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This is my daily meditation. I play Tetris 99.
Chris in 2019[1]
Chris playing Tetris 99 with Copitz (middle), while TheGamerFromMars (left) looks on.

Tetris 99 is an online version of the tile-matching video game Tetris, developed by Arika, and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch in February 2019. The software is free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Incorporating elements of the battle royale genre, Tetris 99 has up to 99 players competing simultaneously to complete rows with falling tetrominoes, which in turn send attacks in the form of "garbage rows" to other players with the goal of knocking them out of the game.

Chris bought the game in 2019. His username is CWCSonichu. It has since become one of his most-played games on the Switch, and he has gone so far as to describe it as part of his daily routine. As of July 2021, Chris had put 565 hours into playing Tetris 99.[2] The game is further notable for being one of the few things that Chris is genuinely good at, his performance documented by several individuals who have encountered him in this game. Chris has taken pride in his Tetris 99 skills, going as far as to brag about his success in this game on Twitter. Chris was last documented playing the game on 22 July 2021, only ten days before his arrest for incest.

Notable sessions

9-10 March 2019

In a tweet on 11 March 2019, Chris claimed to have gotten #1 position on 5 Tetris 99 sessions over the preceeding weekend, with him getting 3 wins in a row on saturday, 9 March.[3]

28 July 2019

Final result of Chris' first Tetris 99 session with /u/mkicon.

Reddit user /u/mkicon encountered Chris in Tetris 99 on the night of 28 to 29 July 2019. /u/mkicon was first in this game. Chris arrived in second, having been knocked out.

/u/mkicon described his experience as follows:[4]

Last night after I won, I said out loud "please be real, PLEASE BE REAL" while laughing. A quick search showed me that a user on KF befriended him on Switch and apparently Chris plays Tetris 99 a lot. In the thread they showed that he had a lot of hours on some ps4 Tetris, with all but the co-op achievements, so I though there's a good chance this was actually Chris.

28 December 2019

Final result of Chris' second Tetris 99 session with /u/mkicon.

Reddit user /u/mkicon encountered Chris on Tetris 99 for a second time on 28 December 2019. Just as in the first encounter, /u/mkicon was first in this game, and Chris arrived in second, having been knocked out.

After this session, /u/mkicon gave the following comment:[5]

Not gonna lie, both times I beat Chris I wondered who I was playing because they did did good enough that I thought I might know them

This time I almost topped out before comboing down to win

30 December 2019

On 30 December 2019, TheGamerFromMars and Copitz visited Chris Chan's home to shoot footage for a then-upcoming Chris Chan documentary, The Chris Chan Conspiracy. During this visit, Copitz and GFM both played Tetris 99 against Chris locally. During this session, Chris described the game as part of his daily routine.[6]

22 July 2021

Final result of Chris' Tetris 99 session with Drewdog.

On 22 July 2021, shortly before the incest arrest, Drewdog played Tetris 99 with Chris. Drewdog finished first, and Chris finished third.

Drewdog described his experience as follows:[7]

I just kept countering attackers, but I noticed there was one that was a bit more tenacious. I wish I'd recorded the match, but you never know who you've beaten until it's over.
I was just bored and blazed out of my mind, and when I managed to win I squinted and said: "No way, there is NO way."