Chris's Big Night Out II

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Some of the more ironic notes on the Charlottesville Free Speech Wall.

In Chris's Big Night Out II, Chris hangs out with his gal-pal Scarlet again. It is revealed here that she has a boyfriend, but doesn't want Chris to know because he'll throw a huge hissy fit. Ironically, she says that right in front of him, but he's too busy "playing Guitar Hero" to notice.

Chris draws Sonichu


[Chris is kneeling down in front of the Charlottesville Free Speech Wall, where he draws Sonichu's head in yellow chalk. He draws a © under Sonichu and begins to write his name next to the drawing. At about 0:32 a woman crouches next to him to write something on the wall, and Chris takes a second to register this. He continues writing "Christian W Chandler is a Nice and Good Man". He straightens up and poses next to the drawing, giving the camera a thumbs-up sign.]

Kim: Okay, lemme take a picture.

Chris fires away


[Some girl in the background does a mediocre job of singing Pat Benatar's "Hit Me with Your Best Shot"]

Chris: [singing along] ...your best shot!

Kim: Oh, God....

Chris: I'm praying Guitar Hero!

Kim: [Laughs]

Guy: So, next time you're going to bring your boyfriend?

Kim: That might be a... bad idea.

Chris: [Whilst air-guitaring in such a way that would cause even the most amateur guitar player scratch his head, mouths "hit me with your best shot" in sync with the song]

Guy: You don't want him to know?

Kim: He wouldn't take it real well.

Guy: Huh?

Kim: He wouldn't take it well. Which is understandable, really. [laughs like Elmer Fudd]

Chris: [Hideously "struts" his "stuff" when the song gets to the guitar solo, imagining that he is air guitarring a badass solo... all on open strings!]

Guy: We got the guitarist right here, everybody! We got the guitarist!

Kim: [Laughs and cheers]

[After another full minute of Chris making an ass of himself, the song is coming to a close]

Kim: Chris!

[The one and only creator of the Sonichu franchise finally sits his shameless ass down]

Kim: [Laughs]

Chris: [In a Southern accent] Star power, baby!

Kim: Yep.

Chris needs females

All female hands on me!


Chris: All female hands on me!

Kim: [laughs] So, how does the drink taste?

Chris: [sighs] It—it's good.

Kim: Good?

Chris: [sounds a bit rapey] Delicious.

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