Chris Chan Update 21 October 2008

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Chris Chan Update 21 October 2008 (officially Chris Chan Update October 21, 2008) is a video uploaded by Chris to YouTube on the titular date.

In this video, Chris is shown in a level of depression that wouldn't be topped until a year later. Chris issues a statement on Blanca breaking up with him over the photo of himself wearing his mother's underwear. He also takes time to complain about rickyricardo123 stealing his medallion and Jimmy Hill plagiarizing his beloved Sonichu. (Note that Chris will tell people HE broke up with HER, even when this video is available to all.[1])


Chris Chan Update 21 October 2008
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Stardate 21 October 2008
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga BlancaBlanca Blanca HillHill Jimmy Hill
Shirt Vert RedVert Red Vertical Red
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Chris Chan Q&A 27 October 2008
You made me crash… into slumber…


One of the photos that made Blanca leave Chris

[Chris is lying on a couch and a bunch of pillows.] Captain's Log. Ssstardate: October 21st, 2008.

[inhales deeply and sighs] Well… it's done. Mmm. Blanca and I, well, she broke up with me, 'cause the Pickle Man tricked me again. A few more stupid photos. [sighs] Anyway, she saw them, she got angry, she broke up with me. So… I'm sad. [sighs]

And… the void in my heart that requires a sweetheart is open again, and it hurts. I hope you jerks and trolls who wanted to break us up… are happy… 'cause all you did was make me feel sad and depressed. And you made me crash… into slumber… a couple of times. And you know, it takes a lot of stress and exhaust… and such… to make a person feel like they're gonna crash and burn… into a whole bunch of s-- into a long slumber… that just basically sleeps o-- that just basically sleeps off the—uh, what's the word I was looking for? I had it. Ugh…

Anyway… we're broken up, you jer—I hope you jerks are happy. So, anyway, I'm sad, and Blanca is sad, too… w-- uh, even more sad because… her grandma died. [inhales deeply and coughs]

And, uh, as—and I know the name… of the, uh, guy who, uh, did that to the medal in that video. His screen name is rickyricardo123, but in real life, his name is Ricky. So… anyway… he's either somewhere in Kentucky… or somewhere in Illinois. More likely in Kentucky, so… if anybody knows him, bring him in to justice! Turn him in to the police department. I want to make an example out of that bastard.

[sighs] Anyway, other updates… uh… don't really have too many other updates at the moment… so, uh…

You know, PandaHalo is the moderator for the fan site, on, uh—that I have officially approved… so… she's also helping me against, uh… the impostor Jimmy Hill. Again, do not buy anything from that… bastard impostor… 'cause y'all know he did the same thing to Warner Bros. years ago, and he was put to jail for it. So, he deserves to be put in jail again… or otherwise, uh, somebody who's posing as Jimmy Hill… uh, in this case, this guy still needs to be put in jail.

So… yeah. Imprison the, uh, Ricky… and the Jimmy, or the impostor known as “Jimmy Hill”. That's it for now. I'm gonna sulk some more, and maybe I'll upload this video. I don't know.

Y'all take care, be safe.


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