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Don't be a ween and harass any of the places Chris has been to in the hopes of getting him banned. Yes, sadly, people have done that.
Bann has happened again.
Chris, after being banned from Wal-Mart for the third time.[1]
Artist's depiction of Chris being banned.
The weapon of choice.

Although he is (at least physically) a grown adult, Chris is not above throwing tantrums and being a nuisance in public places. Because of his obnoxious behavior, Chris has been either temporarily or permanently banned from many places, physical and not. Following his incest charge, it is expected that this list is going to get much, much longer.

Stores and businesses


Main article: The GAMe PLACe

According to Mimms, Chris was banned twice. The first time, which was temporary, was when Chris attempted to take out a box of prizes and badges for the Pokémon card game league without permission and authorization to do so. Michael Snyder later wound up permabanning him on 28 August 2008, after Chris got aggressive with a black child, but even this failed to keep Chris away from the store. Following the events of 28 October 2011, Chris was definitively banned by court order from ever re-entering the store, all the way to its shutdown in June 2014.

Charlottesville Fashion Square

Main article: Charlottesville Fashion Square

Chris was busted four times here, once for loitering. The second incident may or may not have been Chris's "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shout upon learning Hanna was trolling him. He was banned for a year, but the ban has since expired. On 28 April 2012, it was revealed he was banned again, this time from arguing with trolls loudly on his phone. After the 26 December 2014 incident, he got banned again, this time permanently. Proving that he failed to learn anything, Chris trespassed at the mall in March 2018, ending up being forced to undertake the Therapeutic Docket after the mall staff caught him and pressed charges[2].


Main article: Mal-Wart

Chris has been kicked out of Walmart on at least four separate occasions. On 23 June 2005, the African-American manager of the Charlottesville store's McDonald's (depicted as the B-Manajerk by Chris in the comics) attempted to have Chris arrested for loitering, but his own fast thinking and hiding his Attraction Sign (which got him in trouble in the first place) ended up with him removed from the restaurant for the rest of the day (or so he says). The actual banning came two days later, on 25 June, when Chris returned and attempted to loiter again. Both managers for McDonald's and Walmart confronted Chris, but Chris refused to listen to the managers, ran off, and nearly ran over one of them. In late 2009, he returned to Walmart, forcing one of the female employees to measure him for a sports bra.

Proving he learns nothing, Chris was again banned in September 2013, this time at the recent Ruckersville location, after vandalizing an Xbox One sign to read "HEXbox One," according to his Facebook post on 6 September 2013. In the ensuing Facebook posts, he blames almost everyone else but himself for the ban, including Michael Snyder, Megan Schroeder, Mary Lee Walsh, and even his defense attorney Rob Bell. A year later, Chris got thrown out of Walmart yet again, after an employee recognized and confronted him. He eventually left, but not before threatening the employee with pepper spray. For reference, this came less than a week after he was arrested for attacking a GameStop employee with mace.


Main article: Get-Tar Region

On 20 July 2005 (almost a month after Chris's incident over at Walmart), he attempted to loiter at a newly-built Target, intending on exploiting their free soda refill deal while he tried to get boyfriend-free girls. According to Emily, Chris was approached by management and asked to leave, but he refused. When the issue was pressed, he insulted and forced them to call the cops. When they did, Chris tried to run, forcing them to tackle, hogtie and handcuff him. All this during the store's opening week!


Chris was temporarily banned from a McDonald's in Forest Lakes in June 2012. According to Kim Wilson, Chris had been loitering in the restaurant to grab newspapers that customers had left behind[3] - he had wanted newspaper for the Chandler dogs to relieve themselves on[4] since it was Barbara's policy for the dogs to do that on newspapers inside the house.

