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Damn thee, Chris, you have to add Sonichu to everything.

Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares was produced when Chris was twenty-one years old for Sarah Nicole Hammer's twenty-first birthday as a present. Yes, he drew this when he was 21, not 12.

This sheds light on his relationship with Sarah and provides some insight into Chris's early version of the Sonichu canon, with himself represented by Sonichu, Sarah Hammer by Rosechu, and Wes Iseli by Black Sonichu.

In typical Chris fashion, it is highly self-centered, focusing mainly on his autism, his love quest and how everything that goes wrong in his life is not his fault. Despite being drawn to commemorate her life so far, Sarah is only mentioned when she occasionally crosses paths with Chris and is even then portrayed as what Chris sees as a typical female, which is unlikely to be what Sarah was like anyway. Presumably, Sarah was not pleased to receive a booklet full of everything Chris cannot shut up about.

The document mostly reads like Chris was attempting to win Sarah's affections by reminding them of the times they shared together, as well as portraying them as Sonichu and Rosechu, boyfriend and girlfriend. Chris doesn't help matters along by making repeated passive-aggressive references to Sarah playing tricks on him, or by openly stating that her boyfriend Wes Iseli is "evil." There is no mention of any nice things that Sarah has done for Chris, inspiring the supposition that Sarah was actually a bully that Chris mistook for a gal-pal.

Chris also seems to be under the impression that Brad Pitt is a pop music star, thus reinforcing the assumption that he does not leave his room. He also (perhaps unintentionally) insults Sarah's mom by portraying her as a vampire.

The story


Long ago, in the year 1982, two soon-to-be good friends were born:

February 24, 1982 - Pisces (Fish) - Christopher Weston Chandler + October 13, 1982 - Libra (Balance) - Sarah Hammer

Born in the same year, but not in the same city, these "young ins" were unique, cute little children.

Three years later, Sarah and her family moved in next door to Christopher, and later on, the two sets of parents met each other to become friends. And Chris and Sarah found each other. Little Chris was a high-functionally autistic child, without the capability of talking for a few years and socialization. But, Sarah was a spunky gal who pulled him out of the house to play.

Memories of childhood

Thank you, sir. That's all right, Chris. (Sigh) Sarah's gonna get punished for this. >:(

Memories of what was in Sarah's backyard, a quaint swing set, with a slide, two single swings, and a 2-player swing. Speed was the essence on the swing or slide, as well as a fun game of hide-&-seek. Sarah usually got away to the front-porch/home-base, and she got little Chris.

One time, Sarah told Chris that Casper the Friendly Ghost was hiding under her house; he believed it. So Chris crawled under her house, and found cobwebs, dirt and many bugs, but no ghost. And Sarah locked him in (children do the silliest things). Chris was sad and scared. About half an hour (or earlier) later, her father, James, rescued the poor lad from a very dark + scary place.

[This story lends a lot of credence to the theory of Sarah being a bully.]


Flowers between friends is a sweet thing. Sarah exposed Chris to a rather "tasty" flower, the Honeysuckle. She thought, and said, that if you put the upper thing in your mouth, it would taste like honey. But, of course the parents corrected both children about its dangers.

[This probably refers to Lonicera maackii, common in the eastern U.S.: the base of the flowers contain a sweet nectar, but the berries are poisonous.]

Of course, in a neighborhood, there is usually more than one family; that means more children to play with. There were Christy, Amy, Ginger, and Jennifer. There were a few other boys as well, but they sadly moved away and were forgotten. Many fun playtimes were had between these four girls, Sarah, and Chris. Most of the time, they all played Duck, Duck, Goose.


School days are usually the Golden Rule Days, as Sarah and Chris both attended the Greene County Schools. For Chris, he encountered many discoveries there, such as a pregnant office assistant, fun in a barrell, children of other cultures, and the fundamentals of learning + education. Most of the same was exposed to Sarah as well. They both always enjoyed lunchtime, ice cream, and fun in the playground.

When it comes to the Elementary School, we'll make an exception to the "Golden Rule Days," as Chris didn't have too much fun there. In a nutshell, the faculty and School Boards did not know how to handle an autistic child. So chaos ensued as troublesome abuse was caused by the faculty to the poor boy. Thus, to keep from further trouble with Greene County Schools, Chris had to leave and move to Chesterfield County. And Chris and Sarah's friendship was put on hold. (He moved Sept. 1993)

Over the Years


As far as this Narrator Knows, this is how each friend grew up:


AAAHH!! this guy's evil!


  • She graduated from High School as well.
  • She found a boyfriend named Wes Iseli (he's a magician)
  • She developed her interests in Pop music and other fun things.
  • She grew up into a spittin' image of Britney Spears =)
  • She started job(s) at a place or two.
  • She made many more friends.
  • She's still a spunky gal.
  • She got a Driver's License + a car.

The Return of Chris

Facepalm indeed.

Christian moved back to Ruckersville, June, 2000, and he enrolled into Piedmont Virginia Community College. When Christian met the new & improved Sarah, he was surprised in how much she had changed over the years. But during his years at P.V.C.C., he was not able to interact with Sarah as much as he used to, because she was living with her boyfriend. And thus, because he could not socialize as well as before, Christian did not meet as many friends at P.V.C.C., as compared to Manchester High. And so, he became lonesome. His 21st Birthday wasn't so hot either.

The Girl Next Door, Today


As of sometime before July, 2000, Sarah has been living with her boyfriend, Wes Iseli, a magician who does parties. Other than that, she works at the University of Virginia's hospital where she checks the babies' hearing. Sarah has many female companions, with whom she spends fun times with, such as trips to the mall, beach, and other places. Sarah also enjoys seeing fun movies and listening to pop stars, such as Brad Pitt, N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys. So, she is getting along very well.

What will Come?


So, here it is, October 13, 2003, and what is to be expected in the future?

*Who Knows?*

But for now, let's celebrate...

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to Sarah!!

The End?


P.S. Please do me.


  • Young Christopher
  • Young Sarah
  • Adult Christian
  • Adult Sarah

Narrator, Story, Art, etc...
Christian Chandler

Christian Chandler
Barbara Chandler
Robert Chandler
James Hammer
Cynthia Hammer

Surprised ^Birthday Girl
*Sarah Hammer*

* All Sonichu material is copyrighted © March, 2000. Email:

* This has been a Christian Chandler/Sonichu Production.

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A special Note from Christian to Sarah:

"I hope that we can hang together some time. But for now & forever, we will always be good friends!!"

An original by Christian W. Chandler.

October 13, 2003 (Done on July 21, 2003)

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