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Chris at thirty. (self-portrait)

2012 was the fourth year since the discovery of the Internet's favorite autistic manchild, Christian Weston Chandler. Chris turned 30 years old this year.

This year did not see much activity online aside from his occasional Facebook posts, possibly due to Bob's death and stress from Chris's run-in with the law. Chris was actually punished for something he did, and must now see a licensed psychiatrist. He must also perform community service, the first time he has worked in over a decade.[1]

If either of them had violated their probation, Chris and/or Barb would have spent some of this year in prison. So far, so good.

There was a dry spell of activity compared to years gone by; this was the first year since trolling began where Chris didn't personally upload a YouTube video, with any released being leaks. That being said, this year is quite notable, as aside from what was said above, it saw Chris finally losing his much-hated virginity--albeit to a hooker.


Chris in January 2012.
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January was a slow month but there were a few notable events:

  • Both Chris and Barb had another hearing which led to yet another continuance.
  • Chris re-opened his Facebook account.


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Chris in February, looking more like his mother every passing day.


Chris in March, with his original character.
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Little occurred except a single Facebook public note, a few forum posts and another banhammer from the Fashion Square Mall.


Main article: April 2012

Chris and Barb faced another hearing. On April 12, Chris posted a Facebook message in which he claimed he lost his virginity.


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Chris in May 2012.

Chris continues to gloat over his supposed victories over the trolls. On May 1st, he posts a Facebook message saying the woman he supposedly lost his virginity to can be found "somewhere on the backpage", implying she was a prostitute. Also, another drawing of Chris and Jackie having sex is leaked, as is one of The Wallflower. Five November 2010 and three March 2012 pictures of Chris are also released.


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In June 2012, CWCville helped.

Chris opened a charity lemonade stand in honour of his father. He also tweeted and Facebooked a lot.


Where the Chandlers faced justice in July 2012.
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On the 10th, Chris and Barb were arraigned for their felony charges.


Main article: August 2012

On the 1st, it was revealed that Chris got two new dogs, and entered them into a contest. He didn't win(big surprise).


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Chris in October 2012.
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Chris's Facebook status and pictures are leaked on the Internet. Chris also posts an apology as a public status on Facebook asking that online groups and hatreds of him be disbanded.


Chris in November 2012.
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Chris released a photo of his Lego self on Facebook. He also released a new photo of his real self.


Main article: December 2012

Chris uploaded a soundtrack featuring his dad as a performer as a small tribute to him. Also, at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of this month, 2012 officially became the year since trolling began where Chris has not personally uploaded a video.