Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement

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Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement. is a video released on 6 January 2016 in which Chris is manipulated by the Lady Managers into trying to net himself china by announcing a sleepover at his very own house.[1] Attendees were to engage in "a night of fun and frivolous activities" and have "a sex-y time". Applicants were to email with a "self-photograph" and proof of ID to anightinchristine@gmail.com for a chance at winning a night of a lifetime.

This video also shows that Chris's Sonic Totem from his Graduation survived the 2014 house fire, and it also shows Pollo on video for the first time. Pollo is noticeably more friendly towards Chris than previous cats. Chris, as is now to be expected, uses his unconvincing attempt at a female voice. It's also interesting to note that his room looks a lot tidier than before (although a stack of boxes are clumsily placed in the corner), probably an attempt to lure in da ladies. (Chris's hair is a mess, however.)

Chris's corresponding post on Facebook indicated that a "gal friend" would be co-hosting the event; besides this mystery person, the only woman expected to show up was Barb.

Ten minutes after Chris announced the sleepover, Kengle criticized Chris' decision by pointing out that opening your house to complete strangers is a stupid idea. On January 9, Chris deleted the video, later revealing in his Announcement and update 1/12/2016 video that he decided to keep it "between friends". On October 4th, 2017, Chris later admitted during a Q&A that the party had never occurred at all.[2]

Curiously, propped up on a shelf to the left of Chris is a 1968 record Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell by the titular artists. To the left of the record is Chris's Sonic Totem.

Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement
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Stardate 6 January 2016
Subject Matter SexSex Sex, HomosHomos Homos
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
Holiday Greetings to Karen Riley
Announcement and update 1/12/2016
The application is open to all straight, lesbian and biseshual women.


Chris is seated on his bed, the light shining off the bald pate at the front of his head. The iconic (and creepy) Sonic the Hedgehog totem he constructed during middle school is sitting on a chest of drawers to the left, while Pollo is walking around the bed next to Chris.

Hello ladies! Once again Christine Chandler coming to you live from home!

[In a cutesy voice] Here's my cat!

Meet my cat! Now I have two cats!

But that's not why I'm making this video. I am making this video because I would like to let y'all know about the lesbian slumber party that I am planning on, the date has not been set yet, but I am extending the invitations... So let me know that you would like to attend to day.. to my night in Christine email address listed below this uh, video, and we can have a night of fun and frivilow... frivolous activities and the application is open to all straight, lesbian and biseshual women. So go on out and we'll have a sex-y time. [Pulls at the collar of his shirt as if to show off his cleavage] Thank you veh much!

[Chris succeeds at switching off the camera with his remote.]


  1. Based on Lady Managers character Jeff Ouzuo announcing a competing sleepover and Chris's comment in CLog 10042017 that the sleepover had been someone else's idea.
  2. CLog 10042017 - Q&A 1#Question 28: Lesbian Sleepover Party
Holiday Greetings to Karen Riley Chris's videos Announcement and update 1/12/2016