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Twitch is a game-centric livestreaming website, which Chris joined in 2018. His first stream was on 16 March, in which he played Burnout Paradise Remastered. Despite it being a relatively easy source of revenue for Chris in theory, given that he could get payments from fans to play video games all day as he already did, he only used it sparingly.


As expected of Chris, he put no effort into setting up his page, as his description is a copy and paste of his Tumblr description:

I am Christine W. Chandler, creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville, VA, as drawn in my Comic Book Series. And I am a proud Lesbian Transwoman. And this is my Tumblr; an expanion of my social networking; professional; I am still a work in progress, always. :)

Sonichu's Live PS4 Broadcast (Burnout Paradise Remastered)


That disclaimer to "watch your ears" in the beginning isn't a joke. This is your first and only warning.

Chris Chan Stream "Highlights"
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 16 March 2018
Subject Matter Burnout Paradise
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris Chan Twitch Stream Chat
Stardate 16 March 2018
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

On 16 March 2018, Chris streamed himself playing the PS4 version of Burnout Paradise Remastered. This stream is notable in that he uses a headset while playing the game; sadly, it has either a really cheap/bad microphone, or Chris is speaking way too close into it (or most likely both), because the stream had continuous moments of ear rape courtesy of him.

A full copy of the stream is currently lost, but several viewers made clips of it that are still available on Twitch, and there is a YouTube compilation of many of the said clips.

Transcript (Chris Chan Stream "Highlights")

[Video opens with a caption on a black background] WATCH YOUR EARS

Ooh...mash it mash it mash it MASH IT!!!! [drives through a billboard, earning a bonus] HA-HA! [after smashing his car through the billboard, the car lands, and almost immediately afterwards smashes into a pole through the entrance of a road underneath another one] HNNNNG, NRRRRRRRRR. [waggles his tongue]

[smashes through another billboard] There's ANOTHER ONE! [singing] An' anurr one gone, anurr one gone, another one bites the dust!


Oh dear! There goes my hero! Nah [unintelligible; the constant clipping from Chris's mic doesn't help matters] had to drop me somewhere! SAWWWY!!! Better luck next time!

[regarding a mini-biker riding a bike in the car selection menu] That helmet too big for your head!

[smashing through a fence] Smashy smashy!

Smashy-crashy! SMASHY SMASHY MASHY!!!

Nope. You didn't get me that time, HEH-HA, ha-ha!

Still got(?) JUST IN TIIIIME! Just in time, he-heh. Step in time, step in time, step in time, never need a reason, never need a RHYYYYYMEE!!!!

Let's see what's around this way! Ooh, too big tunnel, too big tunnel.

[unintelligible again] ...for the commercial break. Have fun. [unintelligble statement] Budabudabudabudabudabudabudabudabudabuda. [almost passes by a fence and imitates the Three Stooges "Whoop-whoop-whoop" as he puts his car into reverse] Nyuk nyuk nyuk! [says something unintelligible about Moe]

[cut to another caption on black background, followed by a plug for the OP's personal channel] IT WAS PRETTY MUCH THAT FOR AN HOUR

CLog 04172018 - Buy My Toys

Chris screeches at weens on Twitch

On 17 April 2018, Chris streamed for the second time not to stream a video game, but to push the sales of his Transformers toys. It would later be alleged by the Guard Dogs that he did so while under extortion by the Idea Guys. Visibly agitated, Chris vowed to stream until everything he has on stock is sold, refusing to communicate with viewers, making random-access humor (i.e. making random noises at random), and even bringing in Barb to state how dire their situation is (before commenting that she used to be more flirting when talking to him). Despite this, the stream ended early due to the howling of his dogs.

Chris sold the Amnyfest Ring during the stream and thanked its buyer for the purchase. The sale would prove to be key in the ousting of the Idea Guys.

CLog 04172018 - Buy My Toys
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Stardate 17 April 2018
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing, HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Shirt Pink with Grey SleevesPink with Grey Sleeves Pink With Grey Sleeves
Look, I Am helping my mother and I with the monies
I have been paid to go; we’ll see if I can go (Seriously To Be Determined)


CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the content. If the media is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.

[52 minutes of Chris playing with various toys, demanding the audience buy said toys on eBay ("You're gonna go on eBay!! You're gonna pay me $100!! And NO HATING!!"). Simultaneously, he's telling the audience he's ignoring all their comments. All the while Chris is screeching and babbling in various shrill, cartoon voices. Barb makes a brief (coerced) cameo at 32:00, where Chris interrogates her about fruit]

31:57-34:18 – Chris Interacts with Barb

Chris: I’m streaming! I’m trying to sell my Transformers toys by playing with them and showing them off, but everybody wants to see… [Chris imitates a trumpet and turns the camera.] Barbara Ann Weston, everybody! Say hello to the lovely folks out there! You’re being streamed on live Twitch network! Say some nice- say some kind, supporting words to everybody, tell them how you’re doing. How are you, Barbara Ann?

Barbara: I’m doing fine.

Chris: Hm, so what’s going on with you, huh? Everybody wants to know! You’re the big interview talk! [Chris pretends to hold a microphone and puts his hand in Barbara’s face.] Talk what’s on your mind!

Barbara: I’m wressing.

Chris: And what are you doing with yourself?

Barbara: I’m entertaining myself.

Chris: What do you like to eat?

Barbara: I like to eat fish and chicken.

Chris: Hm, do you have any favorite fruits?

Barbara: Yeah, bananas.

Chris: You enjoy those bananas?

Barbara: Yes.

Chris: And… what do you like to drink?

Barbara: I like to drink, uh, chocolate milkshake.

Chris: And what kinda milkshakes are these?

Barbara: These are, uh…

Chris: [Chris whispers to Barbara.] Meal replacement.

Barbara: … delicious.

Chris: They’re meal replacement shakes. So, any other- you wanna give some kind, supportive words to everybody, like, y’know, uh, like, I dunno… “Y’all do well, y’all do good, learn well, be educating, everything,” that sorta thing? Give us some wisdom!

Barbara: I don’t know any right now.

Chris: Come on… [Chris touches Barbara’s forehead repeatedly.] You got a lotta wisdom in your head! What are you doing to me?

Barbara: Be smart… Act smart… That’s all.

Chris: Okay. Thank you, Bob. [Chris leans in to hug her.] Love you.

Barbara: Love you.

Chris: [Gives Barbara a smooch on her head.] Give us a hug. Gimme a hug. Show em’ a hug. Give it- come on, both arms.

Barbara: Okay, let me go.

Chris: Wait a minute. [Chris chuckles.] “Turn me loose, what?”

Barbara: I’m thirsty.

Chris: Come on. Just say it once, “turn me loose…”

Barbara: “Turn me loose, like…”

Chris: You’re supposed to say “Turn me loose, you silly goose.”

Barbara: Turn me loose, you silly goose.

Chris: [Chris lets go of Barbara.] You used to do that more flirtingly! Anyway, there you go, people! [Chris attempts to put the camera back in place.] Barbara Ann Weston Chandler, folks! That was her live on this show and you will not see her again from the livestreaming! Now, back to our feature presentation!

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