January 2016

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Chris in January

January is the first month of 2016. With a court case resolved, Chris refocuses his attention on his Sweetheart Search and his Etsy hustle.






  • 1 January - Chris wishes everyone a Happy New Year in the form of "random access gibberish" on Facebook and continues to complain about feeling dizzy and sick.
  • 6 January - Chris uploads a new video onto YouTube in which he advertises a "lesbian sleepover."
  • 11 January - Chris announces in a new video that the Lesbian Sleepover Party has been privatized. A few users on Kiwi Farms claim to be invitees.
  • 12 January - Chris uploads another video telling people to not go to Jeff/Francine's own "lesbian slumber party," complaining that the troll has yet to mail Chris' $100,000 check.
  • 13 January - The previous day's video is removed from YouTube.
  • 17 January - Chris uploads another video regarding Jeff/Francine's "slumber party" in which he "retracts" the stance he made in the previous video. He sarcastically banters on about how Jeff/Francine's party is going to be "off the hook" and "radical."
  • 17 January - On Facebook, Amiibo of Autism are shown to all.
  • 21 January - Chris posts an heavily hypocritical post on Facebook.
  • 22 January - Chris posts a video advertising new products for sale on his Etsy shop.
  • 23 January - KiwiFarmer CatKnight conducts a two-part interview with Chris.
  • 25 January - Chris makes a video saying he can't deliver his orders because of the snowstorm. He also recites a poem from a fan.
  • 26 January - CatKnight releases a second interview with Chris.
  • 29 January - Chris rants in a video stating that he is receiving mail addressed to PewDiePie and tries to pressure people into buying from his Etsy shop.