yeah bu, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I m-I mean...

Kacey: But, I’m glad she agreed with you.

Chris: You know, I feel- I feel like my mom should know since, you know. I’m going to start exercising- I’m going to start going out and start jogging. But then I had- I told her before about my manboobs and my concern about them. So then there’s like, you know, I wanted to let her know that, you know, I do notice that when I move about quickly I do shake about a lot so that bothers me. So I’m in the market for a sports bra a-and she agreed with me on that.

Kacey: Okay. Well as long as sh-she agreed.

Chris: Yeah. [Long Pause] Hmm... but yeah, shopping for vegetables. Yeah, I can definitely go to the grocery store and get more ah, get more fresh, more fresh produce instead of going out to a fast food restaurant, even though it might be a little bit more pricey.

Kacey: Right, right. But eating healthy is like that. Um, so what kind of vegetables are you going to get?

Chris: You know, definitely fresher salad. You said Romaine, Roman, Romaine [Kacey:"Romaine lettuce? Yeah."] Contains more than regular lettuce.

Kacey: Right, like regular lettuce is mainly just roughage and water. Like, the best thing is mixed field greens.

Chris: Yeah, mixed field greens. Yeah you did mention that. Mixed field greens, I remember. Yeah, mixed field greens or yeah salad with Romaine lettuce. O-OK. How about tomatoes?

Kacey: Well, I mean, of course tomatoes are good.

Chris: Yeah, crushed tomatoes. How about-

Kacey: Well, well I mean, just stay, just stay away from things in cans. Like, it’s OK every so often, but, um you know, there’s a lot of sodium in there. And even if you get the lower sodium kinds it’s still not as good and it doesn’t have as many nutrients.

Chris: Well, O-OK, well st- but I’m talking about like, if I go to the grocery store and they have a little mini-salad bar where I can make my own salad. I could find- and they have like the Romaine lettuce and then I’m just- you know individual vegetables that I could put into my salad.

Kacey: Well, I mean, remember, just salads aren’t all you can do. You know, um...you know you could, you know, get certain types of vegetables you could cook with.

Chris: [Pause] Yeah.

Kacey: I mean raw is good. I mean, have you ever thought of trying tofu?

Chris: I’ve heard of tofu, and I’m not really sure about it.

Kacey: Oh, I love tofu. I add tofu to salads. I add it to everything.

Chris: You add tofu to your salads.

Kacey: Yeah, and you should, ah, try soy milk.

Chris: Oh yeah, m-m-my mom and I, we drink, ahhhh, we drink soy milk.

Kacey: OH, you already drink soy milk.

Chris: Yeah, Silk. Th-That brand of soy mil-brand of soy milk, Silk. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Kacey: Oh, OK.

Chris: Yeah, but my mom generally likes to get the chocolate-flavored soy milk, Silk.

Kacey: So, do you drink it a lot?

Chris: Yeah, I drink it sometimes. Yeah, I could drink it more.

Kacey: You should… Um OK, you should try to get the regular white one. You shouldn’t always get chocolate all the time.

Chris: Yeah, OK. I’ll kee- I will keep that in mind.

Kacey: Yes.

Chris: OK. [Pause and Chris starts to mumble and talk under his breath] Hmm... so always eat tofu and you... You mentioned soy milk ah yeah, let’s continue on from there. What’s your next suggestion?

Kacey: Ummm. OK, well you should eat a lot of, let’s see here… um definitely a lot of dark leafy vegetables, like kale and collards and stuff, in moderation of course. Because those have fiber and a lot of vitamins you need.

Chris: Hmm... Kale and collard?

Kacey: Collards, yeah. And mustard greens, turnip greens…

Chris: Oh. I like turnip greens. I’ve never heard of mustard greens though.

Kacey: Th-They all pretty much taste the same.

Chris: Hm. Well, I used to confuse turnip greens with spinach.

Kacey: Really? Totally different taste.

Chris: Yeah, different taste but I used to you know, because the got- th-they both just have that dark shade of green

Kacey: Right.

Chris: Umm.

Kacey: But, I mean, remember Chris, I’m not a doctor or a nurse yet, I mean... you can Google these things and they’ll give you a lot of information on vegetables and stuff. J-Just remember, only eating vegetables is bad too. You need to have balance and everything.

