CWC Callout for Miss Emily and Stephanie

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CWC Callout for Miss Emily and Stephanie is a short message Chris recorded on 12 March 2009 for Miss Emily and Stephanie (presumably boyfriend-free trolls), asking them to call him.

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CWC Callout for Miss Emily and Stephanie
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Stardate 12 March 2009
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals
Saga EmilyEmily Emily
Shirt The JokerThe Joker The Joker
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Apology to Emily
Who reside at the same phone number...


This is only a short message to, uh, address to, uh, Miss Emily… and her friend Stephanie… who, uh, come from the same phone number.

Please call me back on my home or cell phone as soon as possible. I repeat: Miss Emily or her friend Stephanie… who reside at the same phone number… that has called me before on my cell phone or my h—or my house phone: please call me back… as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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