An employee confronted Chris about it, and he was ordered to leave, but not before taking two unsolicited photos of people at the restaurant. He then ranted on Facebook about the experience, trying to incite his readers to "throw newspaper in the damn old bitchy, black woman's face!!!".[5]


Chris had already been banned from the Fashion Square branch of local GameStop for his Sonic Boom Protests when, on 26 December 2014, he came "disguised" in a pair of My Little Pony novelty sunglasses, supposedly intending to buy a new Skylanders figure and some secondhand Wii U games. However, the staff confronted him and were unmoved by his protests that he was there to actually buy stuff rather than vandalize their property. He eventually left, but not before assaulting one of the employees by spraying his can of pink mace at his shirt, a felony. This act resulted in him being arrested.

After Chris was let off with a fine in October 2015, he received a letter purporting to be from GameStop, informing him that his ban had been upgraded to a statewide one. Chris uploaded a video about this on 7 December. However, the statewide ban was later proven to be the work of a troll.[6]

Best Buy

Chris was caught attempting to shoplift video games at Best Buy[7] in early 2014.

According to Chris, he was formally notified that he was banned from Best Buy a few days after 29 December 2014, when he was released from jail on bail following the GameStop pepper spray incident.

He stated in November 2015 that he believed he was banned as part of a conspiracy masterminded by the Yellow-Shirted Foe, who he thought was working at both GameStop and Best Buy.[8]

To make this, to make that story short, a few days after I got out of jail on December 28th [sic], 2014, and I had absolutely no pepper spray on my person whatsoever, because as I had mentioned earlier, I had emptied the canister and disposed of the can-, canister. I had done nothing at the Best Buy prior to that day. And a certain manager spokes the living crap outta me, tellin’ me I was not welcome there, that I was banned from there. I had asked why. He did not give me any answer. Then I reached into my bag to get some money out, little funds to see if I could pay my way out of this. I had not said anything about the pepper spray whatsoever, but I put my hand in the bag, and his subordinate shouts, ‘He’s going for the pepper spray!’ I stopped in surprise after hearing that. Ultimately, I left the store. I had gone there again months later to be met with the same shpiel, and no answer to why. I even went over dere head, on the telephone, to try to resolve it. Nothing.

Then last Tuesday, November 10th, I went there once again to buy LEGO Dimensions Pack with a ten-dollar certificate. I got met in the back of the store with the shpiel once again, and this time I asked why and I finally got the answer. They said that I, quote, threatened them with pepper spray, and we have video footage, unquote. But again, that first time they said anything about me not being welcome there, I had not, nor ever, threatened anyone at that store. Nor had I any pepper spray on any of my visits there, then, and prior.

On 2 October 2016, he reaffirmed that he was still banned.[9]

The End Games

Main article: The End Games

Chris posted to his Pokémon club's Facebook page on 20 March 2018, pleading to be let back into the shop. The End Games confirmed his ban on 29 March. The ban came as a result of Chris arguing with the manager over whether Sonichu counted as a Pokémon; apparently, this was either due to another argument with a game judge or Chris trying to put Sonichu on the store's sign.

Two years later, on January 2020, the store's Twitter page blocked Chris's account after he demanded the shop unban him so he could learn to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Anytime Fitness

Main article: Anytime Fitness

Chris was coerced by the Idea Guys to get a membership at this place and was there for a month or two before getting the boot. Chris got complaints from other patrons due to being gassy and burping a lot, and the constant phone calls from weens regarding Chris's patronage didn't help matters.

Papa John's (delivery only)

On 5 August 2019, Chris reported that the Papa John's in Charlottesville refused to deliver pizza to the Chandlers' at 14 Branchland Court, due to trolls and weens spending years prank-calling the establishment posing as Chris. Chris only found out about the partial ban after driving to the place to find out why their orders were being canceled; he is still able to order pizza in person. It's extremely likely there are other pizza places that have had Chris's address blacklisted for the same reason.


Cub Scouting

Chris stated in part 4 of his KCWC Top 10 Dedication Special that he was kicked out of the "Wolf Cub Scouts" in the late 1980s because he was autistic. Undoubtedly, it was for something he did that he didn't tell us about. His comments suggested that he routinely angered his Den Mother with his illogical behavior and that he believed this to be the reason he is banned. In 2014, while on his date with Catherine, he elaborated that he was probably "being outbursting and loud for something," although he couldn't remember. In a Mailbag, Chris revealed that his parents tried to sue the Boy Scouts of America over this incident.

