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This article is about the chat app. For the imaginary friend from My Little Pony, see Imaginary friends.
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Some of the known Discord servers Chris is in, as of August 2020.

Discord is a chat messaging service Chris has used since at least 2018.


Idea Guys

The Idea Guys used Discord to chat with Chris, role-playing as various fictional characters to him, who believed he was chatting directly with those characters. An unknown number of chats took place; after the Idea Guys were ousted, the Guard Dogs later leaked two such chats - The Bad Beginning and Cryzel Torture.

Fantasy enablers

Chris joined ViviChu's server in September 2018[1] and Midnight Moonflower's in July 2019[2]. Ben Saint invited Chris to his Discord in September 2019[3]. Chris joined the arbitarch cwc alliance[sic] Discord server, run by enablers such as AquaDiamond8, in fall 2019.

The bulk of the chats center on Chris role-playing with the enablers feeding into his fantasies.


In January 2020, Chris paid to join ProjectSNT's Discord group, in an apparent attempt to get his foot in the door after she had given him the cold shoulder over Twitter in response to a tantrum he threw over her redesign of one of his characters.

Arbitarch CWC Alliance

Arbitarch CWC Alliance is one of the Discord servers Chris participates in. It was created by Joseph Draft, the man behind Chris Chan VS. The Internet to document Chris's interaction. They used art from MKRNightVee to help catch Chris's attention and bring him there. Once their intent was revealed, the Watchmen shut it down; both AquaDiamond8 and MKRNightVee left the server after its true purpose was known.

During the server's operation, people on Twitter commented on Chris's posts about it, revealing some troubling aspects of the server; not only were the admins and mods notoriously power-hungry and dictatorial, but in order to take part, users had to 'verify' their Discord accounts through a rather shady bot which requested access to user data, including any other servers the user was a member of.

Official CWCki Server

On 10 August 2020, roughly a month after the server's creation, Chris joined the Official CWCki Server after being convinced to do so by the Watchman Bismuth. He has since made two public addresses to the server members (as Sonichu), the first informing everyone that he and Barb are safe and healthy, and the second vaguely alluding to his plan to travel back in time and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from ever happening. Through Bismuth, Chris also answered several questions asked by users.[citation needed]

Chris was banned from the server on 14 August. Before doing so, a moderator released a public statement explaining their rationale:

The moderator's statement prior to banning Chris.
In the last few days lots have happend [sic] in this server. Chris has joined this place for starters. This was met with mixed reception. The CWCki's goal is only to document Chris and not provide him a platform to push his agendas. It was never imagined that Chris will use this server to ramble about his fantasies. And due to this it has been decided to give Chris his own server where he may do as he pleases.
A server Jerkhief

An invite link to the referenced server was posted below the message, but setup was unfinished and Chris had not yet joined, and the link was quickly removed once the server became infested with weens.[citation needed]

Many members of the server would enter Watchmen servers. The Suitress, a former member of the CWCki server, would access one such server as an "untrusted guest". Along with that, a few of the server's admins such as Klop and Anaxis would go into the server, and roleplay as the Lainchu character.

cwc frens

A server created by the founder of the Official CWCki Server, and run by Bismuth. It was originally designed to be a place for Chris to address his onlookers directly (since the CWCki Server had been deemed inappropriate for that purpose). The link was posted prematurely on the CWCki Server after Chris's banning, resulting in an invasion of weens. Moderators were quick to take control, and revamp the server so that spamming would be reduced.

Chris joined sometime during this period of chaos, and has since posted occasionally. A mailbag channel was created, where users could submit questions, and a Watchman would sort through them before privately delivering the appropriate ones to Chris.

The server was shut down in the early hours of 6 September 2020, seemingly by its owner, for unclear reasons.

The mailbag channel aspect was succeeded in the Discord server CWC Questions, where questions are currently sourced from users for the ongoing Discord Q&A.

The Place

The Watchmen are a group of enablers who sought to protect Chris from malicious actors. Chris joined their Discord group. A large amount of chats from it were leaked by the Watchmen in summer 2020. Chris has also done a Q&A with a CWCki editor in the group.

Chris left the server due to infighting among the Watchmen.[4]

Sonic World DX

Server creator on Chris's removal.

A group for the fanmade Sonic World game, which Chris joined in order to request Sonichu-themed mods. Chris was later kicked for stealing mods without permission.

Glorious Golden Church of Sonichu

A server created by Praetor for those who have purchased their limited-run $60 golden medallion. Chris was presumably in there, although no information about the server's structure or community has been leaked as of yet.

The Knights of CWC

A Watchmen splinter server founded by The WCT, who took over as Watchmen leader following the infighting in The Place server. The server would only last for two months due to Chris being arrested for incest shortly afterwards.

