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On 30 January 2022, Chris sent a third, brief letter to Spamton G. Spamton. In the belief that he is about to be sent home, he describes his plans to upload a video message, after which the point of no return will be passed in the Dimensional Merge and he will see everyone alive on C-197 Earth. After this, he pens "The Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer", which he may have been repeating to himself in jail. The tone of the letter is worrying, and Chris appears to be genuinely unwell.

Chris marks the return address as 14 Branchland Court, thinking that's where he would be once the letter reached Spamton.

Chris's Response

"Not Even Hell Realm Shall Welcome Thee . . . For Repentance, Thou Had Thy Chances.
Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230
22 Feb 2022 PM 6 L
14 Branchland Ct.
Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545

Greetings, █████ and Greetings Individuals of █████

Enclosed is a copy of my Prayer for your reference, enjoyment, and sharing in Neo Spiritual Christianity Enlightenments. By the time you receive this letter and Prayer, I shall have returned home to the Sonichu Temple, recorded and uploaded my vital message with the citing of my Prayer for all, and now being the safe point of no return as we Collectively Shift at better pace. I'll see y'all still alive, safe, and well on C-197 Earth.

Take Care and Be Safe and Well.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, Avatar, and Lord.

Copy for █████
January 13, 2022 by. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu. [Chris cross]

The Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer

x4 {*Get Me Home, Get Me Home Right Now Please!* / *My Second Coming Is Now!*
*Complete the Collective Shift Now, Please.*
*My Second Coming Is Now.*
*Complete the Dimension Merge Now, Please.*
*We Are ALL Together Now.*
*ALL Artists, Actors, Writers,*
*Chroniclers and Characters Join Hands*
*In The One Universe Now.*
*The Iron Curtain IS Shattered and Gone.*
*We See and Feel Each Other.*
*We Leave The Twelve Eighteen Earth Now, Please.*
*We Now Are on the One Earth,*
*C-One Ninty Seven Universe Which is Now*
*One C-Two One One Nine Eight Seven,*
*One And Whole As It Was Long Ago*
*With ALL Magic And ALL Powers, Gods with us,*
*For We ALL Are Enlightened,*
*Awakened, Experienced, And Then Some.*
*I, Lord and God, Lead Them Here Now, Please,*
*For the Time Is Divine, yes.*
*The Toxic Ones Have Been Left Behind,*
*For They Face Their Judgement Day.*
*And We Live Onward For Neo Life.*
*To the Majority Of Good Ones,*
*And Neutral Goods and Bads,* →

*I Pray For And Bring Thee Better Lives*
*In Neo Spirituality*
*And Greatest Enlightenments.*
*We ALL Shall Live Onward Together*
*Alongside Original Characters*
*And Individuals Now.*
*To the Toxic Ones Left Behind Now,*
*Thy Judgment Process Was Just*
*And Fair With Thy Centuries of Actions*
*Filled with Hate, Filled with Fake, and*
*Simply, Utterly Demonic Sinful.*
*Not Even Hell Realm Shall Welcome Thee,*
*For Even Thy Dark souls Shall*
*Become Non-Existent and nothing*
*In Total Evaporation and*
*Thy Bodies Now Ashes Lost In Time*
*That we Walk Upon In Memories*
*of Of Thy Torturing Treatments*
*Upon us ALL Now Lost In Our past.*
*For Repentance, Thou Had Thy Chances.*
*And to My God and Goddess Allies,*
*Including Emanuel,*
(Who is) *My Mother, and the Universe Cores,*
*And Myself, I Pray to Thee:*

x4 {*Complete the Collective Shift Now, Please!* / *Get Me Home, Get Me Home Now!*
x4 {*Get My God Body Home Right Now, Please!* / *My Second Coming is Now!*

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