Piedmont Virginia Community College

Main article: Piedmont Virginia Community College

Two incidents occurred here during Chris's time as a student, and a third incident occurred almost a decade after his graduation.

The first was on Chris's 21st birthday, 24 February 2003. Chris originally blamed the incident on his having an outburst when he was kicked out of a class after telling a male professor that he, like the main character in a story they were learning about, was autistic. According to Emily, however, it turns out that he was kicked out because the topic of homosexuality had come up in class, and he had shouted something homophobic and possibly racist. It is also unclear whether Chris was merely kicked out of class for the day or whether he was dropped from the course altogether. In any event, Chris started his Love Quest this day.

The second incident was in October 2003 when the Dean of Student Services Mary Lee Walsh spotted Chris and his Attraction Sign and took it away, as she believed he was trying to solicit sex on campus. When Walsh destroyed a second sign, Chris raged and went on the offensive. This incident led to her suspending Chris for a year, forcing him to see a psychiatrist and go to anger management classes before returning (neither of which seems to have helped).

On December 2014, Chris would be banned permanently from the PVCC campus after his attempt to deliver an "apology letter" to Mary Lee Walsh, which she likely interpreted as the ramblings of an insane individual whom she wanted to keep far away from herself and her students.

Grace Baptist Church

Main article: Grace Baptist Church

Chris was banned from his old church in 2008. He claimed in an email with lordsillynipples, "Pastor John Hartless did not like my views I've expressed in my video I did on my 25th Birthday, and he found the ED page." Later, in Mailbag 14, he claimed it was because "The pastor did a background check on me, and found images of women in bikinis on my Facebook; he was offended." Going by his frequent threats to use his new congregation as a personal army, it is not unlikely that Chris was booted out of the church when he linked his pastor to his ED page in the hope that Mr. Hartless would incite the congregation into raiding the ED page for Chris.

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church

Main article: Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church

A letter leaked on 30 March 2013 revealed that sometime between July 2011 and March 2013, Chris had earned himself a temporary ban from Wesley Methodist, probably because he had repeatedly (and annoyingly) aired his endless grievances about trolls during the homily.

I feel that ever since Reverend Elizabeth Foss left our church, it has greatly gone downhill for me. Ed Winkler Banned me from the church for a month. He has Banned me from Speaking my peace during the Sharing of Joys and Concerns, and from that, I have felt unnecessarily Silenced.
Chris, on how his own church is now playing Kick the Autistic

Not long after, Chris had asked Rocky Shoemaker to distribute copies of a letter that not only called her advice ineffective, but also accused God himself of playing Kick the Autistic, which further strained the relationship between him and his fellow congregants.

Chris got into hot water at the church again a few years later. In August 2017, he decided to wear his unicorn cosplay from BronyCon to a service and had to be told to remove it due to its being wildly inappropriate.

Although Chris has not been permanently banned from Wesley Memorial (so far as we know), he ceased his involvement with the church at some point in the late 2010s as his religious views had diverged too greatly from mainstream Christianity.



Main article: TooManyGames

Chris was kicked out of the June 2018 convention on Day 2 as a result of being inappropriately touchy with and kissing attendees. He reacted by curling down on the floor for a good period of time before security took him out.

As far as we know, he was not banned from future conventions, but he never made another attempt to attend.

Seaquestria Fest

Seaquestria's ban list

Chris expressed interest in attending this My Little Pony convention, which was to be held in Ocean City, Maryland in May 2020.[10] However, the convention had him at the top of a preemptive ban list, incidentally above a known pedofork. It was postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic and was finally held for the first time in May 2022, at which point Chris was in jail.[11]

Everfree Northwest

Chris wanted to attend this convention, making plans in June and July 2021 to go, but was banned after the Incest Call was leaked of Chris admitting to incestuous relations with his mother.[12][13]

Animate! Raleigh

According to Redditor DeadStargazer, a friend claimed to have witnessed Chris being escorted out of this Raleigh, North Carolina convention by staff along with Flutter on Day 2,[14][15] likely after a snitch informed convention staff about Chris' status as a motherfucker. Chris nevertheless coped with the ban by claiming he had a "nice weekend."[16]


Truly a work of modern art.

