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Lost media refers to media that once existed but has been lost or media that has never been released publicly and most likely never will.[1] In reference to Chris this definition will apply however only media that directly involves or mention Chris will be included. Therefore media like Chris's Sailor Moon DVD's will not be included as it does not involve or mention Chris even though he owned them. However this article will also include pieces of media that have not been fully lost but certain parts or sections have been lost such as an audio clip that has its video footage lost as seen with CatKnight Interview 5 or Julie Reveals Herself.

Also, both digital and physical media will be in this article however, the definition this article has established will apply to both.

Finally, the contents of this article are subject to change as Lost media can be found therefore, sections of this article maybe removed at a later date.

Lost Media around Chris

Attraction Sign

The Attraction Sign were a series of signs detailing his desire for a boyfriend-free girl that Chris used from 2004 to 2014. All the signs made before the 2014 house fire have not appeared since likely being destroyed in the event thereby making them lost. One sign has been made since the 2014 house fire on July 2014 on Chris's OkCupid account[2] however it has also not appeared since likely making it lost.

Autism papers

The Autism papers were a series of papers detailing the mental state of Chris and to what extent he has autism. Most of these papers appeared to have been destroyed in the 2014 house fire as none of them have appeared since. Even if not destroyed in the 2014 house fire the hoard that is 14 Branchland Court makes finding these papers next to impossible making these papers almost certainly lost. However one paper from 2004 survives as it was e-mailed to Kacey by Chris who passed it on to Liquid Chris who then distributed the paper online in November 2009.

Black Tape

The "Black Tape" is a call between Chris and Jackie on 7 September 2011 in which Chris broke down in the wake of his fathers death the prior day. The contents of the call were considered so harrowing[3] that the call has never been released in respect for Chris. It is unknown if anyone has the audio of the call so it is currently considered lost.

CatKnight Interview 5 (Video)

On 28 March 2016 Sir Arthur Spatchcock also known as CatKnight and Master Disaster conducted an interview with Chris on lets-plays. While the audio of this interview is still avalible the footage has been lost.

Chris Chan VS. The Internet

Chris Chan VS. The Internet was a documentary made by Joseph Draft first announced on Kickstarter on 4 April 2019. However, due to a variety of factors,[4] the documentary has not surfaced and supposedly the hard drive containing the documentary has been destroyed making this documentary lost. However the trailer and the opening are avalible.[5][6]

Chris Sex Logs (Audio)

On 27 September 2008 PandaHalo released a series of Skype chats in which Chris discussed with here a variety of subjects related to sex. While the transcript of the chats are available the audio that accompanied the chats has been lost except for a 5:30 minute snippet.[7]

CWC 4 Puns of the Patridiots

CWC 4 Puns of the Patridiots was a troll video in which aspects of Chris's life were mixed in with events from the game 'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots'. This video is currently lost.

CWC Like a Virgin (Video)

CWC Like a Virgin is Christian and the Hedgehog Boys's cover of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" released on April 2009 as part of the Christian and the Hedgehog Boys COMEBACK! album. While a transcript of the lyrics exists the video has been taken down due to copyright making it lost.

Heart Torch of Fail

The Heart Torch of Fail was a torch made of Pixelblocks that has an unknown significance to the Love Quest. The torch was made sometime before or during 2005 as it appears in Sonichu 4 which was produced over that year. Since its appearance in 2005 it has never been seen since likely being destroyed in the 2014 house fire thereby making it lost.

Julie Reveals Herself (Video)

Julie Reveals Herself is a Mumble chat between Bluespike and Chris on 3 March 2009 which involves shoving the Sonichu Medallion up his rectum and Julie revealing herself to be a boy. While the audio of the chat exists the video that accompanied it, which includes footage of Chris shoving the Sonichu Medallion up his rectum, is lost.

My Half of A Whole New World for Kacey (Kacey's Part)

On 31 October 2009 Chris made a video singing the male part of the lyrics to the song 'A Whole New World' in response to Kacey uploading a video singing the same song but the female part. While Chris's video is avalible[8] Kacey's video has been taken down by Youtube and is currently lost.

No More Jokes (NSFW Version and Response from Clyde)

No More Jokes was a video by Chris released on 5 November 2009 in which he reveals the real identity of Clyde Cash. While a SFW version of the video exists[9] the NSFW version and Clyde's response to the video are currently lost.

Power (Document)

Power was a zipfile containing three videos of Chris performing acts of strength to impress Vanessa Hudgens which was leaked by The Miscreants on 27 April 2009. Along with the three videos contained an edited audio file of "I Got a Fish" and a "special thanks" document. While the videos and audio file are avalible the "special thanks" document has been lost.

Red String of Fate

The Red String of Fate was as seen in the name a string designed to attract a boyfriend-free girl that Chris created on 1 August 2004. In anime like Excel Saga, of which Chris likely got the idea from as he watched Excel Saga, the red string is used as a metaphor to in courting love. However, Chris did not see the metaphor and added a paper heart to the end of the string after which, he would throw the string at women in the hopes of "reeling" them in. On 5 August 2004 a mall security guard confiscated it and it has never resurfaced likely being destroyed and thereby lost.

