May 2023

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Chris on 27 May

May was the fifth month of 2023 and the first month in which Chris has been seen in public since his arrest in August 2021.

Chris appears to be living in Chesterfield County, Virginia and keeping a low profile, although this has not stopped him from wearing his Sonichu medallion in public or from signing his name as "J. Christ Chan Sonichu". It is speculated that he may be living in a group home.

At the beginning of the month, Chris's hair was its natural brown color, but at some point between 3 May and 27 May he dyed it bright blue.

Notable events

  • 1 May - Chris shops at a Walmart in Midlothian, VA. He is photographed, and the contents are posted online,[1] marking his first public appearance in nearly two years.
  • 2 May - Chris is spotted playing a trading card game at Battlegrounds, a game store also in Midlothian, VA.[1]
  • 3 May - Chris is spotted outside a Donatos Pizza in Chesterfield Towne Center in Chesterfield County.[1]
  • 7 May - 14 Branchland Court is photographed, showing Chris's junk and a well-kept lawn, and an alleged sighting of Barb.[2]
  • 27 May - Chris is sighted at Earthbound Trading Co. by a cashier who takes photos of him and his signed receipt; he has taken to signing his name as "J. Christ Chan Sonichu".[3] According to the cashier, this was the second time he or she rang him up at Earthbound; the first time was in late April or early May.
  • 29 May - Chris shops at Earthbound Trading Co. again.
  • 30 May - Chris is spotted playing Magic: The Gathering at Modern Table Top Gaming.