Announcement and update 1/12/2016

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Announcement and update 1/12/2016 is a video Chris actually uploaded on 1/11/2016.


Announcement and update 1/12/2016
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 11 January 2016
Subject Matter Cwcville ShoppingCwcville Shopping Cwcville Shopping, HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business, Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
Shirt Light blue
Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement.
Update 01/12/2016
I would appreciate more business because... Well, we need the money around here


via YouTube Capture


Hello and good evening. Coming to you all live from my home once again. This time I got the camera... Where? It's got to be at my desk. [Shrugs] So... Yep! [Knocks on the desk repeatedly as he talks] I make... The figures and the medals, everything, on this very desk. [Suddenly cheerful] I got it from Goodwill, for a few bucks.

Anyhoo, I'm making this update to make a couple of brief announcements. Ehh... The part- the video invitation has been ehh, taken down-I have received- have decided to keep the... Upcom- The eventual party between friends only. And also... Uh, yea I have send out a lot books today! [Metal jiggling in the background] Lot of books. So I just completed all the orders so, the coupon codes so [Fumbles for words] All y'all past customers. Yea! You'll be receiving you books definitely. Withi- within the next couple of weeks. Just shipped them all out. I'll be uploading tracking numbers onto the... Ont- your orders in a little while.

And, uh, still! Still would like some more business! Appreciate that! [Holds up a Sonichu Amiibo] Still could make more figures, and I... Have the- Just a little bit more to catch up on and I'll be updated. I'll be doing that this week, but I would appreciate more business because... Well, we need the money around here, among which that's for sure. [Chuckles and blows raspberry as he puts away the Amiibo] Eh...

Anyway... Donations as well... You can donate large as well if you... Would like a gift, I could do that f- I could definitely fufill that promise for you, but if you would like to opt out a gift, let me know as well. That will be fine.

So anyways. Just the update for now. Thank you all for your continued patronage and... Support and everything. Have a great and safe day. [Remote doesn't work. Reaches over to cut video manually]

Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement. Chris's videos Update 01/12/2016