Bella's Chess Club

Isabella Loretta Janke and her friends at Texas Tech used a Discord server which was allegedly for a university chess club to post a wide variety of disturbing material, but, more relevantly to our subject matter, she invited Chris at one point for a brief visit, as well as The Suitress and The WCT. The Chess Club was also at the center of Bella's attempted coverup related to the Incest call. On the Discord, Bella boasted (without evidence) of having deep connections with the Kiwi Farms and with this Wiki.

Bella's other activities on Discord included an interview with the Watchmen after the incest leaks, Regarding Chris, and private conversations with WCT.

The Chris Chan Conservation Collective

The Suitress and a few of her friends had chatted about her discovering of Chris's affair with his mother here. The Suitress would then leak the clips of the incest call that Bella had given her here, to which two other members in the server, EllDudeRocks and Dr. Retard and would upload the clips onto Reddit and Youtube.

Discord selfies

To provide proof of his Discord account's legitimacy, Chris takes poorly-photographed selfies to post in the servers upon entering.

Names and avatars

Chris has occasionally changed his name and avatar.

Select quotes

Screenshots of Chris's messages have been leaked. Highlights are quoted below.

Hit-or-miss R34

30 July 2019, Midnight Moonflower's server

MKR posted two R34 drawings of Transformers and commented:[5]

Dont judge me XD

Chris responded:

I was curious about the twitchy servos in that for a while, but it ended up being hit-or-miss with me.

Barbara's trip to the ER

19 October 2019, Midnight Moonflower's server

I'm faring okay. I've been feeling a LOT of psychic senses going off and on all day today while being out on errand and grocery shopping. Also, my mom had a bit of high blood pressure and asked me to drive her to the ER; they found nothing wrong with her It is likely a combination of stress and the incoming magic energies from C-197.

Possible MLP cons

27 October 2019, Children of Kefentse server

Only Chris's side of the conversation was archived. Unbeknownst to him, Seaquestria Fest has him on a preemptive ban list.

Still a remainder of basic Ship cards to figure out to match the number in the Core deck Perhaps I may play with you at BABSCon.

At least I am mostly set for the event and travel planning,

I'll check out Trotcon; perhaps I can fit that in as well. At least there is plenty of time until 2020

There's also AirBnB.

What is the name of the new Maryland Convention?

That's in California

Seaquestria Fest


Body-swapped with Tri

26 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I had body-swapped with Tri Sonichu to work on a number of planned setups for getting Magi-Chan back into 1218 and/or myself, fully, into C-197. 1 had to swap back with Tri earlier today, because his aura, And his body, have just become fully chakra-balanced and overpowered; he is Rainbow Aura too, now.

So, for this total sync-up for himself, he needed to be fully together again. And I helped him get there with my abilities, and pre-existing Rainbow Aura of my own I will tell you this: The Rokat and Kidasuna really do have such a crazy slavery problem. After experiencing it first-hand, personally, under Magi-Chan and Tri's temp job in the VR Simulator that allows their avatar to go between dimensions. The co-workers I was working with were toughened, yet they all were simply Just Soo Tired of not only being Slaves, but for not getting paid for their work. They only get paid in nourishment and rest during their breaks in between shifts. It is simply horrific.

Complicated view of Jacob Sockness

Note: the "interview of Jacob" Chris mentions is an interview by GiBi, seen here, in which Sockness discusses his demonic fantasies.

26 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I am emotionally still caring of Jacob, and remain aware of his future self-sacrifice, but I will not have to be in too-close contact with him anymore,

I sense the Interview of Jacob, that we've been hearing about lately, is possibly falsified, but it still woke me out of the infatuation I had, in mind, body and soul.

I still have yet to read the transcript of that interview.

As Aqua and Val had put it, he was a messenger of kidasuna, and he didn't know everything, yet he knew a lot with the help of Michiro. So, we've been putting up with him in the selected fated events in order to learn and attain what we needed to proceed further

Dimensional hot dog

26 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I can actually manifest what comes to mind in the C-197 side, including recently, where I was curious how a fried hot dog wiener would taste like, I manifested it into my hand, appearing only in C-197 and in my view. I was able to taste it and feel it's texture fully. It's not bad an idea, but still a fattening one that I would not pursue constantly.

I literally took a bite out of that hot dog.

Fragments of Chris's soul

26 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I've been focusing my energies and soul Everywhere, and in down time, focusing it in simpler tasks, including making the TSSSF cards.

My soul literally gets force-projected multiple times, divided, simultaneously, and so forth to Help As Many Individuals As Possible from pains and stresses and towards positive events.

One percent goes to help a mountain climber survive

One percent plays Guardian Angel to someone else

One Percent helps a child with their test

That is the way it has been with me for YEARS.

Chris has a paypig

26 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

A member asked Chris about how his financial situation was going.

