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This article is about the chat app. For the imaginary friend from My Little Pony, see My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Some of the known Discord servers Chris was in, as of August 2020.

Discord is a chat messaging service Chris has used since at least 2018.


The group

Main article: The group

'The group' was a discord server made by Idea Guys where he and three other members could brainwash and extort money out of Chris. Chris most likely joined in early 2018.


Main article: CWCville (Discord server)

CWCville is a server by ViviChu which Chris joined in September 2018.[1]

Midnight's Nightlings and Starettes

Main article: Midnight's Nightlings and Starettes

Midnight's Nightlings and Starettes is Midnight Moonflower's Discord server for supporting her art and comics. Chris joined in July 2019.[2] The Watchmen raided Midnight's server and harassed its members over Chris's presence.

Ben Saint

Main article: Rowdy Fuckers Cop Killers' ENDLESS WAR

Ben Saint invited Chris to his Discord in September 2019.[3]

ProjectSNT Patreon Server

In January 2020, Chris paid to join ProjectSNT's Discord group, in an apparent attempt to get his foot in the door after she had given him the cold shoulder over Twitter in response to a tantrum he threw over her redesign of one of his characters.

In November 2020, Chris sent a DM to Opuscon789 regarding SNT Vs Sonichu; Opuscon later wrote that he assumed Chris found out his Discord handle from both being members of ProjectSNT's server.[4]

Arbitarch CWC Alliance

Chris joined in fall 2019.

The bulk of the chats center on Chris role-playing with Watchmen feeding into his fantasies.

During the server's operation, people on Twitter commented on Chris's posts about it, revealing some troubling aspects of the server; not only were the admins and mods notoriously power-hungry and dictatorial, but in order to take part, users had to 'verify' their Discord accounts through a rather shady bot which requested access to user data, including any other servers the user was a member of.

Official CWCki Server

Main article: Official CWCki Server

The Official CWCki Server is a Discord server for the CWCki which was established in July 2020. Chris was briefly a member; he posted two messages before moderators opted to ban him for the purpose of maintaining distance between the server and Chris.

cwc frens

Main article: cwc frens

cwc frens is a defunct sister server to the Official CWCki Server. Chris was directed to this server after the Official CWCki Server's moderators opted to remove him from the server. cwc frens was later shut down.

The Place

Main article: The Place

The Watchmen are a group of enablers who sought to protect Chris from malicious actors. Chris joined their Discord group. A large amount of chats from it were leaked by the Watchmen in summer 2020. Chris has also done a Q&A with a CWCki editor in the group.

Chris left the server due to infighting among the Watchmen.[5]

Sonic World DX Lounge

Main article: Sonic World DX Lounge
Server creator on Chris's removal.

A group for the fanmade Sonic World game, which Chris joined in order to request Sonichu-themed mods. Chris was later kicked for stealing mods without permission.

Glorious Golden Church of Sonichu

Main article: Golden Church of Sonichu

A server created by Praetor for those who have purchased their limited-run $60 golden medallion. Chris was present in the server.

The Knights of CWC

Main article: The Knights of CWC

A Watchmen splinter server founded by The WCT, who took over as Watchmen leader following the infighting in The Place server. The server would only last for two months due to Chris being arrested for incest shortly afterwards.

Chess Group #15

Bella had also created another chess server, Chess Group #15. Unlike most of her other servers, Bella notably uses much more friendlier language with her guests, and generally acts a lot more genial towards them. In other servers, she would often speak negatively about such guests while they aren't present. She invited Chris at one point for a brief visit, as well as Fiona and The WCT.

Discord selfies

To provide proof of his Discord account's legitimacy, Chris takes poorly-photographed selfies to post in the servers upon entering.

Names and avatars

Chris has occasionally changed his name and avatar.


Sonichu emojis

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