Report cards

The reports cards are a series of papers from Chris's education detailing his grades and academic progress. There has been no mention of these documents since the 2014 house fire likely being destroyed and thereby lost. Even if not destroyed Chris claimed before the 2014 house fire in Mailbag 19 that he could not access the documents.[10] Considering how cluttered 14 Branchland Court is and Chris not having access to the documents to begin with it is unlikely that this documents can be found making them lost if they have not been destroyed. However, Chris's grades can be seen in the assignments that have survived in the Manchester High Leaks, so Chris's grades are not entirely lost.

Sonichu Fan Promo (Videos)

The Sonichu Fan Promo were three 3D animated shorts on Sonichu made by Timmys1984 released between 11-14 October 2008. While the transcripts of all three videos exist only the third video remains.[11] However Chris incorporated these animations into Sonichu Issue 9, pages 72, 78, and 79 with 72 being the first short, 78 being the second short, and 79 being the third short.

Sonichu Home Club (Videos)

The Sonichu Home Club was an online event hosted on Chris's PS3 through online network. The purpose of these events was to gather TRUE and HONEST fans of Sonichu however it appears these events were done by Chris in the hope of receiving praise. Two of these events occured and while the transcripts remain the videos are lost.

Sonichu's Live PS4 Broadcast

On 16 March 2018 Chris streamed the game Burnout Paradise Remastered on the PS4. While certain parts of the stream are avalible[12][13] the stream footage in its entirety has been lost.

The Sonichu Chronicles (Slides)

The Sonichu Chronicles was a PowerPoint presentation made by Chris in January 2009 and was presented to Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aimé as to give ideas on a Sonichu game. The transcript of the texts of the PowerPoint slides are avalible however the PowerPoint file is missing making the slides currently lost. However an image of the intro slide is avalible.[14]

The Wall of Originals

The Wall of Originals was a wall covered in Chris's customized Pokémon cards. Most of the cards from the wall were destroyed in the 2014 house fire however some survived as revealed in a July 2017 tweet and Chris listing the surviving cards on eBay on June 2018.[15]

Unreleased Miscreant Interactions

The Miscreants was a group of trolls consisting of many of the most notable including Clyde Cash and Liquid Chris. While many of their interactions with Chris are known, Marvin has confirmed that a significant amount of chats and calls the Miscreants and Chris had, have not been released.[16][17] Considering how long ago these interactions happened and the fact it is unknown if anyone has these unreleased chats and calls these interactions are likely lost.

Unreleased Null Chats

Unknown Lost Media

While this article has listed lost media associated with Chris this is only lost media that is known to have existed and is now lost. It is almost certain that there are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of lost media around Chris that were never known or never released publicly or were never archived and have been lost. One can only speculate what has not been released or what has been lost over the course of Chris's life. Moreover one can only speculate what is waiting to be found.

Lost and Found Media

IRL Tour of 14 Branchland Court (Audio)

The IRL Tour of 14 Branchland Court as the title suggests was a tour of Chris's home that occurred on 31 August 2014 with Chris giving the tour to Catherine and Cousin Al. Sometime in 2020 the audio had been lost as reported in Geno Samuel's documentary Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History on 31 July 2020.[18] However, as of 2022, the audio has been found.

Manchester High Leaks

The Manchester High Leaks are a series of high school assignments from Chris's junior year between 1998 and 1999.[19] It was thought that these documents were permanently lost in the in the 2014 house fire as before the fire these documents had not surfaced leading to them being considered lost even before the fire. However, Cousin Al on June 2014 after digging through Chris's trash, found these documents though they were damaged from the 2014 house fire.

Scrapbook of Fail

The Scrapbook of Fail is two binders containing every comic Chris has ever drawn. After the 2014 house fire the scrapbook stopped being mentioned leading to the belief that it had been lost however, in November 2015 Chris revealed the scrapbook had been found, and survived the fire.


ShecameforCWC.JPG is a pornographic drawing consisting of Chris vaginally stimulating Megan Schroeder uploaded to Encyclopedia Dramatica on 11 November 2007. On 4 November 2013 Chris announced that he would destroy ShecameforCWC.JPG[20] leading to the belief that the original drawing had been lost which was confirmed by a tweet Chris made on January 2018 confirming he had destroyed ShecameforCWC.JPG.[21] However, on April 2018 Chris listed ShecameforCWC.JPG for sale on his eBay which was bought by the Teen Troon Squad. It turned out that Chris had not destroyed the drawing but cut it up into squares making it easy to reassemble making it lost but not destroyed. It is unknown what the Teen Troon Squad have done with ShecameforCWC.JPG but it can be presumed they still own it though they have not shown it off.

The Classic

The Classic refers to Chris's red and blue rugby shirt that he wore in many of his videos. It was thought that this shirt was destroyed and thereby lost in the 2014 house fire however during April 2017 Chris found The Classic. However on 10 August 2018 Barb threw away The Classic as revealed in a text to the Teen Troon Squad from Chris thereby making The Classic lost again.[22]