On 8 March 2024, BABSCon staff replied to Chris informing him of his status as a "persona non grata" and banned him from attending the 2024 event, as well as all future BABSCons. Chris argued back in an email response, but failed to persuade staff.[17] Chris then tweeted, stating "#BABSCon is not worth a grain of salt."[18]

The email exchange was framed and passed around during the Mare Gallery party.


PlayStation Network

Main article: PSN blogs

Chris has gotten at least one temporary ban from the PlayStation Network's social networking features as a result of making death threats to Adam Stackhouse and several others in one of his blog entries during August 2007, over Adam's beating him in the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown through what Chris incorrectly claimed was a violation of the rules. One of the site's moderators ordered Chris to remove the blog entry, and when Chris responded by telling the moderator to "SHUT UP AND GO READ THE OFFICIAL RULES!!!!", he found himself being slapped with a ban lasting approximately a month.


Main article: deviantART

Chris has been banned twice from deviantART. Both times were for a reason that you can probably guess right off the bat: sexual imagery without even bothering to use the proper mature content filters. The first time was around May 2009, most likely due to the imagery from Sonichu #7; the second was August 28, 2009, due to the infamous cameltoe scene in Sonichu #9 and the sex scene between Blake and Bubbles Rosechu in Sonichu #8.


Main article: YouTube

Chris abandoned many of his accounts after troll attacks. One of his accounts, CChanSonichu, was suspended because of three insulting videos he posted in tandem on 10 July 2009.

On 23 July 2016, Chris posted that YouTube had temporarily banned his CwcvilleGuardian account from uploading videos. Chris believed that the ban was due to his use of the "F word". In reality, YouTube had banned him for violating its policy on "nudity or sexual content", after his channel received two strikes against it – one for IMG 3207 and another for Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Shake my boobies. Chris was unaware of the length of his ban, which was two weeks per YouTube's policy at the time.[19]

On 26 July, he circumvented the ban by uploading to another account.

What's curious about this is that technically, you're not allowed to create another YouTube account after your previous channel has been suspended, though it's possible that Chris made another Google account. Since he didn't re-upload any of his old stuff, he was able to continue having a YouTube account.


Main article: Wikipedia

On 1 May 2009, Chris created an account on Wikipedia, hoping to show his side of his life story, one that wasn't "smeared" by trolls. It was deleted soon afterward for violating Wikipedia's policy on userpages and notability. When he attempted to contest this course of action, his user account was indefinitely blocked (although the blocking admin actually believed it to be a sockpuppet of a troll and not the genuine article). As of now, the article name "Christian Weston Chandler" has been "salted" to prevent it from ever being recreated.

Flipnote Hatena

Main article: Flipnote Hatena

After uploading and re-uploading numerous Flipnotes that violated the rules of the family-friendly Flipnote Hatena site, the moderators banned him permanently from uploading Flipnotes on the 2nd of July 2010. Chris has since evaded his ban. Flipnote Studio 3D was later released in February 2015 after Flipnote Hatena shut down on the 31st of May 2013.

eBay (as a seller only)

Main article: Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing

Chris has attempted to sell the Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing on eBay since 1 June 2014. Time and again, however, the listing for the picture was taken down, either as a result of troll involvement, the listing expiring (the asking price of thousands of dollars not helping in that respect), or in true Chris fashion, breaking the terms of services on eBay by asking for offers on Facebook. This would culminate in a 3-day ban from eBay on June 8th, 2014. Chris, being incapable of taking "no" for an answer, stated his intention to put the picture back up for sale again the minute the ban expired.

On 12 June, Chris reposted the listing, only for eBay to give him another ban. When his second ban expired, he reposted a heavily edited version of the posting, although still possibly violating several of eBay's terms again.