Chris: Yeah, I understand that balance. Yes, yeah so I’ll eat some fruits as well so yeah. Let’s talk about fruits. Um. I-I think you can agree, with like apples, bananas, oranges, lemons for lemonade.

Kacey: Oh yeah, th-that… Definitely, definitely citrus fruits are good. Ah, you should try to eat grapefruit every morning.

Chris: Hmm. OK, yeah, grapefruit. Um, OK, I’ll, well. How about, let’s see, strawberries…?

Kacey: Yeah, berries are good too. You should eat a lot of blueberries.

Chris: Ah, more blueberries than strawberries?

Kacey: Yeah, if you... You should eat a lot of blueberries.

Chris: OK. You know- you know they put ah blueberries and strawberries in McDonald’s, in they a parfait. I’m just saying.

Kacey: Well I mean, um, you could also get those types of juices, like the natural ones. I mean they’re pretty expensive but their worth it. Like the berry goodness one’s really good and so is the green one. It’s got like kiwi… It’s got fruits and vegetables in it.

Chris: Ah, OK, wait a minute. Juices?

Kacey: Yeah, I mean like a juice or a smoothie in the morning is good, cuz ah you don’t want ah- eat too much at breakfast but like I told you. You want to do like five little meals everyday at least.

Chris: Yeah, OK. I’ve tried smoothies… I like those. We got- we- I-you know I get a smoothie, you know, every once in a whi-once in a while we’ll get a smoothie from Sheetz. They’re pretty good. Fresh fruit smoothies. I generally like the ah-

Kacey: Well just remember you don’t want it to be an unhealthy smoothie. Like, there’s this place in the suburbs that I like to go to and they have this health shake and it’s got like wheat germ and fruits and stuff in it and it’s got nothing, like sugary, in it. It’s really good.

Chris: OK. Yeah, definitely local-l-local, local smoothie shops. Yeah, can agree with you on that. I can definitely name one around here that you know, you might find next time you’re in town, unless- if you feel like it’s the same kind of place you got um [unintelligible] at lunch and I found.[Kacey: "Huh?"] You know the advance cards, you know the advance card that comes out like every September, aaand [starts being incoherent] sticks em out for a life, but their good for a year and it has all these discounts and whatnot?

Kacey: Uh-huh.

Chris: Yeah, but anyway, but anyway, They have one on the new one I just got. It’s called a tropical smoothie buffet, [Kacey: "Uh-huh."], if you wanna go shopping there, Joshua introduced me to it to him. Very good wraps and smoothies there as well.

Kacey: Oh that’s good, but um, you should also talk to your doctor about getting on a vitamin diet plan. I mean, y-you just take vitamins every day, like calcium and iron and vitamin B at least.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I was on vitamins for a while years, uh, a few years ago but then I… I just didn’t feel like taking them and I just stopped on that.

Kacey: Wait. You can’t do that. I mean, that’ll hurt your body. I mean, sometimes we do need supplements.

Chris: Yeah, OK. I’m just saying, like I you know, I did- it was like this box of multiple vitamins, you know, like 30 packets and you get like one pill of each vitamin, and uh, in th-in th-in the one, in the one packet and you take those one at a time. You can find them at CVS, but I forget what the brand name is though.

Kacey: But, ya, you know those may not be not exactly what you need, like you should talk with your doctor. You might have to get your vitamins, you know, separately and everything. Cuz some of those packs, the-they’re-they just put them there to make money. Like, you should actually go to a place that specializes in vitamins.

Chris: Hmm. Yeah, OK. Anyway getting back to this smoothie café for a moment though. On the coupon, on the advance card it allows me ten percent off any wrap, sandwich, or smoothie.

Kacey: Oh, OK.

Chris: That’s a good deal.

Kacey: Yeah, but you know, don’t, don’t, don’t uh, jeopardize you health just because it’s a good deal. I mean your health is worth way more than that.

Chris: Yeah I kn-I just wanted to get that away while I had the card in my hand.

Kacey: And besides…you know, some calcium things, they have calcium chews now. So I mean, th-there’s like so many things you can do.

Chris: Ah, you said calcium chews?

Kacey: Chews? Yeah. I use those.

Chris: OK. Yeah, calcium chew… Alright. Hmm, ah shoot. Oh, yeah, Would you agree to yogurt?

Kacey: Yeah, yogurt is really good but you have to watch out with how many flavors you get cuz then that’s when they add the sugar. Um, cottage cheese and fruit would probably be better. But yogurt’s good every so often.

