Jail Letter - 29 July 2022

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On 29 July 2022, Chris had sent an eighteenth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt.[1]

Highlights of the letter include:

  • Chris, unable to achieve the fundraiser he requested in previous letters, decided to request the creation of a Kickstarter page to relocate Barb.
  • Chris once again describes Barb as being "Zombie-Like", and claims that she has been in this state since before June 2021. If true, this strongly suggests that his incestuous relationship with her was non-consensual, and that she was incapacitated during intercourse.
  • Chris claims that Barb is no longer able to drive. He doubts that her relatives, who all live in the Richmond area, are paying her regular visits, and adds that she is not on close terms with any of her neighbors in Ruckersville.
  • Chris states that he holds a grudge toward the jail staff.
  • Heilberg has not directly interacted with Chris for most of his sentence and is frustrated at Region 10 for not putting him in a group home.
  • Chris is frustrated that hospital staff didn't try to exorcise one of the hospital's patients in order to stop them from picking at their wound.
  • After Kenneth had criticized the idea of having Caden talk to Barbara (suggesting instead to go through a lawyer or social services), Chris berates Kenneth for this, considering Caden as a friend, and wants him to work with Caden on a fundraiser to buy out Barb from 14 Branchland Court. Chris also tells Kenneth he can relay his retirement community idea to Caden but is skeptical about it.
  • Chris had foreseen things such as the Russo-Ukrainian war, declaring Russia as the "new Babylon".
  • Chris again claims that Jacob Sockness had died and that he is "worse than Putin". According to Helena, this was because a fictional version of Sockness was requested to die in her comic, and Chris was told of the death in the comic.[2]

Chris's Letter


Kenneth. I have just received your letter. Listen. Barb is stubborn out one thing, mainly: her shallowness and her financial problems. Hence why we have this Kickstarter page now to Buy her out so I can return Home with her relocated. She married Robert for the fact he Had the House to Live in. Meditate on that. Also, Barb is literally a Zombie-Like Living Body with little remaining of Barbara (her Soul) within her anymore; that living body is Running on Fumes at this point. She CAN NOT Drive anymore, regardless of Van loss; she has the fridgid mental activity and physical ability like a scared deer in headlights nearly ALL the time since even before June, 2021. Face it

And with Gas Prices these days, I doubt Harriet, Tom, and/or Wayne are even Driving up to Ruckersville to do much for her. They live in Midlothian and Chest-erfield areas; Do You KNOW How FAR That is from Ruckersville? The drive, alone, is as long as the American Rabbit movie.[note 1]

I appreciate the idea of somewhere in a retirement community, but Barb is unable to be of such indepen-dence as she used to be. She is a literal shut-in at this point. She does not socialize with her neighbours in Ruckersville. ->

And let me tell you about Attornies, Social Workers, Region 10, and the Jerkops and the Judicial System: Luke11: 45-53 with empthasis on hypocrisy, and well as taking Teachings and Wisdoms and "in one ear and out the other" for the bulk of them.

I've let Heilberg do his work; He hardly keeps me updated or communicates with me. HE's frustrated at Region 10 Doing Absolutely Nothing, Social Workers in Greene County and anywhere Do Absolutely Nothing, AND Western State Hospital, in his words, were Supposed to place me in a Group Home, BUT to simply Free Up a Room, they Sent Me Back to Jail, and Not Only Do Absolutely Nothing, But Abusive As Fuck with their Bondage/Sado-machoism chairs and arrogantly shit-minded with their patients (Don't even realize a simple Demon-Exorcism would have healed [abcd],[note 2] there, and helped [zie] to not pick at [zie][note 3] wound; Condescending Toxic Staff). And if you have to go into all those details the Home Health Agencies overhighlight and advertise about themselves, then you may as well rebuke Them in the same light as all of the others mentioned in this paragraph. ->(2)

(2) And don't you judge Caden in that vain. He's not flawless, but he is more Perfect of himself and at what and how he does as a legit Friend and in working on my behalf; He actually works well with his flaws and limits, and he's made breakthrough with Barb, and he is not intimidating.

And, Kenneth, I AM Jesus, And I KNOW from not only personal experiences, but I am one with everything in the Prime Timeline, here, an I have foreseen and foreknown these possibilities, likelihoods, details, and Repeated History and Fulfilled Prophecies. Babylon in Revelation; Guess What: RUSSIA IS the modern day Babylon, and damn, are the Toxic and Evil ones in that Cesspool of Demons and Devils of a Lost Country going to Fall And Burn.

And we Gods not only believe and have faith in each other, prayers, and Miracle Power, but we work with them.

But, I digress; MORE than Enough to WAKE YOU UP, Kenneth Engelhardt.

You can relay the retirement community idea to Caden, but I tell you, Truth, Barb is as not indepedent as one of the background individuals in Abraham Simpson's Retirement Home.

Please, Work With Caden to raise that $150,000, and other good projects.


And Never Ever Ever Ever Ever do Anything talking of Sockness; Sockness is was Worse Evil than Putin, and now he is dead. The Last Thing Anyone Wants is to ressurect an EVIL individual like Sockness. So, Do NOT make any website or webpage about him, period, please.

I've stated my peace for now. Thank you for thy help in the better and good projects, Kenneth.

Be Safe and Well.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles and the Nation of Cwcville and old Comma, Creator of the Sonichu and Rosechu species of Pokemon, the one Avatar, thy Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.


The authorities informed

Helena, Eels and I would never be a part of a reprehensible campaign to bully an elderly woman out of her house and I can't imagine Caden being a part of this either.
Kenneth explaining to a Twitter user his reason for reporting Chris

On reviewing the letter, Kenneth contacted both the Virginia Dept of Aging and Rehabilitative Services[3] and the prosecutor for Chris's case at their Charlottesville office, citing Chris's "reprehensible campaign to bully" Barbara Chandler out of her own house.[4]

Fan videos

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Stardate 6 August 2022
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  1. 82 minutes.
  2. The name of the patient is redacted by Kenneth.
  3. Kenneth rather unnecessarily inserts gender-neutral pronouns in order to hide the gender of the patient, as if he or she could be doxed by that alone.