March 2008

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On 17 March 2008, Chris is forced to start attending the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church after being kicked out from his old church for his sexual deviancy.

March was the third month and the jumping-off point for what would be the rollercoaster of 2008.

This month saw Megan finding out about Chris's sexual drawing of her, and she was not happy. In an attempt to save their relationship, Chris wages war on ED, trying to remove all references of Megan and to clear his name. The attempts prove unsuccessful, and by the next month she would cut all ties with Chris. Chris reveals Megan was the woman in the infamous fingering picture, and was also banned from his old church.


  • March 4 - Megan asks Chris to remove all references to her from the internet.
  • March 8 - At a GameStop, Chris tries to find out if Lucas was the one who took his picture.
  • March 12
    • Megan finds out Chris drew a pornographic image of her. She is angry.
    • Chris apologizes to Megan for the image he drew.
    • At 5:52 AM local time, Chris begins a nine-day effort to remove references to Megan (including ShecameforCWC.JPG) from the ED page. He is unsuccessful.
  • March 13 - Megan says Chris has hurt her on an emotional level.
  • March 14 - Megan asks Chris to leave her alone.
  • March 15 - Again Chris tries removing all references to Megan from his ED article. The page is soon protected.
  • March 16
    • Chris starts his war against ED, and sends off different e-mails for support.
    • Megan is fed up with Chris's attitude, and tells him he needs to take responsibility.
  • March 17
    • After his pastor discovers some of the information about him on the internet, Chris gets kicked out of Grace Baptist Church. He turns to the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church.
    • Again Chris tries to delete the Megan image from ED. He also tries to ban ED's admins from his article using code.
  • March 18
    • Chris's edits to the ED page become more focused on showing that it is Megan, not his imaginary sister Crystal, in the infamous fingering picture. He describes Megan as "his lost Sailor Soldier, Megan, who dumped his sorry ass for drawing the pic of him fucking her; she never even had any inkling of interest in him." Of himself he says "What a intolerable sad-sack loser."
    • Chris tells Megan he's suffering much more than she is.
  • March 19
    • Chris tries to delete all references to incest from his ED article.
    • Chris attempts to get help from the Wikimedia Foundation in deleting the Chris-chan ED page.
  • March 20 The Wikimedia Support Team respond to Chris, stating that Encyclopedia Dramatica is not created by them.
  • March 21
    • Chris puts up a gallery on his ED page entitled "You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!!" containing pictures from his comics of himself being beaten and humiliated.
    • Chris tells Megan that he does not regret the picture he drew, and that it helped prevent him from raping her.
  • March 22 - Chris sends Megan another self-pitying email, saying "I Love You."
  • March 23 - Megan tells Chris to stay away from her for the time being.