Announcement and update 1/12/2016

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Announcement and update 1/12/2016 is a video Chris actually uploaded on 1/11/2016.

Announcement and update 1/12/2016
Stardate 11 January 2016
Subject Matter Cwcville ShoppingCwcville Shopping Cwcville Shopping, HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt Light blue
Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement.
Update 01/12/2016


via YouTube Capture


Hello and good evening. Coming to you all live from my home once again. This time I got the camera... Where? It's got to be at my desk. [Shrugs] So... Yep! [Knocks on the desk repeatedly as he talks] I make... The figures and the medals, everything, on this very desk. [Suddenly cheerful] I got it from Goodwill, for a few bucks.

Anyhoo, I'm making this update to make a couple of brief announcements. Ehh... The part- the video invitation has been ehh, taken down-I have recieved- have decided to keep the... Upcom- The eventual party between friends only. And also... Uh, yea I have send out a lot books today! [Metal jiggling in the background] Lot of books. So I just completed all the orders so, the coupon codes so [Fumbles for words] All y'all past customers. Yea! You'll be receiving you books definitely. Withi- within the next couple of weeks. Just shipped them all out. I'll be uploading tracking numbers onto the... Ont- your orders in a little while.

And, uh, still! Still would like some more business! Appreciate that! [Holds up a Sonichu Amiibo] Still could make more figures, and I... Have the- Just a little bit more to catch up on and I'll be updated. I'll be doing that this week, but I would appreciate more business because... Well, we need the money around here, among which that's for sure. [Chuckles and blows raspberry as he puts away the Amiibo] Eh...

Anyway... Donations as well... You can donate large as well if you... Would like a gift, I could do that f- I could definitely fufill that promise for you, but if you would like to opt out a gift, let me know as well. That will be fine.

So anyways. Just the update for now. Thank you all for your continued patronage and... Support and everything. Have a great and safe day. [Remote doesn't work. Reaches over to cut video manually]

Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement. Chris's videos Update 01/12/2016