Around September 2014, a guy named "Mr. Smith" decided to order one of Chris's mass-market medallions, thinking that it would take 2 weeks to ship, not to create the medallion itself. After 2 weeks had passed by with the medallion still not arrived, he filed a case with eBay, thus freezing Chris's PayPal. This really got Chris's duck in a twist and led to a complicated series of events that later ended in eBay refunding Mr. Smith.

A third strike against Chris's tarnished eBay name eventually came around on June 2019, when Chris was finally banned after numerous customer complaints about his failure to ship out orders.[20]

Sega Customer Service

Main article: Sonic Boom Protests

GameStop is not the only place Chris is banned from for raging over Sonic Boom. On 12 December 2014, Chris sent Sega Customer Service an angry e-mail that raged over Sonic Boom and told them to recall anything with Sonic's blarms on it or else. Later in the day or the day after that, Sega banned his Customer Service account from the service.


Main article: Facebook

On 3 July 2015, Chris's Facebook account was taken down very briefly. While it is currently unknown why this occurred, it can likely be chalked up to Chris bending the rules of the website as per usual. These include screenshots of sexting, pictures of lizards mating, his omnipresent death threats to Sega, and linking to a Wikipedia article about sex acts with an NSFW image as a thumbnail. The last straw was when he uploaded a drawing called "Pink Lemonade", which featured Chris being showered with pink lemonade (or, as Kim Wilson interpreted it, period blood) from a pitcher pouring it through a china-shaped lemon, and bragging about how "It will be on Long enough for all to enjoy a glass." It's beyond surprising that Facebook was able to keep up with Chris's shenanigans for 4 years before taking it down for the 3rd time. His account was then put back up the same day, proving that Chris is the ultimate bullet dodger.

However, it seems he hasn't got off quite yet, as a recent picture he posted of his manboobs on 9 July was surprisingly taken down due to reports, which is the first time Chris has had a photo taken down on Facebook. He then reposted it, leading to his account getting deactivated the second time this month. It was then put back up, then closed yet again, and then put back up. It seems that this might be where it continues on, but with Facebook taking down a post that asked Chris's followers to fund him a prosthetic china in September 2015, only time will tell.

On 29 November 2014, the makers of the Keep Sonic Original page banned Chris from the group after a post was made containing death threats to Sega. Also, on 4 October 2015, Chris got booted off the Amiibo Trade & Collectors page for hostile posts and for making Amiibos out of original characters.

On 15 November 2016, Chris announced that Facebook had temporarily banned him from posting for a week due to his repeated death threats against Donald Trump on that platform.


Main article: Lulu

In December 2015, Chris got his account suspended from the literature hosting website Lulu. The website doesn't allow authors to publish fanfiction or stories based on copyrighted characters and/or properties from other creators. Given that Chris used the website to publish copies of Sonichu, you can guess how this turned out. He later made an alternate account on Lulu in order to keep selling his comics. Even so, Chris decided to lie to his audience and claim that getting banned from Lulu was the cause of his "creative groove" being "killed".

On 9 February 2018, Chris reopened the account publicly, and it quickly got banned through the efforts of A-Logs three days later. However, he simply circumvented the ban by making another alt account, proven when he posted a poll on whether his fans would like a copy of Bryanfrogboy's CWC Prequel comic with their comic order in March 2018.

Chris's account was later taken down again, possibly due to the incest leaks.


Main article: Etsy

Chris's Etsy business seemed to be going pretty well until March 2016, when he bought a new PS4. The distraction left him ignoring many of his customers' orders, often for months. People who bought video greetings from him would be told by Chris mid-video that he hoped the video wouldn't be late. In June 2016, Chris's Etsy page vanished, and he later stated that Cwcville Shopping is on Vacation. It's likely that Etsy took notice after repeated complaints from his customers and banned him from selling.

Social media profiles

Main articles: DoopieDoOver, Tabitha St. Germain, LadyOfTheCosmo, and Nowacking

In August 2017, Chris was blocked by four women he had been following on social media.

