March 2013

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Chris in March 2013.

March was the third month of 2013. It was a bit more eventful than previous months, but nonetheless dull, aside from a few rants about gay people on Facebook .

Events of March 2013

  • March - Cole Smithey marries Katherine.[1] A couple of months later, Chris would find out about the marriage and became enraged at not being invited to their wedding.[2]
  • 8 March - Chris complains to his Facebook friends that so much in life depends on eye contact.
  • 8 March - A photo of Chris in his tomgirl attire is featured on the fourth episode of MTV's Failosophy.
  • 9 March - Chris goes to Madicon, held in Harrisonburg, VA. He's spotted by a troll, but no pictures are taken. On Facebook, he insists that the Sonichu comic is not dead, despite two years without updates.
  • 10 March - Chris discovers that he was on MTV's Failosophy, and is angry about it.
  • 12 March - Chris adds a Flipnote Hatena video to a YouTube playlist.
  • 13 March - Chris makes a request on Facebook that all DSi FlipNotes saved on the SD memory card be viewable.
  • 18 March - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he is creeped out by the fact that all men with autism look like him.
  • 21 March - Chris writes that he is lonely and angry at the jerkops.
  • 28 March - Chris posts privately on Facebook that he can't understand the social significance of the fact that he hates men and has only female friends.
  • 28 March - Chris posts a public Facebook message whining about repeat media coverage of the Supreme Court's Proposition 8 and DOMA deliberations.
  • 30 March - An epistle from Chris to his church is leaked to the CWCki forums. In the document, Chris announces that he will be no longer going to church for a period of time. Details about the deterioration of Chris's relationships with his fellow parishioners and church staff are also revealed.