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And I'll tell you something else. Today's society where everybody is glued to their computers and Internet and all that, they're definitely closing themselves off from society. It's like they're becoming autistics themselves. I mean, if they're definitely not glued in front of their computer they're definitely about as blank as that au- that little teenage boy was.
What is the deal with retards?

Seinfeld is a well-written, creative, funny and intelligent show aimed at adults, which aired on NBC from 1988 to 1998. Chris has stated on certain occasions that he likes the show, but much like his love for Monty Python, he likely understands very, very few of the jokes in the series.

Chris on Seinfeld

  • 29 September 2009: Chris claims Clyde Cash, like Elaine Benes, does not exist.
  • Mailbag 17: Chris thinks Seinfeld should play him if he ever gets a movie.
  • One of Chris's My Little Pony action figures is described as "a stickler for a tickler"; this is taken from a Seinfeld parody that appeared on Family Guy.
  • Church audio: The Seinfeld episode "The Strike" emotionally prepared Chris for getting fake numbers from girls.
  • Some Favored Comedians: Chris discusses how much he likes Seinfeld, hopes Seinfeld will respond to the video, and imagines a Seinfeld routine about him. He forgets that Seinfeld's stand-up usually includes jokes.
  • Kacey Call 8: Chris identifies with George Costanza, but gets offended when Kacey calls him the "George Costanza of Sonichu". What similarity could he possibly have with a stocky, slow-witted, balding man?
  • Voicemail: in December 2015 Chris created a voicemail message which mimicked George's message from "The Susie".
  • In April 2020, Chris posted about a fan-made video game on Twitter: "It’s like we’re almost getting a Season 10 out of this. Hey, @JerrySeinfeld, would you end up making a years-later epilogue season for real? Someone’s doing it now."
  • In May 2020, Sonichu (while possessing Chris' body) watched Seinfeld's 23 Hours to Kill special on Netflix.
List of males Chris doesn't hate, according to Chris

I. Chris II. Bob Chandler III. Santa Clause IV. Jesus V. God

VI. The President of the United States:
Donald Trump (as of 2017)

VII. All the World Leaders:
Kim Jong UnMahmoud AhmadinejadManuel Noriega

VIII. ALL male acquaintances and friends, past and present:
Cole SmitheyDr. David Alan ChandlerJonathan CareyUncle Raymond
Joshua MartinezJoseph HerringWes IseliLucasMimmsRobert Simmons V (as of 2009)

List of males Chris doesn't hate, corrected for accuracy

I. Chris II. Bob Chandler III. Santa Clause IV. Jesus V. God VI. The Bear

VII. The former Presidents of the United States:
George W. BushBarack Obama

VIII. Select male acquaintances and friends, past and present:
Robert Simmons VKenneth Erwin EnglehardtWilliam Elliott Waterman

IX. Celebrities:
Jack BlackJerry SeinfeldRed SkeltonR.L. StineSeth MacFarlaneVarious comedians

X. Robots:
MegatronOptimus Prime

XI. Hedgehogs:
Sonic the HedgehogBionic the Hedgehog

XII. Electric Hedgehog Pokémon:
Sonichu (Ultra SonichuMetonic)
Wild SonichuPunchy SonichuMagi-ChanBlakeDJ JamstaBlazebob SonichuMitch SonichuDarkbind Sonichu

XIII. Pornstars:
Bailey Jay

List of males Chris does hate