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Chris writing his epistles from jail

Chris has been sending handwritten letters from jail since his arrest in August 2021 on an incest charge.

List of Letters

August 2021

20 August

Chris begged for money to his inmate account to purchase socks, a bra, and sneakers.

September 2021

19 September

Chris wrote an open letter being defensive over his alleged theft of Barbara's money and for his incest charge. He also demonstrates a new coping mechanism - that he is Jesus Christ.

October 2021

3 October

Chris responds to a failed attempt to convert him to Islam.

4 October

Chris responds to a letter from Kenneth Englehardt.

20 October

Chris answers six question from a fan.

21 October

Chris responds to a 4chan user named "Shake Zula" about a plush he had been sent.

25 October (1)

Chris responds to a fan from Virginia, where he gives insight on how the officials at his jail treat him.

25 October (2)

Chris's second letter to Kenneth Englehardt. Topics include Ken trying to mail Chris a copy of the Quran, Ken trying to arrange a pardon for Chris, Chris being unsure of wanting to kiss Null or Judas, and Chris commenting on prison ramen.

30 October

Chris's third letter to Kenneth Englehardt. Chris instructs his fans to visit and donate to Barbara.

November 2021

8 November (1)

Chris responds to Youtuber Stories from The Penitentiary, giving a much clearer image on his mental state and his experiences in jail.

8 November (2)

Chris mentions that some officers have been "aloof; indifferent, or incompetent" to him; that he has been playing solo basketball in the exercise yard; and that Mary Lee Walsh is still mayor of CWCville.

16 November

Chris's fourth letter to Kenneth Englehardt, on his experience in jail.

30 November (1)

Chris writes to an Onion Farms user, Celestia, about the concept of "self-religion" as well as how he plans to "upgrade" Christianity to his own whims.

30 November (2)

Chris answers 12 questions from a Twitter Fan, "Eels and the Egg-man". The subjects discussed include Chris's current relations with Bella and The Suitress, his opinions on various Christubers, his plans after being released from jail, various dimensions, among other topics.

List of Calls

November 2021

1 November 2021

Goddess Log

The Goddess Log is a journal Chris has kept in jail. It was mentioned in several of Chris's letters from jail.

Holy Labels

Main article: Holy Labels

Holy Labels are bottle wrappers that Chris sends to people who send him letters in jail.

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