Doopie blocked him from her Twitter and Patreon accounts after Chris repeatedly kept calling her darling, pledged to her Patreons while begging his fanbase for money, spammed her business e-mail with stories about his day while making clumsy attempts at befriending her, blocked her boyfriend on Twitter and continually refused to get it through his head that Doopie was not interested in being his friend. Weens also interfered by spamming her Twitter and making fake pledges to her Patreon to view the Rosechu drawing she made for Chris's pledge reward.

Tabitha blocked him from Twitter due to weens replying to his tweets to her, which resulted in her feed being overrun with spam.

Chris reacted to the blocks by creating NightStar2891, a sockpuppet account. He then tweeted them a hand-written apology letter, calling them "dear" instead of "darling."

Yet again, Doopie informed him that she wasn't going to be his friend and blocked the sockpuppet.

Tabitha later mentioned that she didn't enact her block because of Chris specifically. Chris, observing her messages via NightStar2891, somehow decided that this gave him leeway to send her a 21-tweet message through that account, trying to befriend her. She blocked the sockpuppet as well.

LadyOfTheCosmo, a friend of Doopie's, blocked Chris on Twitter after he sent her a tweet referring to her as "dear," then doubled down on using it after she called him out on it is inappropriate.

Nowacking blocked him around 26 August after he replied to her tweets about relationships. A swarm of weens spammed her account with accusations against Chris and told her to block him. She has not commented on her reason for the block.


Wattpad is a website for publishing stories. In December 2020, one of the website's members, Opuscon789, who had posted a fanfiction titled SNT Vs Sonichu, blocked Chris from viewing his account over Chris's reaction to the story. Chris then evaded the block by creating another account in order to continue reading SNT Vs Sonichu, despite hating the story.[21]


Chris's Patreon was suspended on 2 August 2021 following the Incest Call leak.[22]


Tapas is a comic-hosting website, one which Chris himself used to host his Sonichu comics and linked from his YouTube page. Shortly after his arrest, his comics were blocked for a "violation of community guidelines," either due to the incest allegations or because of the graphic content of some of the issues.

Discord Servers

Sonic World DX

A Discord server for Sonic World, a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame, which features the ability to use modded characters. Chris was first temporarily kicked from the server for stealing mods without permission.[23] Despite being allowed to rejoin the server, Chris was permanently banned after confronting Cirrusfire over the takedown of Sonichu Mod (personally updated) on GameBanana.[24]

Official CWCki Server

Chris was encouraged by Watchman Naught to join the Official CWCki Server, which he did on 10 August 2020. He was banned four days later, with a mod stating this was because "The CWCki's goal is only to document Chris and not provide him a platform to push his agendas. It was never imagined that Chris will use this server to ramble about his fantasies." A separate server, cwc frens, was made for Chris to do just that, but the setup was unfinished, and the link was removed once weens got a hold of it.

The Knights of CWC

A Discord server of members from the Watchmen group, The Knights of CWC was created in June 2021. On 1 August 2021, following Chris's arrest for incest, admin The WCT kicked Chris out of the server.[25]

Family homes

14 Branchland Court

That's right, he was banned from his own fucking house.

Following the revelation that Chris had been having a sexual relationship with his mother, Greene County Police conducted a welfare check at 14 Branchland Court on 30 July 2021. The police issued an emergency protective order against Chris, banning him from his house (which is owned by his mother) until 5 August. He was eventually arrested in Richmond on 1 August. In Jail Letter - 21 July 2022, Chris mentioned that he is legally prohibited from living in the same house as his mother.

Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom's home

In the wake of being kicked out of his home for the allegation of committing incest with his mother, Chris tried to make plans to stay with his Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom in Richmond; however, they forbade him from doing so before he arrived,[26] and even told the police that he was not to be allowed onto their property.[27]

Jail facilities

Rec room

Chris liked to practice shooting hoops in the Central Virginia Regional Jail recreation room, mentioning it in a letter from 8 November 2021.[28] However, in a letter dated 30 November, Chris wrote that the room had since become restricted to him.[29] He did not specify whether this was a punishment.

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