CWC Update 7 July 2009

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CWC Update 7 July 2009 (officially "CWC Update 07072009") is a video uploaded on the same day, in which Chris dispels rumors that he has the Death Note. He also goes on a bit more on how he didn't kill BILLY MAYS, and that he shouldn't be considered a scapegoat. Apparently, Chris believes that it's still the month of June.


CWC Update 7 July 2009
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Stardate 7 July 2009
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CWC Calls Out Three Naïve YouTubers

I had nothing to do with it!
Chris, who did not kill BILLY MAYS with a Death Note


Captain's Log, Stardate: June 7th, 2009.

I wish to, uh... dispel the, uh... rumor that has come upon since my last, uh... video update, which was about me write—supposedly writing any "Death Notes".... Because, you know, that's just an anime, y'all—yeah, those who are blaming me for that, that's an anime; it's not real. I'm not writing anybody—I'm not writing any such notes, okay?

And don't go blaming me for, uh... been a—been the blame men—of, uh, somebody to blame; it's because couple of people y'all like passed away, [with a high-pitched voice] I had nothing to do with it! I was at my cousin's wedding that weekend! So please, just lay off, no more false rumors or accusations. I'm serious.

Cut it out. It's not cool. If you wanna blame somebody, go blame somebody else, like the people who actually had anything to do with it... or the drugs that have... done unto them.

So there. Have a good day, peace.

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