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This article is about the chat app. For the imaginary friend from My Little Pony, see Imaginary friends.

Discord is a chat messaging service Chris has used since at least 2018.


Idea Guys

The Idea Guys used Discord to chat with Chris, role-playing as various fictional characters to him, who believed he was chatting directly with those characters. An unknown number of chats took place; after the Idea Guys were ousted, the Guard Dogs later leaked two such chats - The Bad Beginning and Cryzel Torture.

Fantasy enablers

Chris joined ViviChu's server in September 2018[1] and Midnight Moonflower's in July 2019[2]. Ben Saint invited Chris to his Discord in September 2019[3]. Chris joined the arbitarch cwc alliance[sic] Discord server, run by enablers such as AquaDiamond8, in fall 2019.

The bulk of the chats center on Chris role-playing with the enablers feeding into his fantasies.

It is also worth mentioning that, while it may seem tempting to join the "arbitarch" server out of curiosity, several people on Twitter have commented on Chris's posts about it, revealing some troubling aspects of the server; not only are the admins and mods notoriously power-hungry and dictatorial, but in order to take part, users must 'verify' their Discord accounts through a rather shady bot which requests access to user data, including any others servers the user is a member of.


In January 2020, Chris paid to join ProjectSNT's Discord group, in an apparent attempt to get his foot in the door after she had given him the cold shoulder over Twitter in response to a tantrum he threw over her redesign of one of his characters.

Discord selfies

To provide proof of his Discord account's legitimacy, Chris takes poorly-photographed selfies to post in the servers upon entering.

Select quotes

Screenshots of Chris's messages have been leaked. Highlights are quoted below.

Barbara's trip to the ER

10/19/2019, Midnight Moonflower's server

I'm faring okay. I've been feeling a LOT of psychic senses going off and on all day today while being out on errand and grocery shopping. Also, my mom had a bit of high blood pressure and asked me to drive her to the ER; they found nothing wrong with her It is likely a combination of stress and the incoming magic energies from C-197.

Dimensional hot dog

11/26/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I can actually manifest what comes to mind in the C-197 side, including recently, where I was curious how a fried hot dog wiener would taste like, I manifested it into my hand, appearing only in C-197 and in my view. I was able to taste it and feel it's texture fully. It's not bad an idea, but still a fattening one that I would not pursue constantly.

I literally took a bite out of that hot dog.

Fragments of Chris's soul

11/26/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I've been focusing my energies and soul Everywhere, and in down time, focusing it in simpler tasks, including making the TSSSF cards.

My soul literally gets force-projected multiple times, divided, simultaneously, and so forth to Help As Many Individuals As Possible from pains and stresses and towards positive events.

One percent goes to help a mountain climber survive

One percent plays Guardian Angel to someone else

One Percent helps a child with their test

That is the way it has been with me for YEARS.

Chris has a paypig

11/26/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

A member asked Chris about how his financial situation was going.

Fair, can get better. Strictly Confidential, I have a Very Generous Donor who donates greatly and consistently during the months.

BABScon plans

11/26/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

Anyway, I have my badge, and a room reserved in the building the convention is in. I will still need to plan the train trip and remaining details, but so far, it is going good (not counting Jacob at all).

Still desperate for the Dimensional Merge

11/29/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I am not fully knowing of the final instance and moment in detail, but it is very soon. Someone on Twitter commented possibly February of 2020, but we are very optimistic it will be long before then. The Dimension Merge completion. As for getting me into C-197, that Has to happen ASAP.

Chris thinks he'll live for thousands of years

11/29/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

And dying is not happening with me; I'm set to stay alive for thousands of years. Anyway I pray every night that I wake up the next day fully in C-197, also transformed into my Sonichu form. And snapping my fingers after the prayer does send my body a tingling in the frequency vibrations.

Chris's day-to-day life

11/29/2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

As for what I do while awake, on the recent, I get up, take my meds, meditate while playing Tetris 99 to at least take on the daily tasks for the game. Most days, I go out on errand or simple walking and bursts of Fast running speed on impulse. My typical walking pace is comparable to that of a speed-walker, and yet I'm not speed-walking, and I don't get tired out.

Anyway, during the time at home, I tend to binge a show, do some drawing or creative, work (namely the TSSSF cards and the comic pages).

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