December 2017 tweets

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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major tweets from December 2017.

Protesting Tao of Maud deletion

6 December

Tao of Maud:

I am mildly amused by those people who are just now getting around to following Tao of Maud. I mean, it's Day 338 of Year 3. There are less than 4 weeks left. On January 1st, everything is being erased. If you had ignored it this long, seriously, why now?


Please, Do Not Erase Your musings. We all still enjoy reading them. I have been keeping the ones I read to heart. And often, it is very good to read or re-read your musings. Please, do consider maybe repeating from beginning if you’re stopping new ones.

There Are 457 Days in a year in Equestria, and the original Maud Pie Would never stop musing and sharing her wisdom with everypony, no matter what, because she Thinks, and she is Wise.


13 December

The Man in the Pickle Suit:

@CWCSonichu ayo, there's gonna be a cwc panel at magfest this year. You gotta go dawg

Chris retweeted the message. Then, on Facebook, he asked:


I don't believe you're Crystal or Mother

15 December


In my heart, and other parts of my body, public and private ones, I truly believe I am the true and honest incarnation of Crystal, the daughter of @CWCSonichu. I wish her and I to have a much closer relationship, including maybe getting to 1st or 2nd base initially.


No, I do not believe you are any incarnation of my family. Sorry.

@MissLadyLikely then changed her Twitter handle to @BarbAChandler and wrote a series of tweets role-playing as Barb. Chris was displeased:

19 December

You were NEVER EVER My Mother. You are just a Petty Troll Vying for Attention! NEVER in This World; NEVER in Cwcville; NEVER In Any Reality. You are NOT Barbara Chandler; You are Not My Mother.

@BarbAChandler replied:

I am the incarnation from another reality. That is what I believe. It is true, and you know the truth behind other dimensions, they do exist, my dear daughter.

Chris retorted:

You Have Been Reported.

He then unfollowed the account, but did not bother to block or mute it. @MissLadyLikely then used a 3rd party service to delete all 993 tweets from it and changed the Twitter handle yet again, to @SaraHeartsSonic.

On December 21st, the ween releases a few DM's from Chris from September and October: [1] [2] [3]

As of December 26th, Chris re-followed the ween's new Twitter handle.