Chris: OK, well just for record though I’ve- I have actually tried cottage cheese before and I jus- and I do not like it.

Kacey: Well, I don’t blame you, but it’s still better, I mean, you could also put it in smoothies with fruit. I mean, you could do that with yogurt too. And then you can’t taste it as much. But you’ve gotta use the plain yogurt, you don’t want the ones with added sugars.

Chris: Yeah, OK. Plain yogurt.

Kacey: And, and some of the ones, even if they’re diet, they still, like, they still can mess you up when they have like Splenda and stuff in them.

Chris: Ahh, what and stuff?

Kacey: Splenda. You know, like the fake sugars.

Chris: Splenda. Oh Splenda. Yeah.

Kacey: It tricks your body and you shouldn’t have a lot of it.

Chris: Yeah, OK. Not a lot of Splenda. [Chuckles] Had a lot of Splenda. [Long Pause] Hmm. OK, let me think a moment. [Long awkward pause]

Kacey: So, anything else on your mind?

Chris: OK, well yeah. I’m pretty much taking in everything we talk about so far. I’m trying to think of a b- of- I’m trying to think of the a-the- a new- something new- good something new to talk about. Umm.

Kacey: What ab- what about Sonichu? How are you doing on Sonichu?

Chris: Oh yeah. Because, you know, I had to go downtown today with my family and Social Security, I was- I couldn’t get another page done today but… Yeah, yeah I’ll try to get some more pages done tomorrow.

Kacey: OK, that’s good.

Chris: Yeah, definitely, yeah, you know, I should keep in my mind, you know, I originally started it as a hobby so I should continue it as a hobby, I should not let the trolls try luring me down.

Kacey: Right.

Chris: Y-you know, their ridicules and all that. Yeah, I was just talking to Kim about, like you know, how to deal with- how to cope with the ah, stress from the trolls. You know, I-I got- Oh by the way, I should let you know, umm, I-I’m on a cell phone plan where I can talk air-time free between 9 and 6, 8, 9pm and 6am and on the weekends.

Kacey: That sounds like every cell phone plan.

Chris: Hmm. But any- Yeah. Anyway after 9 o’clock, I checked my voice- I check my voice messages and de- and delete a majority of them which, you know, also where troll messages anyway. And then, you know, I get to the few incoming calls from familiar troll numbers, or otherwise stri- or otherwise restricted. And, ah, unavailable numbers, which by the way, I know Kim does not call me til the 10 o’clock hour except she said sometime between 9 and 10pm tonight?

Kacey: Well what are you going to do if we call you anytime else?

Chris: Hm, yeah, I do have my phone on silent and… just ignore them.

Kacey: Bu-But what happens if- No, what happens Kim or I try to call you any other time? Like, what if it’s just to say, "Hey, I can’t talk to you later." Or something? I mean is it just because you don’t have enough minutes?

Chris: Uh, no no. It’s just like, you know, I get too many incoming troll calls. I mean they’re coming in by the thousands, even if it’s from- I mean, you know, just the number of calls, not the number of people. I get them in the hundreds to thousands [Stutters]. I-It’s been piling up lately it’s-

Kacey: Well, you should start blocking those numbers.

Chris: Yeah, but most of them are restricted or unavailable and you can’t and you can’t block those. If you know how, if-if you don’t know the number to block then there you go…

Kacey: Well, technically you can but I don’t think you should if you wanna talk to us and stuff, you know?

Chris: Yeah, I, Yeah I know, Yeah. And I have not been able to figure out the blocking option on my phone. I thought I was close, but I rec- but I needed a password and I do not know the four-digit password.

Kacey: You don’t know the password on your own phone?

Chris: Not at the current moment I do not.

Kacey: I mean, I guess you’re just going to have to deal with them, you know?

Chris: Yeah. I’ll just, ah, listen to my messages and delete them. But anyway, you know, between you and Kim y’all work on your way on voicemail you know. Hm, I’m going to check those- I’m going to check those probably during the afternoon hours, I could. Ye- you know, yeah, you and Kim can just leave me a message on my voicemail, I’ll get it.

Kacey: I-I guess. But you know, it-it’s just frustrating, like sometimes when, you know, like when I was at the mall and I couldn’t reach you. I mean, I don’t know, you just do whatever you feel is best.

