9 February 2010

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9 February 2010 (officially 02092010.MOV) is a video where Chris comments on the destruction of the CWCipedia, threatens to use his "psychic powers" to jail and kill the people behind the Asperpedia, and claims the CWCipedia will be rebuilt with his own funds. He also states that he is still shoveling snow, and drawing the comic.

In his previous video, Chris claimed that he was willing to acquiesce to Evan's demands and do away with the character Simonla Rosechu, Chris's imitation of Evan's Simonchu. Here, however, Chris admits the obvious: that he never planned to willingly stop infringing on Evan's creation. In an impressive (read: "nauseating") display of self-righteousness, he characterizes being pressured to do the right thing as "blackmail."

The threats made in this video would later be incorporated into the ending of Sonichu 10, where Chris's alter ego, with the help of other characters, brutally tortures and executes the Asperpedia Four after they are given a show trial and condemned to death. There's also a bit of accidental foreshadowing to the Idea Guys saga, as Chris briefly fantasizes about the possibility of gaining psychic abilities to torment his enemies with.


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Stardate 9 February 2010
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Christian Love Day (video)

They took away that which inspired their own comic pages. They destroyed... what was undestroyable.


Captain's Log, February 9th, 2010.

As much as it is to my dismay, I have to point out... but, you can thank... Alec. Evan. Sean. And Mao on the Asperpedia, 'cuz I got... confessions from them. And they have done so already. They. Took down. My own CWCipedia. They even pr- they even... prohibited me from being able to make any updates! Because of that god dang Evan. [Clenches his claw into a fist.] If I could go back to before November 2007, I would've never view that- viewed that damn ED page, and then I would never have had to deal with you damn dirty trolls. But I know I realize one thing now, and I have suffered through so much torment, and this one just really just takes the cake.

You all just want a response from me... you get one hell of a response. And L- all my true, loyal fans... can s... blame those in the Asperpedia, [points at the camera with four fingers] those four. 'Cuz they have... done the wrongest. They took away that which inspired their own comic pages. They destroyed... what was undestroyable, but can be re- built. And I will rebuild it... with my own help, and my own funds.

I have people on the inside. The CWCipedia will be back up. And I never wanted to kill Simonla. But I was practically back- blackmailed by that goddamned Evan. [Raises Claw of Fail again.] I would have him in a psychic link within my psychic powers, frozen in time! And then I would put him in the jail cell... as with the same fate between Alec, Sean, and Mao. And after what they have done unto me so far, which they did not have to do, but they did and they are all guilty of tormenting me like they have... I would have them EXECUTED! And I don't care what they think or what they say, this is my stand against you four: [flips off camera with his right hand] Rot. [flips off camera with his left hand] In. [throws both hands at the camera as if doing a Curse-ye-ha-me-ha]


[Moment of silence. Chris appears to be on the brink of tears.]

Anyway, everybody else... have a good day. I'm still shoveling snow and drawing and coloring, regardless of there bein' a website or not.

[Looks all dejected and reaches for his camera to turn it off]

Have a good day.

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