April 2021

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Chris in April 2021.

April was the fourth month of 2021. Aside from Chris and Barb receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, Chris stayed mostly quiet this month, with his activity mostly consisting of social media posts.


  • 1 April - Chris is annoyed at an April Fools Day joke made by Geno Samuel for Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History, which involved changing the title and thumbnail images of the series to refer to Donald Trump.[1]
  • 1 April - Chris texts MKR to discuss that he had crashed his car into a truck and damaged it the previous month.[2]
  • 2 - 4 April - BABSCon, an unofficial My Little Pony convention held in San Francisco, was to be held but was delayed another year.
  • 3 April - A fan snaps a photo of Chris's car, showing the damage it has sustained from his fender bender the previous month.[3]
  • 4 April - Another fan inquires about the damage to Chris's car; he explains it was from backing into a big rig trailer the previous week.[4]
  • 5 April - Chris texts MKR to discuss an "almost-sex dream" and a sex fantasy with the adult version of Christopher Thorndyke, a character from Sonic media. He also mentions feeling sex-starved.[5]
  • 12 April - Chris does tarot readings for Naught and The WCT.[6]
  • 15 April - A listing of supposed meditation crystals and enchanted rocks is released on Praetor's Etsy shop.
  • 26 April - Chris posts on Instagram that he got his stimulus check, and purchased a 3-month subscription (which is $165) to The Crystal Council, a subscription box service focused on crystals and rocks.[7]
  • 28 April - Chris gets his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination, while Barb gets her second dose of Pfizer.[8]





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