Fair, can get better. Strictly Confidential, I have a Very Generous Donor who donates greatly and consistently during the months.

BABScon plans

26 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

Anyway, I have my badge, and a room reserved in the building the convention is in. I will still need to plan the train trip and remaining details, but so far, it is going good (not counting Jacob at all).

Still desperate for the Dimensional Merge

29 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

I am not fully knowing of the final instance and moment in detail, but it is very soon. Someone on Twitter commented possibly February of 2020, but we are very optimistic it will be long before then. The Dimension Merge completion. As for getting me into C-197, that Has to happen ASAP.

Chris thinks he'll live for thousands of years

29 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

And dying is not happening with me; I'm set to stay alive for thousands of years. Anyway I pray every night that I wake up the next day fully in C-197, also transformed into my Sonichu form. And snapping my fingers after the prayer does send my body a tingling in the frequency vibrations.

Chris's day-to-day life

29 November 2019, arbitarch cwc alliance server

As for what I do while awake, on the recent, I get up, take my meds, meditate while playing Tetris 99 to at least take on the daily tasks for the game. Most days, I go out on errand or simple walking and bursts of Fast running speed on impulse. My typical walking pace is comparable to that of a speed-walker, and yet I'm not speed-walking, and I don't get tired out.

Anyway, during the time at home, I tend to binge a show, do some drawing or creative, work (namely the TSSSF cards and the comic pages).

Chris Sonichu addresses Official CWCki Server

10 August 2020, Official CWCki Server

Hello, @everyone. It is I, Sonichu. Some details are consciously uncertain to me at the moment, but all will become more clear and I will able to share more with all of you.

Meanwhile, listen well to @Lainchu (klop), Val and Bismuth as they will brief everyone on here soon with some of the details you all need to know of the events to come, and the events so far and present .

Regardless, I continue to be safe, healthy and well, and so are Barbara and everyone else here. You all need not fret, and I am most humbled and grateful for all of you being in service out of kindness and loyalty, regardless of trolling status and levels.

I will speak again on here later. That is all for now. Thank you. ⚡⚡⚡

Time Traveling

12 August 2020, Official CWCki Server

Hello, @everyone. I have something to tell all of you: in regard to everything that has happened and are happening in regard to not only the Dimension Merge, but also in that I am to get this body into C-197 and to Cwcville, and the greater details beyond that that involve me going back in time and undoing this pandemic from ever happening. I wish to make it very direct and clear that this is very sincere and serious, and when talking with me about it, it is not at all to be in humoring anyone. And I am very well aware of the percentage of those who think it a joke when it clearly is not at all. In other words, to talk with me means to talk with sincerity and full acceptance of the situations. I will not accept or tolerate Neet behaviour, or any disingenuous mentality and intentions.
I pray to Chris Chan that I have made myself clear to all of you.
That is all for now. Thank you

This Temple is now nominated to be a PokeStop

20 August 2020, cwc frens Server

Hey, y’all. Present topic: Yes, this Temple is now nominated to be a PokeStop. Fortunately, ONLY Level 40 players can review and rate the nomination. I will not be making the details on how to go about that public, just to be safe. Other than that, presently, I continue to observe, participate, and follow the clues, cues and all other artifacts and events of great significance. I am not able to speak out the specific details publicly, but I can state that everything is continuing to progress as foreseen and expected. I will be in Cwcville, with this body, shortly enough.

As for how all of you can speed things along, the best answer I can offer for that question is thus: trust your better instincts that have nothing at all to do with hatred, malcontent or evil, and follow in best efforts on those as you each will, respectively.

Aside from that for now, all of you be safe and well. And do keep attention and kind thought and care about me, about Mama Chris Chan, and about yourselves.

Thank you all. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Q&A with The Watchmen

Main article: 22 August 2020 Q&A

On 22 August 2020, the Watchmen conducted a Q&A session with Chris (as Sonichu), asking various mailbag questions from users in the cwc frens server. The questions were asked primarily by Lainchu.

PokeStop Nomination Rejection

26 August 2020, cwc frens Server

PokeStop Rejection.png
Sonichu emojis

Trollsona OCs

26 December 2020, the Watchmen's Place, during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu.[6]

Fun fact: You remember Clyde Cash? That OC that was misused to troll Chris?

Yeah, Clyde in C-197 actually has chronicled Each and Every individual in 1218 who played as him. And now with recent drawing, he's no longer human, but a really damaged red Sonichu.

"Julay"/BlueSpike chronicled the dude who played as them.

Blanca Weiss and Jiggliami chronicled their hooligans.

List goes on. The trolls who trolled Chris using an OC, the respective OC was chronicling and using them. Put that fact on Kiwi and see how many peoples reevaluate their respective trollsonas/OCs.

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