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The Pickle Man tricked me again.
Christian Weston Chandler[1]
Pickle Man
Name Marvin
Gender Male
Race White
Occupation Troll
Owner of the CWCki

The Man in the Pickle Suit (now referred to as Marvin and sometimes referred to as the Black Man in the Pickle Suit[3][4]) was the arch-nemesis of Chris whom he used to blame whenever he was tricked or conned. In 2009, the role of the Man in the Pickle Suit was adopted by Marvin, who is often referred to as the Jew in the Pickle Suit.

The character was first created on 11 September 2008 by a troll posing as Blanca.[5] Using a fake MySpace page, they claimed that Blanca was in fact a black transvestite in a pickle costume. This lead to Chris believing that the pictured Man in the Pickle Suit was in fact a real person. Because the persona was entirely fictional, the character quickly became anonymized by trolls, with multiple people operating under the name at once. There is no single "Man in the Pickle Suit".

Even though Chris turns basically everyone that annoys him into a villain in his comic, the Man in the Pickle Suit has surprisingly been spared. The closest he got to featuring as an enemy was when "Cly" fought Chris using a goddamn "pickle gun".[6]


The original MySpace page.[7]
I don't know who that guy is and I don’t think I really would care to know.
Chris on the Man in the Pickle Suit - Christian Weston Chandler Interview

Midway through August 2008, a troll on Encyclopedia Dramatica by the name of Lordsillynipples created a profile posing Blanca under the name "kawaiikitsune123".[7] The troll successfully tricked Chris into believing he was speaking to the "real" Blanca, and solicited nudes of him wearing his mother's bra and underwear. This was in spite of Chris stating earlier in the conversation, "you can't fool me; I KNOW from your attitude that you are the Pickle Man trying to get more crap on me again. Sorry Dude, you may as well TELL ME THE TRUTH".

On 11 September 2008, the troll revealed himself, leaking Chris' nudes onto Encyclopedia Dramatica and taunting Chris by stating they were a black pickle-suited transvestite.

Jew in the Pickle Suit


While many operated under the moniker, by far the most notorious individual was the Jew in the Pickle Suit, also known as Marvin. Although Marvin has long-since stopped operating under the Man in the Pickle Suit name, he is still active on Kiwi Farms, and is the current owner of the CWCki. He played a significant role in dismantling both Chris' Night Star persona in 2017 and the Idea Guys in 2018.

On 15 March 2009, Marvin accompanied Robert Simmons V to his visit to Christian's church, disguised as an average civilian.

On 19 March 2009, Marvin, at great personal risk, rescued Emily from a horrific first date with Chris IRL. Whilst Emily and Chris were chatting it up and walking around the mall, the Man in the Pickle Suit emerged from the shadows, and began flirting with Emily. He ultimately won her over, stealing her from Chris, who stood dumbfounded, unable to cope with the defeat he had just suffered.

In October 2009, the Jew in the Pickle Suit established a YouTube account[8] that suggested he had come out of retirement one last time to deal a final, crushing blow upon the manchild. Sadly, despite his promise that Chris would never complete his Fuck Quest, Chris ended up losing his virginity in 2012.

A Message to Chris Chan. From an old friend.
Stardate 23 April 2010
Made By I Am The Internet Pickle Man
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

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