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Man in the Pickle Suit

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The Pickle Man tricked me again.


—Christian Weston Chandler[1]

Ze Pickleman.jpg
Man in the Pickle Suit
Real name Harold (?)
Gender Male
Race White

Internet troll


The Man in the Pickle Suit (a.k.a. the Black Man in the Pickle Suit[2][3]) is the arch-nemesis of Chris whom he used to blame whenever he is tricked or conned.

Oddly, even though Chris turns basically everyone that annoys him into a villain in his comic, the Man in the Pickle Suit has been spared. The closest it got was when "Cly" fought Chris using a goddamn "pickle gun".[4]

Chris claims that the MiPS' name may be Harold.[5]


Lordsillynipples is the one true creator of the Pickle Negro. After posing as Blanca to troll CWC in early August 2008, using a fake MySpace page, silly made Chris believe that Blanca was indeed a black transvestite in a pickle costume by suddenly revealing a new version of the MySpace. Ever since then, Chris has feared the pickle men.

I don't know who that guy is and I don’t think I really would care to know.


Chris on the Man in the Pickle Suit - Christian Weston Chandler Interview

The Jew in the Pickle Suit

This Pickle Man, at great personal risk, rescued Emily from the horrific date with Chris IRL. He also accompanied Robert Simmons V to his visit to Christian's church, disguised as an average civilian.

The Pickle Men today

Shit just got real.

In October 2009, the MiPS established a YouTube account[6] that suggests he has come out of retirement one last time to deal a final, crushing blow upon the manchild. Sadly, despite his promise that Chris would never complete his Fuck Quest, Chris ended up losing his virginity in 2012 (allegedly.) To date, the MiPS has yet to comment on this.

A Message to Chris Chan. From an old friend.
Stardate 23 April 2010
Made By I Am The Internet Pickle Man
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Selected videos



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