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Today two very handsome Young Men came to my house to Hand Deliver some Fan Art! I humbly accepted their Gifts, gave them Great Big Kisses (on the CHEEK) and sent them on their way!
Chris meets Copitz (right) and his friend in May 2018.
Copitz gives Chris a ride home, April 2019.

Copitz is a YouTuber and a speedrunner on Twitch who lives in Charlottesville. Starting in May 2018, he began visiting Chris and recording videos of him and his friends chatting with Chris while visiting local areas. Copitz would also play a role in developing The Chris Chan Conspiracy docuseries, organizing a meet-up between TheGamerFromMars and Chris at his home.

1st Visit and Interview

Main article: A Chat with Christine Weston Chandler/Chris Chan

On 19 May 2018, Copitz and his friends went to Chris's house to give him fanart he had drawn. Chris was overjoyed to meet them and kissed each of them on the cheek,[1] which he thought they found flattering[2] and agreed to do a video with them.

2nd Visit and Ghost Hunt

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On 22 March 2019, Copitz, along with two of his friends, went to visit Chris again. During this time, they went "ghost hunting" in the now abandoned DeJarnette Center for Human Development in Staunton, Virginia.

The Chris Chan Conspiracy

Main article: The Chris Chan Conspiracy

Copitz had appeared in clips filmed for the Chris Chan documentary The Chris Chan Conspiracy.


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  • Xleepy, Copitz's friend and fellow YouTuber.


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