Chris: Yeah. There’ll be- There’ll be- I feel it’ll be much better, you know, yeah, yeah, try and see if you can life the restricted thing off your phone or get a new cell phone. And th-that pretty much goes for Kim too, you know, so then I can-

Kacey: [Interrupts] Well, you know I can’t because of my parents. So I wouldn’t bank on that anytime soon.

Chris: Yeah, I know. I know but I’m just putting that out there. You could probably do it in the future, not right now. Yeah, you understand. Anyway, yeah you know, just make it so I can actually read your number and then I’ll know it’s you. Every time.

Kacey: Right.

Chris: Yeah, but I mean like, you know, currently I’m expecting you and Kim to call me, you know, respectively during the 10 and 11 o’clock hour.

Kacey: Well you know, we-we do have lives, Chris. I mean, sometimes that’s just not going to work.

Chris: Yeah. Well you know, y’all could send me like, an e-mail, early in the day. I check my e-mail about early afternoon.

Kacey: OK, well that’s great, but I mean you know since we’re FRIENDS, you know, you’re going to have to make some effort too. So I mean… you know… And speaking of us being friends, Kim told me something interesting. Umm, you know this girl named Scout?

Chris: Oh yes, yes, yes Scout, she ah-

Kacey: Well, apparently YOU had an e-mail telling her that I wasn’t your sweetheart YET, but we were warming up to each other. What did you mean by that?

Chris: Oh, well I was just saying…I was… [Long awkward pause] Hmm... let me think a moment… [Another long pause] I ah, um, Scout and I were gonna meet up- were eventually going to meet together and you know, hang out, but-but then it just never up.

Kacey: That-that may be true, but that doesn’t have anything to do with what you told her. You know I’m still in love with MY Chris. You know I’m still going through a lot. So why would you tell people things like this. I mean, what did you mean by that? That we’re warming up to each other. And yet.

Chris: I-I mean warming up to each other as-as friends.

Kacey: You said I wasn’t your sweetheart YET. How hard is it to understand, that right now, we are friends.

Chris: I-I understand det-

Kacey: [Talks over Chris] Just say we’re friends. It’s like you’re trying to mold me into something, or trap me. That’s not cool. I mean what happens if [Chris: "I’m sorry."] we’re forever friends?

Chris: [Pause] Hmmm.

Kacey: I mean, what happens if I’m in love with Chris forever? I mean, what happens if, even though the circumstances are horrible, he’s my true one?

Chris: Well… do you really feel that way right now?

Kacey: Right now I do. And that’s why it hurts so much.

Chris: Well, if you really want to go out and find him, I will not send you away.

Kacey: I-I know, just yo-you- we need to be friends, Chris. You need to tell people we’re friends. You can’t plot behind my back like that.

Chris: [Dejected] OK. I’m sorry.

Kacey: I mean, how hard is it say friends?

Chris: Yeah, it’s not hard. But it’s called wishful thinking…

Kacey:I-I know but the thing is it- it’s wishful, you should keep it to yourself. I mean, if something happens, it does. But if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. The thing is that, you’ll… You just can’t do that. I mean, that’s going to make me angry and push me away. And you need to be respectful of my feelings and how much I love someone else. Even if he can’t be with me.

Chris: [Stressful Sigh] Yeah, I understand and I’m sorry.

Kacey: Well I hope you do, cuz you know, that just irritates me that you’re doing that behind my back.

Chris: Yeah, OK. Well I can- I can undo Scout. I think yeah Scout was pretty much the only one I told that too, at this point. I mean, it’s not like I made a YouTube video, which I did not. I can swear to God on that.

Kacey: Well I hope not.

Chris: I promise you I would not. [Pause] And, but yeah sure, I’ll straighten Scout out, if it’ll make you feel better.

Kacey: It will make me feel better. It’ll make me tons better.

Chris: OK, I’ll send an e-mail to Scout and let her know that you and I are just friends. Yeah, I’ll straighten her out.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: OK.

Kacey: Well, [Chris stress sighs] I’m going to go ahead and go and [Chris: "Yeah."] you know, I’ve got school so I will talk to you- I might be late tomorrow because I’ll be working but I’ll try to talk to you when I could.

Chris: OK, I understand. I-I’ll be waiting for you.

Kacey: OK, alright. Bye.

Chris: Bye, talk to you later. Stay safe. Bye-bye.

End Call

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